Special Cutting Board – Save Space (and Dishes)

Cooking is something we have all done at least once in our lives. Probably more so ever since the pandemic hit the world by surprise. Everyone has their own method, style, and preference for their kitchen setup when about to cook. Cutting board goes here. Vegetables are to be chopped up and placed in their own dish. Meat goes in another bowl. Depending on the recipe, you will need A LOT of ingredients. With each ingredient having its own container, they can all add up and take up quite some space!

Without realizing, what was once very a spacious area, has now become super cramped. You barely even have any room to sit! As a result, you might consider moving your ingredients to the stove area but now the spices, pots, pans, are already occupying the space. You might even end up placing some of the bowls of ingredients on the floor. Probably not the best place to put things!

As you look back, you start to get a headache and worry about not tripping over anything. You start to panic and wonder if this recipe is even worth all the hassle! But you already came this far, so why stop now? By the time you finished cooking, you will be able to enjoy your meal. That is, until you need to wash the kitchenware and sweep the floors!

If this experience sounds all too familiar, there is a kitchen tool that might just be right for you!

Special Cutting Board

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You can purchase a bamboo cutting board with containers. It is about 15.4 inches x 12.3 inches. This cutting board is taller than your typical one. 3.3 inches to be exact. The reason is because there are slots where you can place containers. These containers act like your bowls or dishes to keep your ingredients separate. Each one is 10.2 inches x 3.4 inches x 2.4 inches. There are 4 provided with this product.

What is helpful is that this cutting board has a drop zone. You can push the ingredients into this which will allow it to fall into a container. With the typical cutting board, you have to push the chopped ingredients into a bowl of some sort. You will risk some pieces of ingredients falling, missing the bowl, and ending up on the floor. Does the “3 second rule” even apply?

On the other hand, the drop zone is very wide. The likelihood of missing is very low and when ingredients fall, it goes straight into one of those containers. This is very convenient.

Additionally, this cutting board also has grooves near the edge that will hold a certain amount of fluids. If you were to chop up juicy vegetables, you might find it leaking onto your counter top without this grooved design. Traditional cutting boards do not quite have this.

This design of this board takes into account the handedness of the person as well. You can be left or right-handed, it is a non-discriminating board. Just flip it to the position that feels most comfortable for you.


When you have enough experience cooking, you will be able to recognize which ingredients can mix together in the same compartment. If they are similar enough, you can be efficient and mix them into the same container. If the ingredients have different cooking properties, you should keep it separate.

For example, meats and vegetables have different cooking properties. Vegetables can be eaten raw but if raw meat is consumed, one can potentially get sick. Therefore, meat would require a much longer cooking time than vegetables. This is so that any lingering pathogen can be killed. Additionally, you don’t want any juices from the meat to start soaking up the vegetables. Keeping these ingredients in separate containers would be highly recommended.

I also do not recommend keeping meat in this cutting board’s containers. There are corners on the containers where juices from the meat can get trapped in. If not careful, it can remain if not washed thoroughly. This can potentially contaminate other ingredients that you use in the future. I highly recommend putting meat in a bowl where the vessel is rounded and easier to wash.

You also want to keep vegetables with different properties separate as well. Potatoes will take much longer to cook than let’s say garlic, bell peppers, or onions. Therefore, potatoes can have its own container while garlic, bell pepper, and onions can be kept together (if you have the space).

Ultimately, there is no one correct method and combination. You can be as creative as you like. This is where cooking becomes more of an art.


Depending on the recipe you want to cook, you might find yourself having to organize and keep each ingredient separate. If each ingredient had its own container or bowl, that can really take up space. Before you know it, you might end up using the space on the kitchen floor. This can create tripping hazards.

Fortunately, there are tools like this special cutting board with 4 containers. This board doesn’t require any additional space on your counter top aside from the board. Those containers are designed in such a manner that it takes only as much space as the cutting board. Depending on how many ingredients you need, you can even use one of those containers for multiple, similar ingredients.

After all that hard work of preparing food, it is probably time for you to eat your masterpiece creation. Hope your meal came out really great and delicious!

When you are cleaning, be sure to click here to read about sponges and how to maintain them! They can be sources of bad odor and other critters in your kitchen.

Did you enjoy this article and did this special cutting board sound helpful for you? If you tried using it before, please leave a comment below with your thoughts on it!

12 thoughts on “Special Cutting Board – Save Space (and Dishes)”

  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  While you mention that a kitchen gets cluttered? Mine never had any space to begin with as it’s more of a kitchenette than a kitchen.  I have no place to put those individual bowls you speak of so this sounds like a great solution for me!  It’s certainly a very reasonable cost.  Thank you for posting!

    • Hello Cynthia! I can already imagine how you feel with the lack of space in the kitchen. Hopefully this cutting board can create just a little bit more space for you.

  2. This certainly is an excellent chopping board to have in the kitchen.
    I love making chinese dishes and as a result I will be chopping up lots of different vegetables to use.
    As you say, you end up with bowls of different ingredients all around the place.
    Not only does it keep everything compact, but it is also handy when you go to use them.
    Thanks for introducing us to this great product.

    • Hello there, Geoff! That’s awesome that you do a lot of cooking. Glad to know that I’m not alone with a lot of bowls of ingredients all around the place. Hope this cutting board will create just a little bit more space in your kitchen station.

  3. Thank you for sharing this article, a cutting board is an essential piece of equipment that everyone should have in their kitchen. What I like about this special cutting board and what makes it stand out is the fact that it has a drop zone. The price is really great and it’s made out of bamboo. This is going to make an awesome gift!

    • Hello there, Jean! The drop zone is definitely my favorite function of this cutting board. This would definitely make a great gift!

  4. Food preparation can be be time consuming and tiring. After preparation you are left with a number of bowl and dishes, the clean up task begins. Special Cutting Board – Save Space (and Dishes) will be a great addition to kitchen utensils. Chop and save in separate containers. I love this  

    • Hello Diana! Thank you for your comment. I am glad you liked the idea of this special cutting board. It’s like having the ability of tucking plates of ingredients underneath the board rather than around it.

  5. I haven’t seen a chopping board like this one before, it’s a very good idea to have the containers below. I do like the idea of it. 

    Although I do love my chopping board set too. It has 4 knives in the top to go with the different boards.

    I agree that if you chopped meat on it, the board would need to be thoroughly washed before using it for anything else.This would make a great gift for a young couple setting up home or for anyone who loves cooking.

    Great post, thank you.

    • Hi there, Linda! It is a fairly new cutting board design. Definitely stick with the cutting board and tools you are most comfortable with. Glad to hear you liked the idea of this particular one though.

  6. Thank you so much for this post over cutting boards!  I really enjoyed reading this post, and I found that the bamboo cutting board that you spoke of sounds like a really good one!  It looks beautiful to be honest, and I really like that it is bamboo, as a lot of things in my home are bamboo.  Thank you for this recommendation!

    • Hi there, Jessie! I am glad you enjoyed reading this post as well as the product. That’s awesome that you have a collection of bamboo products at home, this would definitely be a good addition to it.


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