The Most Dirtiest Thing We Use

Ever since the pandemic, we are probably more concerned with hygiene more than ever before. We use hand sanitizer every so often now. When soiled enough, we will wash our hands with water and soap. We also learned to cover our face with elbows whenever we cough or sneeze (I hope). Basically, our practices in maintaining hygiene has improved quite significantly ever since.

Although we are better at being more clean, it is still almost nearly impossible to be 100% germ-free. There are always some type of substance or pathogen lying around that can potentially cause disease or illness. It helps to know where the potential sources of germs live. So have you ever wondered what dirty things we typically touch are?

Dirty Things We Touch Often

  • Doorknobs and Handles
  • Sponges or Washcloths (Click here to learn about it and how to clean it!)
  • Bathroom Surfaces (especially public restrooms)
  • Kitchen Surfaces
  • Gardening/Outdoors
  • Cash and Coins

Although these places and things are quite dirty, we may give them a good cleaning now and then. BUT…there is actually one thing that is even MORE dirty that we might NOT clean as often. We also happen to use this everyday

What is the MOST Dirty Thing We Use Everyday?

You might not be aware, but scientists have tested the surface of different objects and found that the cellphone contains the most germs out of anything!

Our phones are taken practically everywhere and come into contact with some of the places listed above. We allow others to use and touch it. All types of germs get on it and the interesting thing is that we rarely give it a good cleaning session! Imagine ALL the types of germs that can collect on the phone!

We text on the phone and we press the phone against our cheek when we call one another. The germs can easily transfer onto you! Hopefully there are no dangerous germs on that phone!

Here is an article on what types of germs are found on the cell phone.

Microbes Found on Phones Article

How to Keep it More Sanitary?

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We do not typically give our cell phones a good washing and bath. (That would probably short circuit the hardware and the phone might break down). But what you can do is clean it with a tool like the UV light sanitizer. This product will expose any potential germ or pathogen to UV light which will ultimately kill it.

Here is a page on how UV light affects germs:

How UV light affects germs

To use it, all you have to do is plug the tool in, open it, leave your phone in, and close! That’s it! There is no power button needed. It is pretty user-friendly and automatic. It will disinfect your phone for about 10 minutes. You don’t even need to keep track of time, it will just shut off once the machine finishes cleaning.

When not in use, you can close the lid of the device and it will turn on again. Just leave it as is. This will actually sterilize the inner compartment and will once again turn off when done. Extra clean!

Not only that, the UV light sanitizer also has a slot where you can charge your phone too. There is a USB port on the device itself so that you can plug your phone cable to charge. Just make sure to follow good charging practices! Learn about them by clicking here.

Can the UV Light Sanitizer Clean Other Things Too?

Of course! Anything that can be fit in the slot (3.7 inches x 6.8 inches) can be cleaned with UV light. This can include:

  • Keys
  • Credit cards
  • Headphones
  • Watches
  • Coins
  • Anything really but please do not sanitize live things!


Our cell phone happens to be one of the most dirty things and we use it everyday. Additionally, we rarely give it a good bath or cleaning session like with other dirty things. This can lead to exposure to MANY types of germs. But there are ways to clean it with tools like with the UV light sanitizer.

Hopefully you are now more knowledgeable about how to practice good hygiene and are aware of other potential sources of germs! These are just some additional ways to help keep you and your loved ones from safe from germs! Please continue to keep practicing good hygiene!

Does your cell phone screen have a greasy residue after removing screen protector? Click here to learn how to remove that WITHOUT chemicals.

Did you enjoy this article and hack on how to clean the MOST dirty object that we use daily? Please leave a comment below!

10 thoughts on “The Most Dirtiest Thing We Use”

  1. If the past year of the global pandemic has taught us anything, it is noticing what things we touch throughout the day. Hand sanitizer is everywhere these days!! 

    I recently purchased a cell phone UV sanitizer, but my issue is that I forget to take the minute or two that it needs and actually use the product! Thanks for this article that will remind me to give the smartphone the cleaning that it needs!

    • Hello there, Aly! I don’t blame you for forgetting to use the device with so many things going on and the business of our schedules. I forget things here and there as well!

  2. I would like to try this UV light sanitizer you mentioned. Yes, I have had rising concerns about how dirty our phone can become. And finding practical solutions for this is nice. There have been very negative things from this pandemic. But one of the positive, is that it has made us more aware of cleaning surfaces and the things we use.

    • Hello there, Ann! I agree that this pandemic, although there are many negative thoughts on it, has had some positive things too (like making us more aware of aware of microbes and their potential for causing illness).

  3. So glad I found this article! Was just thinking about how gross my phone can get. It gets put on so many different surfaces, it gets fingerprints on it all day long, and if you never clean it, all those germs really add up. 

    Thanks for this recommendation for cleaning your phone from Amazon. I was wondering how to clean mine safely without wrecking it. 

    • Hello Beth! Those germs really do add up when the phone isn’t cleaned regularly. The UV sanitizer will get the dirty job done in no time!

  4. This is an interesting topic and the cell phone is something I never thought about. As you said, we regularly use hand sanitizer and it will contain alcohol in most cases. Now I am wondering what happens with your cell germs if they come into contact with the residue of these hand gels? Might this be of help killing some?

    For the rest, I would say that this UV light sanitizer looks like a very good means to ensure your cell phone is clean. And it takes only 10 minutes, so we can easily clean it one time per day.

    • Hello there, Jerry! You are right that most hand sanitizers contain alcohol and they may kill some germs on your cell phone. Unfortunately, it won’t kill all germs. That’s why when hands are soiled enough, it is recommended that one washes their hands with soap and warm water. The UV sanitizer is the equivalent tool for “washing” the cell phone. It would be nice if we can give our phones an actual bath every once in a while though.

  5. What an excellent reminder and great post as I am interested in the Amazon UV light as I don’t want to wreck my iPhone with liquid sanitizer.  And an eye-opener as to what is the dirtiest thing we handle! With this pandemic, it is easy to overlook something we use constantly every day and comes in contact with so many surfaces!

    • Hello there, Laurel! I agree, especially even before the pandemic, we tend to overlook things and were not aware of the dangers of the microscopic world. It’s quite amazing how something so small like microbes can have such an impact on human lives. Nature can be scary at times.


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