Stainless Steel Bottles – Getting Stained?

These days, it just seems like a trend for people to be carrying some type of brand of colorful insulated steel water bottle. This is actually a great practice to help one remain hydrated throughout the day. Reaching a dehydrated state can have a lot of negative effects on the body which may include:

  • Headache
  • Sleepiness
  • Irritability
  • Reduced focus (while at work or school)
  • Low blood pressure/High pulse
  • Constipation

These are some terrible and inconvenient side effects to experience and the list goes on. I remember trying to have a simple conversation with someone in English and what they said sounds almost like a foreign language. Imagine the awkwardness in having to constantly ask the other person to repeat themselves!

Advantages with Insulated Bottles

These are special bottles that have two walls of stainless steel with a vacuum (no air flow) between them. What this does is prevent whatever state of fluid you put into the bottle to remain that way. You are insulating it. Basically, cold beverages will remain cold longer and also the same with hot beverages.

Depending on how you like to drink, you can purchase various types of lids to go with your bottle. Typically, there are a couple options of lids like standard mouth, wide mouth, or straw options.

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If you don’t already own an insulated bottle, you can purchase one here. Just select your desired color and size. The lids to your liking may need to be purchased separately.

Common Problem with Insulated Bottles

Like with any kitchenware or tools, things will get dirty over time. Especially with water bottles, even when it is sealed for the most part, it can contain lot of foreign substances like bacteria and residues. When not kept in check, they could be growing at the bottle of your water bottle or underneath the lid! Therefore, a good practice would be to clean the bottle regularly even if it is just plain water filling it.

While cleaning and depending on the shape of the bottle, you might find that it is difficult to scrub the bottom! You may even see streaks of gunk that are just so stubborn to remove when trying to scrub. (Whatever happen to the “stainless” factor in stainless steel bottle?).

So what can one do to remove the gunk more thoroughly? Here are a few things you can try.

Tips for Cleaning Insulated Bottles

Seeing Some Gunk and Residue

You will want to try something like baking soda.

  • Add a spoonful of baking soda to the bottle and pour in some water.
  • Do some scrubbing.
  • Leave it overnight for the chemical reactions to occur and clean.
  • Rinse it the next day.

Suspicion of Bacteria/Microbes

You may want to use something like vinegar to clean.

  • Pour in some vinegar into the bottle and mix with water.
  • Close the lid and shake up the solution.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Rinse it the next day.

Odor Built Up

You may want to try Hydrogen Peroxide.

  • Pour some into the bottle.
  • Close the lid and shake up the bottle.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Rinse the next day.

A good practice would be to do different combinations of these for the best results.

Simpler Solution

If you want a simpler solution that can pretty much do all three tips, you can purchase something like water bottle cleaning tablets. All you have to do is just drop a tablet into your bottle and add some water. For best cleaning results, leave the solution overnight!


Depending on the size of your bottle, you may need to use several of these tablets. One tablet seems to be enough for my 32 oz. bottle. Any bigger than that and you may need to use more tablets or so.

Like with the other methods, a good scrubbing session may still be needed.


Carrying around a colorful insulated steel water bottle can be advantageous with reminding one to drink more fluids. Over time though, stains from various chemicals and bacteria can build up at the bottom of the bottle despite the “stainless” label on these products.

Therefore, it would be good to do some regular cleaning. This is so that these potentially harmful substances built up within the bottle will not enter your body when you drink. You can either follow the tips above or get yourself some water bottle cleaning tablets. Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day! Be sure to get yourself an insulated water bottle if you do not already have one!

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4 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Bottles – Getting Stained?”

  1. I absolutely love stainless steel bottles. First of all, it is safe for the environment. Secondly, it leaves your water cold for a long time, and thirdly, it won’t break. This article is a must for everyone, especially if we want to stop using plastic bottles. Also because plastic bottles tend to smell a certain type of way once they get old. 

    • Hello Daniel! Stainless steel bottles is such an amazing creation. Definitely like the fact that it takes into account the environment too. 

  2. Hey mike! I definitely agree with you about these bottles! They really do help remind me to drink more water. I remember not washing it regularly as I should and there is this gunk that forms at the bottom. Going to have to try out those bottle cleaning tablets that you recommended. Thanks for this!

    • Hello there, Kevin! Carrying those stainless bottles helps me to drink more water too. I remind myself that if I do not want to carry so much weight with me, then I must drink it to lighten up my load. But yes, do try the water bottle cleaning tablets, they work quite well.


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