Unusual Tool for Cleaning the Interior of Car

We all remember that first day we received our first vehicle. That memorable experience of excitement as we get to drive it, having to explore the new gadgets, and especially that new vehicle scent! We promised ourselves we would take care of the vehicle as if it were our own child and we do a pretty good job at it (at least in the very beginning). Unfortunately with time, our busy schedules get the better of us and we start to break that promise. Our vehicles can start to get a little messy from the crumbs left by the foods we eat, the documents we threw in the back, trash, clothes, or just about anything.

What We Did As a Result?

On rare occasions, we may start to take notice of the mess growing inside of our vehicles and so on our days off, we may make time to clean up the interior. I mean that’s the least we can do to take care of our cars right? As you are organizing things, picking up trash and vacuuming your car, you start to notice little particles of dust, dirt, and…”things”, that sometimes the vacuum cannot reach. You then start to pick it up with your finger but there is just so much of it and you can’t quite seem to get it all…

If you are like me who is a bit of a perfectionist, you are probably spending hours just trying to pick that last speck of dust, crumb, and dirt, trying to achieve that brand new car state that you once had. After having spent quite some time and still not able to get every dreaded particle out of the car, you start to wonder was it worth the time? Is there POSSIBLY some product that would have made the process a little easier? In fact, there is something (and it is an interesting one)!

Tool to Help Clean the Interior of Our Cars

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In addition to the vacuum and other tools you may use, you can use something like the cleaning gel. Just as it sounds, it is a gel-like material. When you purchase a bottle, you can pull out all the gel in one hand and then just roll it across any surface of your car.

What is unique about this item is that since it is gel and closer to substances like water, it is able to fit in areas where perhaps your other tools may not have been able to reach. As a result, this gel would have an advantage over other tools and be able to trap smaller particles. This leaves a VERY clean surface for your car.

Areas that may be difficult to reach in your car can include:

  • A/C vents
  • Console
  • Cup holders
  • Door handles
  • Any areas that need cleaning

The slime gel should be able to collect small particles and dust in these areas.

Other Uses for Cleaning Gel

You can also use this cleaning gel slime for your:

  • Keyboard
  • Console controllers
  • Calculators
  • Phone
  • Fans
  • Pretty much any electronics or surface where dust can gather


  • When using the cleaning gel slime, you can wear some gloves. According to the label, it may sometimes stain your hands. Personally it has not happened to me yet. You can use something like microfiber towels to wipe your vehicle after a gel cleaning session if it leaves a residue.
  • When the gel slime is fresh out of the bottle, it can be quite sticky. When you roll it on surfaces that are more complexly shaped, pieces of it may break off and be trapped under. To avoid this you can try rolling it on bigger surfaces to gather some dust and reduce some of that stickiness before attempting the complex surfaces.
  • When you roll the gel slime on your car’s surfaces, you do not need to press too hard in case parts of the slime squeezes itself into hidden compartments. You just need to lightly roll it on the surfaces. If you notice the slime not catching certain particles, you can then press it a bit harder.
  • When finished with the gel, put it back in the container to retain its moisture. Also, keep it away from heat and direct sunlight.
  • Avoid using slime gel on fabrics, cloth material, or carpet!


On our off days, we may spend some of that time cleaning up the interior of our cars. Although you may aim to achieve a 100% clean car, it is quite difficult to pull off with just the typical tools. To boost your ability to clean your car, you can use something like the cleaning gel slime for your car which can help further pick up undesired particles from the difficult to reach spots of your car.

Perhaps after your cleaning session, your car may feel like how it was when you first received it brand new. You should enjoy this moment and take it out for a drive. Or you can sit there and appreciate the moment too! Hopefully it will be awhile before the next cleaning session!

Did you enjoy this life hack for cleaning difficult to reach surfaces of your car? Please leave a comment below!

16 thoughts on “Unusual Tool for Cleaning the Interior of Car”

  1. Thanks for the tips. This is very useful since I want to start cleaning my car without calling a car cleaning service. I have some free time since working from home, so I should do it myself to save money. The usage of cleaning gel is neat, I’ll try to check my local store. By the way, how should I clean the carpet? I notice that there are some bits of crackers in my car’s carpet. It’s hard to clean it.

    • Hello there! You are welcome. In terms of cleaning the carpet, I haven’t found a life hack just yet for that. My go to options for that would be a vacuum and a lint roller. When I discover a better product or method of cleaning carpets, I will definitely write a post on it 🙂

  2. Hi there I found your article very helpful. I have recently started cleaning my car instead of going to a car service. I had never heard of cleaning gel and I am definitely on my way to buy some. I think it will be a life saver for me as my car is always a mess inside. 

    • Hi there, Alex! I am happy to hear that my article was helpful for you. Hopefully your car will be extra clean now with the help of the cleaning gel.

  3. This  certainly sounds as if it is a gift to those of us who may not be quite as clean as we would like. If it helps to keep the car clean without as much work as in the past it would certainly be worth it. I noticed you said it can also be used to help keep electronics cleaner than they were before. This will come in handy since I use my electronics eight hours per day.


  4. Great tips! Thanks for writing this, I will come back to this when I need to clean my car. I like how it’s very detailed on what to do and how to do it, thanks for that too. 

    I will look at your site more to find another thing like from it.


    • Hello there, Rebekah! I am glad you found this article useful. I will continue to add more content until your next visit. Hopefully you will find something that is helpful to your daily needs.

  5. What an amazing tool, slime gel cleaning tool, like you I am a cleaning meticulous, I want everything thoroughly clean and in order.  That would be of great help, you are using it cleaning your car, but do you think it can be used also cleaning inside the house? like drawers, cabinets, etc.?

  6. That first statement is so relatable. I love the smell of brand new cars – even if they’re not mine. You’re completely right with that other statement of “promising ourselves we’d keep our car clean”. It is such an ecstatic moment that first time we have our cars for the first time that we completely lose track of time. Personally, I have used the cleaning gel and it works wonderfully; no sticky mess nor non-cleaned surfaces!

    • Hi there, Stephanie! Time really flies too fast these days so it is always good to appreciate the many things we have before it becomes too late. I am happy to hear that the cleaning gel has worked wonderfully for you.

  7. That Cleaning Gel Slime looks like a Great Product. I will think about buying some soon. With the recent purchase of a new Nissan Rogue,  want to keep it looking perfect. I haven’t had any open containers that would cause a lot of grime yet. As it gets dusty, this cleaner loooks like it would get all of it.

    • Hi there, Rich! Congrats on getting your new Nissan Rogue! Do your best to keep its current shape and condition for as long as you can! If it starts to get dirty, you also have many tools at hand to use.

  8. Cleaning gel slime seems to be an awesome tool to clean all those areas that are difficult to get to, like the air conditioning vents that always seem to collect bits that you cannot easily get rid of. There is nothing worse than getting into a dirty car, specially if kids are allowed to eat in the car and you have crumbs and liquid spills everywhere. This tool will certainly help to keep your car clean. 


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