Zippo Lighter Fluid – Always Running Out

Fire is a highly essential property in life. We need it for various areas like with cooking, refining different substances, and all that. On the other hand, when left out of control, it can do quite some damage to various environments like forests. Still, without fire, life would not be able to exist. But how can we create a fire? Typically, in the form of a lighter (or matches for some) with something to burn with like wood.

Depending on how often you ignite those flames, those source of matches eventually deplete. The lighter fluid also runs out gradually too! When you have exhausted your sources of flames, it would be time to visit the stores again to purchase more lighters or matches.

You might start to feel that burden of having to visit the stores so many times for something so simple. True that you can just purchase them when you do your usual grocery shopping. But, is there another source that can generate fires without having to restock on lighters and matches? There is something!

Alternative to Lighters and Matches For Source of Fire

Rather than relying on lighter fluid and matches for your source of fire, what about relying on something like electricity? Electricity is the same resource that you rely on when using your phone, computer/laptop, tablets, and your other electronics. When your electronic has run out of battery, you just need the charge it right?

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Using the same concept, you can purchase something like an electric lighter. Unlike other forms of lighters, this lighter is rechargeable! That means you can use this until the day it breaks down which is not anytime soon!

What’s great about this lighter is that it also has a long flexible neck. This keeps your hand far from the flames. As a result, this will greatly reduce the likelihood of accidentally burning yourself. Traditional lighters (without the long handles) have this risk.

This lighter also has a safety switch button so that it will not accidentally turn on while it is in your bag or something. A full charge on this device will allow you to light things up to 500 times!

Overall, a very safe and cost-effective tool for creating fires.

Flames Always Going Out

The issue isn’t with the electric lighter itself. A small fire generated from ANY source is sufficient to creating a larger one. How fires continue to burn is a constant source of oxygen. The air we breathe contains oxygen. Just find something large and flat (i.e. cardboard) to fan the air towards the fire.

Not too strong of a source that it blows out the fire, but a slow gradual amount. You also need something like wood that is more dry. A moist piece of wood will prevent the fire from burning.


Traditional forms of creating fires like using lighters or matches rely upon limited resources. But why not rely on a source that can be reusable like electricity? You can do so with an electric lighter.

But of course, if you truly like the traditional Zippo lighters because of the nicer looking styles, please continue to keep using them. Remember to always implement safe fire practices!

Did you enjoy this article on using an alternative source like electricity for creating fires? Do you own something similar to an electric lighter? Please share your experiences and leave a comment below!

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  1. I agree that using a resource that is reusable, such as electricity is definitely the way to go. I am interested in an electric lighter. I am the outdoor type of guy. And even my work, requires me to be half of the time out doors. So, it’s always convenient for me to have a fire source.

    • Hello there, Abel! Glad that you agree with using a more reusable source for even starting fires instead of limited ones. Hope this electric lighter helps you out in your outdoor experiences.


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