Tired of Ironing Clothes and Encountering Difficult Angles

As I went about my studies, there was a point where I needed to make some money; otherwise, I would be relying heavily on loans which is NOT good. The last thing on my mind would be to pay back that crazy high debt loan one day. So what did I do? I went to apply for a job. But before I could score a job, I would have to go through an interview process. This would mean that I would need to make myself look presentable and so I would need a suit or at the very least, a dress shirt, tie, and some dress pants. Some nice shoes, a belt, and a watch are a nice addition too.

I rarely wear those type of clothes though. I am the type to just wear athletic gear and I am satisfied. On some days I would wear a pair of jeans when I go out. Whatever professional clothes I had, they have not been worn for several years. The only time I would wear them would be for special occasions like weddings or professional school events.

Bringing them out, they would look really beaten up and have MANY creases. Even if I had the clothes, just the amount of wrinkles on it would get me rejected from the potential job position. What should I do? Iron them right? The clothes would then start to look quite nice and definitely much more professional.

My Experience with Ironing Professional Clothes

The Dress Shirt

  • I really like starting with the arms. I would start from the shoulder and work my way down to the wrists. There is sometimes this annoying crease by the forearms so I work my way around it. If I am not careful, I may end up creating an unnecessary crease. Then I would have to spend some extra time UN-doing what I created.
  • As I finish up the arms, I would work my way from the shoulders towards the center starting with the back and then to the front. The back sometimes has a few extra folds/ridges depending on the brand of clothing. Again if I am not careful, I may end up creating another crease.
  • As I work my way towards the front, the area with the buttons is pretty easy since it is flat.
  • From there I work my way towards the neck area. This is probably the hardest area to iron well. The iron is quite big for the collar area. The iron is great at removing wrinkles on flat areas but the neck is a curved type of fold which becomes tricky. You will need the pointy end of your ironing board but even then, it is still tricky.

The Dress Pants

  • Typically, I start with the ankles and make sure the original folds align, or else I will create new creases, and work my way up to the waist one leg at a time. The groin area can be a bit tricky to iron since it is not a flat region compared to the legs.
  • I also avoid ironing the straps where the belt goes through and around the waist. Seems like an insignificant area to iron anyway.

The Blazer/Suit Jacket

  • I pretty much avoid ironing this unless there is a VERY noticeable crease. Even then I cannot completely remove the wrinkle.



The Limits of an Iron

The flat areas that can be ironed are pretty straight forward and easy. Just need to make sure the original creases are aligned before pressing or else you will create new creases that you will have to UN-do. Areas like the collar and armpit are a bit tricky due to the rounded design of the fold.

The blazer is the most tricky since you can’t press hard or else you will create unnecessary creases. If anything, you can insert parts of the blazer into the pointy end of the ironing board and go from there.

Although I try pretty hard to get rid of ALL the wrinkles, there is always some areas left that are difficult to get rid of. At times, there are even folds/wrinkles on the flat, easy to reach areas that will just not go away.

Of all the creases formed on my clothes, I can get rid of about 70-80% of it which is pretty good but it does take a considerable amount of time (and I am a bit of a perfectionist). Therefore, when I iron my clothes and notice all the wrinkles that do not go away, it becomes stuck in my mind and I am unable to UN-see those stubborn creases. It feels like a curse and is stressful. So what can I do?

An Alternative Wrinkle Removing Tool

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A friend showed me this device and it is a HUGE life saver: a steamer! This device helps get rid of I would say 80-95% of the wrinkles on my clothes. It is much lighter than the iron and uses water (to create the steam) versus metal which can potentially burn the clothes. In addition, you would not have to go through the trouble of bringing out the ironing board.

All you need is a coat hanger and a hook to hang your desired clothing. From there, add water to the steamer, power it on, steam your clothing, and watch the wrinkles disappear one by one (it is actually quite therapeutic!).

Recommendations and Tips

You may encounter some tough wrinkles to get rid of. There is where I would use the hook/coat hanger to my advantage. Since it holds onto one end of the clothing for you, you will just need to pull on the opposite end of the clothing. This would make the clothing taut which will allow you to press harder with the flat end of the steamer (where the steam comes out). By gliding the steamer over the area multiple times and slower than usual, it will remove most wrinkles.

I enjoy using the steamer so much that it pretty much got rid of ironing for me (and pulling out the ironing board). I do all of my steaming in my restroom where I have access to water. The only downside to this tool is having to replace the water every so often. The good thing is that it takes only about 1-2 min for the steam to be generated. This is enough time to prepare the next few sets of clothes for the steam session.


Ironing clothes can be a burdening chore but it is something that needs to be done so that we can maintain professionalism at work, school, or just about anywhere. Regular ironing can become frustrating especially if you run into difficult wrinkles to get rid of.

Some ironing devices have a slot where you can add water which essentially acts like a steamer, but if you do not clean it regularly…it can leave behind a nasty looking gunk on your clothing. This because you are adding water from the top and it works its way downward so whatever residue forms along the way or over time, will also follow wherever gravity goes (and that’s onto the clothing).

The steamer, on the other hand, holds the water at the base of the device and works its way upward out of the device. Once you get used to steaming clothes, it becomes quite a therapeutic process as you watch the wrinkles disappear. The wrinkles can be like our daily stressors of some sort. Good luck with your future (or current) endeavors and removing those wrinkles on clothes!

Did you enjoy this life hack on how to get rid of wrinkles on your clothes if iron does not seem to work well for you? Please leave a comment below!

31 thoughts on “Tired of Ironing Clothes and Encountering Difficult Angles”

  1. This is amazing! And I thought I knew how to iron my clothes. I have never seen such an in-depth description of how to properly iron clothes. I am more of a casual person and I rarely wear the formal clothes. When it’s time to wear the formal clothes, I really struggle with ironing as it’s not one of my favorite things to do. I have not tried the steamer before though I have seen it used before, I think I will give the steamer a shot.

  2. Ironing is one of the chores I really hate with passion. I never liked it as a young person , I still don’t like it as a wife and mother. But I like the way you described it. You made it look easy and interesting. I have seen a steamer used ion most retail stores but never had a thought that I can bring one home.

    • Hello Bogadi! I was also someone who did not like ironing very much. I think it really gets to me too especially when I press it really hard multiple times and the crease would still not go away. Anymore and I feel like the iron would just burn through the clothing. Fortunately I found the steamer as an alternative. You won’t ever have to worry about burning your clothing! I am glad that I was able to make steaming seem easy and interesting for you!

  3. One thing that I hate a lot but I have to do virtually every week is ironing my clothes. I just hate the process but I like the result a lot. However, seeing the way you have given tips here that can even mar the process of ironing easier by going for the angles and knowing what to do to get them to align better us just good for me to know of. Thanks

    • Hi Liza! I also do not enjoy ironing clothes each week. Having to take out the ironing board, some times putting weight on it makes the board drop a bit and things on the board fall off. Having to remind myself that the iron is not my phone in case I accidentally pick it up as a “phone” when someone calls. Not the most fun of experiences, but I definitely enjoy the results after like you mentioned. Glad to hear that this article was able to provide you with tips!

  4. I love Life hacks.  always introducing new and better ideas of making things easy for you daily.  Reading your article shows you have a pretty good idea of what you’re talking about,  and you really understand how to iron.  I think I’ll save this article and I’ll keep reading more about it to understand more.  Thanks so much for the tips.  

    • You are welcome! I love life hacks also, it brings me a lot of joy when I discover something accidentally or even when someone shares one with me. Hence I created this site as a means of sharing ideas with others. It’s quite fascinating to know how things work and even more so when there are alternative, easier methods of making that happen.

  5. This is a very informative read! Here we all are still using old school irons to get those very awkward sleeve and armpit parts of the shirt to turn out de-wrinkled. I have seen steamers before working in retail but never thought it was more of a convenience to have one. I will have to go out specifically to find one of these handy steamers. Thanks!

    • Hello Ray! I am glad to hear that this was informative. I bought one very quickly when I saw how fairly inexpensive it was on Amazon. I thought it might’ve ranged in the $60 to $100 but it was cheaper than I had anticipated.

  6. I have made a discovery. Never thought that a steamer could do such a good job. I have an iron, but it seems that I don’t have the talent to get rid of the wrinkles on my clothes. Sometimes, I even create new ones… I have heard about a technique. You put your clothes in the dryer with a couple of ice cubes. I have never tried this one. I use a wet towel instead.

    • Hello there! Talent in anything comes with practice and having the desire to improve. I have tried putting the clothes in the dryer with a few sprays of water before and it works to get rid of wrinkles (just make sure you take out the clothes immediately after drying). The only issue I encountered with that was that with the constant tumbling of the dryer, it does damage the quality of the material of the clothing. Casual clothes can take that beating but not so much professional clothing.

  7. I really hate ironing and I am bad at it, I try to avoid it as much as I can, lol. I am so glad I read your tips here, they will surely help me. Who knows, I might even increase my ironing skills, but I don’t think that I wll go back to ironing now that I learned about the steamer. That is perfect for me. No ironing board and no iron. Just holding that steamer against my clothes and done. Who would have thought that existed? I had no idea … Thanks for sharing that today!

    • Hello there, Christine! I was like that too when I had to iron my clothes. I would put it off until I have no more clean, wrinkle free clothes. But ever since I found the steamer, it made things a little easier, I would do it on a more regular basis, at least once a week.

  8. Ironing is definitely a learning curve!  I have been doing it for years and all I can say is slow down and take your time.  And never iron unless you absolutely have to 😉

    I know more and more people who use steamers instead of an iron and they all love it!  They tell me they would never go back to ironing!  I’m told it’s easier (no unintentional creasing) and can be used on fabrics that can’t be ironed.  I’m thinking about getting one so I really appreciate the recommendation you gave about cleaning it regularly.  I wouldn’t have even considered it.

    • Hello there, Cynthia! Those are some great tips you have there! Definitely agree with you there about how to be good at anything, one needs to slow down and take time. With enough practice, one can essentially be good at practically anything. 

      Hopefully you’ll give steaming a try and it becomes something you’ll excel at and enjoy!

  9. Personally, I have always ironed my garments inside out. That way you can get into most nooks and crannies without much fuss and a to do. I have always enjoyed ironing as I find it therapeutic and it gets rid of a lot of cobwebs in the mind. You have time to mull over those things that bug you every day and you haven’t had time to think it through and sort it out.
    It was always my pride and joy to see what I had accomplished in ironing once I was finished. Thinking through those issues helped to pass the time and it became a very productive time of accomplishing 2 tasks at the same time.

    • Hello there! That is perfectly okay if you love ironing! I can definitely see that as the wrinkles are being removed and it can be therapeutic because that is how I feel with steaming. I also use that time to just clear my mind as well. The finished ironing/steaming session is definitely a moment to enjoy!

  10. What a great site! I love to learn more, and learning about Ironing I think this site would help me out when I need to use my iron. It very filled with info that I can use when I iron anything. Thanks for this one too! 

    I think my mom would benefit from this as well if I sent this site to her. 

    I look forward to reading more from you 😉

    • Hello there, Rebekah! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the page and thank you for sharing it with your mom. I will definitely be creating more posts with more life hacks 🙂

  11. Hello. This is great, I knowed for stimer, but I never bought one. I always iron my clothes, but I hate that, you should be careful and be concentrated to not burn your clothes. You give a good tips for using iron in a interesting and useful way , and I think I will manage to iron my professional cloth in a way you describe. 

    • Hi there, Aleksandra! I am glad to hear you found my tips for ironing useful! You are right that if not careful, the clothing material can be damaged or burned. Fortunately one would not need to worry about that with the steamer.

  12. When I had a job wearing fancier clothes, wrinkles were frowned upon. I had to get a new wardrobe, but wasn’t in a place to wait for the dry cleaners all the time at most of the locations. Of course, when traveling that fresh pressed shirt could still end up with wrinkles. Buying a steamer was one of the best purchases I made back when i was travelling for my job. I hated doing ironing in the hotel room. Nice advice, go with a steamer if you need to get those wrinkles out fast and don’t want to iron. 

    • Hi there Rich! I definitely recall those moments of fresh pressed clothes ending up with wrinkles after traveling. It’s like why did I even press it in the first place haha. Glad to see that you agree with steaming being one of the best options for removing wrinkles.

  13. Ironing clothes was a bit of a bane of my earlier life. Growing up my mother was forever ironing clothes in the evening while we were watching telly usually. I remember thinking ahead to my adulthood and dreading the thought of having to iron clothes. There were a few occasions when I did have to iron clothes, mostly as you say for a job interview. But then in my earlier career, the dress code at work was quite lax so I didn’t bother ironing my shirts mostly. Then about 20 years ago things changed. I got a job in a large bureaucratic organization and all of a sudden I had to wear suits and ties to work every day. I have to say I just started using the local laundry. For me, ironing is one of those household chores like washing dishes that carries quite some emotional charge. A sort of strange mixture of nostalgia and dread. One other experience comes to mind when I think of ironing. When I was a student we had a young newlywed couple move into the house on the street opposite where I lived. They were really young, even younger than me so I was kind of getting this weird window into a lifestyle that was strange and bizarrely fascinating to me. I’ll never forget that they immediately settled into a very rigid life. He was going to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 and she stayed home all day. She looked like she was 16 or 17 years old. And every day I’d see her through my window in their living room ironing bed sheets. It really struck me how ridiculous it was to be ironing sheets. Best regards, Andy

    • Hello there, Andy! Thanks for sharing. Sorry this brought up some unfavorable memories of ironing. Definitely not fun if having to do it everyday for work. Ironing bed sheets is interesting.

  14. Hello Mike,

    I have more than 30 years in the construction industy and my normal attire is pretty basic. Jeans, T-shirt, and a hoody if cool enough out. I am not one to wear nice clothes because whatever I am wearing always getts damaged. I do have a small amount of clothing that is intended to be worn when the occasion requires it. 

    I am definately not a fan of ironing and my wife always lets me know! She typically does this for me. One of the things I have trouble with is the lumps in the shoulder from being on the hanger for too long. I don’t use the clothing very much so it ends up on the hanger for a long time and inevitably ends up with little humps on the shoulders from hanging there. 

    Do you have any suggestions on how to get those to go away before I try my best to look presentable? I think the steamer you had recommended might help even the threads out and reduce the stretching from the hangers. Do yo uthink that it might help with this?



    • Hi there, Chad! Ahh the lumps in the shoulders are what I encounter as well! Since it is not flat section of the shoulder, ironing would be kind of difficult. And yes, that’s where steaming comes in and it should be able to get rid of it.

  15. Haha, feeling like being rejected from a job position due to the many creases on my shirt, I’ve definitely been there. To me, ironing a shirt feels like one of those things which when done properly, nobody notices. But when it’s done poorly, everyone does. So, either cheery formal events or job, it’s kind of a must skill.

    I appreciate you for sharing your approach to the endeavor. But that steamer.. Man, that steamer sounds amazing. Why haven’t I heard about such an option earlier? By the way, I absolutely enjoyed those tips and recommendations there at the end as well. Thank you!!

    • Hi there, Matiss. That is quite ironic when a shirt is ironed well, nobody notices and vice versa, I have experienced that myself. I definitely recommend the steamer when removing wrinkles. No need to bring out that ironing board and accidentally burning something.

  16. Hello, Mike!
    That’s exactly what my wife has been looking for all her life! Ironing is a forbidden word at home! She says she has great hands to avoid ironing and never thought of buying an iron again after ours broke down… Truth be told that’s one of the most annoying and tiresome of all household chores so I’ve been told.
    Even though you mention some not so good aspects of the steamer I guess the pros definitely win.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

    • Hello there, Antonio! That’s awesome that this was what your wife was looking for. Hopefully steaming can be a better replacement for ironing.


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