Remove Grease From Food!

Food is such an amazing creation since the beginning of time. We need to consume it to survive. Back in the day, the foods we consumed were probably more basic. A little bit of salt and seasoning and we are good to go. As time progresses, people just seem to have creative ways of making food taste better! It almost seems the greasier and the more calories added to it, the tastier it gets! Although great in flavor, it can affect our health at times if not careful.

But it can’t hurt to eat some foods that really satisfies the soul every once in a while right? As the one cooking, you might notice a lot of grease from the meats or even lingering oil from your deep-fried food sessions. You might be a little more health conscious so you might damp off some of that grease. You might even use paper towels for that!

However, towel after towel, the grease and oil just doesn’t seem to end! Sadly, the soiled paper towels are pretty much used up. You might feel like you can go through your entire roll of towels and it still won’t be enough. We also typically don’t wash the towels and reuse them for later. It is just not worth the effort.

So, is there another method or material to use than paper towels? There is!

Product That You Can Try

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Instead of using towels which are one-time use, you can use something like the Bacon Sponge! This product works pretty much like a paper towel except it:

  • Will absorb 10x its weight in grease/oil/liquid/etc.
  • Absorb 20x faster than paper towels or any other fabric.
  • Is Bio-degradable (Good for when the product has reached its lifetime).
  • Additionally, it can be used over and over again (washable).
  • It is about 12 inches x 11 inches, which is a decently large towel.

If you need more grease soaking power, you can always purchase more of them.


Unlike regular sponges where you can microwave, the labels says to not try it for the bacon sponge. I haven’t personally tested it out (for safety reasons), but the sponge is made of cotton. When cotton is heated in the microwave, it can potentially burn and catch on fire. So please refrain from sticking that into the microwave! It is still a good practice to stick regular sponges in the microwave for several minutes to get rid of that foul odor though.

There will be a point where the bacon sponge reaches its limit in absorbing grease though. You can soak the sponge in hot water mixed with dish detergent. That will be sufficient in cleaning it for additional use. Just repeat this whenever you need to use the sponge again.


Food, especially the greasy, high calorie kind, are just so tasty. But they can be made just slightly less unhealthy by damping off the grease. However, using regular paper towel rolls can be wasteful. Additionally, the soiled paper towels cannot be reused since they are one-time use only.

But you can replace those paper towels with something like the Bacon Sponge. It will do pretty much all that a paper towel would do but BETTER! No need to waste it and it will absorb more and faster. Hope you find this product to be useful too!

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2 thoughts on “Remove Grease From Food!”

  1. I love hotdogs, hamburgers and all sort of stuff you would have at a barbecue. However, I have noticed that I need to start paying more attention to my weight. I have been figuring our ways to make these delicious meals “healthier”. And I want to try the bacon Sponge. It indeed seems a cool solution.

    • Hi there, Ann! I love those types of foods too! It’s unfortunate that they also happen to be on the unhealthier side but there definitely are methods to create dishes that are both good and healthy! The bacon sponge will help reduce some of the unhealthy oils.


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