Reusing Disposable Bags? Is This Even Heard Of?

Making sandwiches and packing them into disposable bags was something I’ve been doing for some time. It’s a quick and simple healthy lunch especially for those who with busy schedules. Just as you are finishing your lunch and packing things up into your lunchbox, you will look back and see what can be salvaged. Definitely the lunch box itself, the steel utensils, the water bottle, and maybe some leftover snacks (if any).

Now what has to go? Definitely that used napkin and condiment packet. That sandwich bags though….hmm. If it is still super clean, maybe. But if soiled, probably not. Into the trash bin it goes right? Or maybe you are frugal and thinking about washing it? Sounds like more of a hassle with the bag sticking together, difficult to open, water trapped inside, etc. Probably not worth the effort!

Anyways, this sandwich lunch routine goes on for a couple weeks and then you find yourself one morning out of disposable bags! Running of options, you would probably use plastic wrap. Hopefully no juices from the vegetables or meat drip out of it!

So now you find yourself having to stock up on disposable bags. I mean, it is part of your grocery shopping routine so no big deal right? But what if there is a kind out there where you CAN actually keep reusing? And not have to worry about the hassle?

Reusable Disposable Bags

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You can purchase reusable silicone food storage bags. These “disposable bags” are like flexible Tupperware! Quite durable like a regular Tupperware but Tupperware can take up a lot of space and are not flexible. The storage bags are flexible but not as soft as a sandwich bag where your sandwich can get squashed easily. It’s a fine balance between the 2 types of containers!

What is great about this reusable silicone food storage bag is that it is made of silicone and can tolerate some extreme temperatures. This means that they can be kept in the freezer or put into the microwave. The bag can tolerate temperatures as low as -40 degrees F and as high as 450 degrees F.

When in the opened state, it will stay in place. This gives you the opportunity to pour certain foods in. A regular disposable bag will not be able to do that.


If you are someone who packs sandwiches for lunch, having to keep stocking up on disposable lunch bags can be a hassle. Fortunately, there are products like the silicone food storage bags where you can use over and over again. You can keep using until it wears down one day but that will not be anytime soon!

I guess the only real hassle is having to wash them but good thing they can be thrown in the dishwasher! If you ever do get tired of sandwiches, there are many great and even healthy options for you out there to purchase also! Other than that, hope this product can help make your lunch life a bit easier.

Why not top off your lunch with some dessert? Here are some that are actually healthy for you. If you have to-go food that needs to be kept at a cool temperature, check out this special lunchbox!

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12 thoughts on “Reusing Disposable Bags? Is This Even Heard Of?”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this article.

    So good to see that reusable disposable bags are a thing. As an ecologist who loves taking care of herself and the environment at the same time, I never found reusable disposable bags exist. And to think that I love looking these things up…

    These bags are not only environmentally friendly, but also they will save me a ton of money I’d spend on plastic disposable bags which I would use only once. 

    • Hello Dominique! That’s awesome that you are an ecologist. These reusable bags will definitely do its job in being more environmentally friendly and saving money.

  2. I reuse my ziplock bags!  Unless they have a hole, I always wash and reuse.  Once all of the ones I have left are used up/thrown away, then I will begin purchasing the new eco reusable pouches that you talk about in this article.  I think it’s a no-brainer.  Why would anyone not use these?  It’s not difficult to wash them, just as you would wash tupperware.  Anything anyone can do to cut down on plastic waste is essential!

    • Hello there, Molly! That’s awesome that you still re-use your ziplock bags. Hope you enjoy the eco friendly reusable bags when you get them.

  3. Greetings! Well, I don’t pack sandwiches either for lunch or later user but, I would agree much that having to keep stocking up on disposable lunch bags can be a hassle, as you outlined. I am thrilled to have read about reusable silicone food storage bags which seem to be so crucial. This is much educative and interesting, thanks for sharing.

  4. haha awesome!!  I kinda find myself split though..part of me is like oh of course! why keep buying more when you can just wash the ones you have?  and then there’s the other part of me…the part that likes messy-ass sandwiches and I really can’t stand the act of carrying sticky garbage around with me until water or a sink can be reached. I’m glass these are a reality however:)

    • Hello Rene! I can somewhat relate. The idea of washing disposable bags is a process that doesn’t take long at all but at the same time, can feel displeasing when having to carry garbage around with you all day. 

  5. Hi Mike, these reusable silicone bags seems great and helpful to pack lunch. I need to pack my husband lunch every day, and your recommendation here is a great choice for me. Easy to use and dishwasher safe to clean and sterilised, I think I’m going to buy some of them. 

    Thank you for sharing it.


    • Hello Alketa! I am glad to hear you like the silicone bags. That’s really nice of you for packing lunch for your husband everyday.

  6. Disposable bags are very convenient. And I like that we can even reuse them. There are so many things that are eco friendly, that we can incorporate into our daily life. This is one of them that we can star implementing right away.

    I must admit I usually used (and wasted) a loooot of disposable bags on a daily basis.

    • Hello there, Ann! I agree, there are a lot of eco friendly things these days to use. I’ve wasted my fair share of disposable bags too!


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