Reinstall Programs – The Convenient Way

Everyone probably owns a computer or laptop these days. It would actually be difficult to survive in today’s time without one. Whether it is for school, work, or just personal use, we rely heavily on the utilization of technology. We might use our laptops to conduct presentations at business meetings, to educate students, edit photos/videos, you name it. The possibilities with the use of technology is endless! As each year passes, new applications continue to be created as well!

Ever since the pandemic hit, our use of technology evolved a little bit too. Before that, we would have to show up in person for meetings. Nowadays, people can even work at home and even communicate with each other through video conference calls. I mean the technology has been around for some time, but the use of it may have been minimal. Now everyone practically uses it. Who knew such a feat could be pulled off in such a short amount of time?

What May Happen to Our Machines With Time

With time, as we continue to use our laptops or computers, we may encounter various issues. Issues like reduction in memory space, computer parts going out-of-date, or just simply failing. You might experience some lag here and there. Battery life might be reduced.

The worse issue of all, is when our machines are hit with a virus! This is a very unfortunate event. When this happens, you typically have two options. You can either reformat your computer to factory settings or purchase a new computer.

Whichever route you prefer, it will feel like you have a brand new machine. I mean it does feel kind of nice to have that new computer experience again. Things will definitely run smoother. However, you encounter another issue that typically follows soon after.

Obstacle Encountered When You Switch Over to a New Computer

Of course, all of your passwords and accounts for certain services like Netflix, emails, and all that will be wiped away. (Hopefully you saved the information somewhere!). What you might not realize is that all the programs and applications you have downloaded will be gone too!

This can include Google Chrome, Firefox, Zoom, Skype, iTunes, Dropbox, video players, and all that. Just the thought of having to visit each of these sites, download them, and install can seem like a hassle. Sometimes, you might even forget about a program to add to your collection. When you realize what you need, you would have to go through that process of searching for that program, download, and install.

So then, is there an easier way to do all of this more conveniently? There is a method!

A Site That Makes the Process Easier

You can visit a site called Ninite. It is like database for all the popular applications all in one location. You will find your Google Chrome, Mozilla, Zoom, Skype, and all that plus more here. Just click all the applications that you need and it will all be downloaded in one go. No more need to visit each program site separately. If you forget about a certain application, this site is pretty much like a checklist to remind you.

After selecting all the programs you need, just click download and you can walk away and do something else. No need to come back frequently and check if one download finished before starting another.

You will need to install each one separately though, but its understandable.

What the Site May Not Have

Although Ninite has quite a thorough selection of popular programs available, it does have its limitations. Something that it does not quite have are the software programs for productivity and completing common tasks on a computer. You probably know it best by Microsoft Office. This is the program that is most well-known for:

  • Word – typing up notes, papers, articles
  • PowerPoint – slide presentations
  • Excel – spreadsheet and organization of data

Microsoft Office also includes other functions like

  • Outlook – for organizing your email
  • OneNote – great for with electronic note taking on tablet, and allows for drawing.
  • Access – works like Excel, but acts like database for storing data.
  • Publisher – for designing/publishing different works

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If you need Microsoft Office for your reformatted or new computer, you can purchase it here. Ninite does have something called LibreOffice but it can be a hassle having to convert files to be Microsoft Office compatible. Who knows, maybe it might meet your needs. Nothing wrong with downloading it, checking it out, and then deleting if you don’t like it!


Having a reformatted or new computer is a nice experience. However, you will have to re-download all the programs that you use. Rather than visiting every website to find your desired program individually, you can find most of them all at Ninite!

Although Ninite has a good selection of the most popular programs, it does have its limitations. It does not have programs like Microsoft Office. Therefore, if you really need it, you may still need to purchase it. Other than that, hope you enjoy using Ninite!

Did you enjoy this article? Have you used Ninite before? Please leave a comment below!

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10 thoughts on “Reinstall Programs – The Convenient Way”

  1. I didn’t know something like Ninite existed. I know the feeling of having to re-download every app I had on my old computer, not to mention trying to remember all my passwords because I forgot to write them down again.

    I will check this out for sure. Ninite will probably be very useful to me. Being able to find all or most of my stuff again in one place would be so much better than searching them all individually.

  2. Thank you very much for telling us about Ninite. I went over and am surprised that they do have most of the programs I need in once place. And also thank you for having us covered regarding Microsoft Office. I already went to Amazon and will purchase the bundle shortly. Very convenient.

  3. I just checked out Ninite and I found it pretty useful. I would love to have all the options that you find there and thanks to you can get it all in one place. Very informative and helpful article for someone like me, thank you so much!

    Microsoft pack might take me some time to purchase but for now, the Ninite one is quite good.

    • Hello there, Shrey! I am happy to hear that you found Ninite useful! And it’s understandable that the Microsoft pack may not be affordable now. You still have LibreOffice as well as Google drive as alternatives too.

  4. This is my first encounter with Ninite. Seems quite a good productivity service.  Worth having in one’s arsenal of tools. I’ve known smartphones to be having such features for switching between devices but not laptops. I guess our very connected livelihoods have facilitated innovations that make our lives better day by day. I’ll access the link to check out the full spectrum of their services.

    • Hello there, Steve! It definitely is a productive site. Hope you enjoy using Ninite as much as I did when you get the chance.

  5. In my opinion.

    This is a need to have, due to me having all these issues before, as I cat find a price so it is a system for me the next time, and I’m sure it will happen again.

    I’ll be pulling Ninita up. and reloading my system.

    I have one question will it work with a cellphone  

    Thank you for this very useful article,

    Bill Wright 

    • Hello there, Bill! Glad you like the Ninite site already. That is a good question. I’ve only known this site to work for windows/PC but not sure about cell phone. For sure, not the iPhone but perhaps maybe android phones. I don’t personally have android phone so I can’t test it out.


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