Protect Your Health at Home – 6 Practical Methods

Since the pandemic struck in 2020, we have been a little more cautious with infectious diseases. We started practice better hand hygiene, wearing masks, and even social distancing. Because we implemented these practices (and of course with the help of vaccinations), we started to see a reduction of COVID-19 cases.

Although scary, it is also quite fascinating how diseases in general are often cause by something so small. Something microscopic actually, like bacteria, virus, fungi, and other microbes’. Their goal is to basically spread by multiplying and certain species produce byproducts that can be harmful to a person’s health.

The methods we have been using to control these critters are quite advanced especially in the fields of medicine. The most fearful thing is when the microbes’ somehow mutate and become resistant to current treatments. Even with the best medicine available today, there is no perfect way to protect one’s health.

Germs are everywhere we go and we should have a good habit of practicing the methods above. But are there additional ways to further protect one’s health from various diseases? There are!

6 Additional Methods to Protect One’s Health From Infectious Diseases

Carefully Prepare Foods When Cooking
  • Make sure all meats are thoroughly cooked.
  • Washing of fruits and vegetables.
  • Thoroughly disinfecting any surface that came into contact with juices from meats.
  • Refrigerating foods that are not being consumed (remember to let it cool down to room temperature before storing).
    • Refrigerated foods should be kept up to 3 to 4 days ONLY, toss if any longer.
  • Freezing when foods will not be consumed for some time.
Disinfecting Surfaces that are Touched Often
  • Use disinfectant wipes often on areas of the home like doorknobs, kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, etc.
Being Updated on Vaccinations
  • If you build the antibodies for certain diseases, it means a shorter duration of sickness period (if you happen to get infected).
Using Tools that Help Purify the Air

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You can purchase something like the Aeris Air Purifier. It is what it sounds like: it purifies the air you breathe. Unless you live in a vacuum, there are all kinds of microscopic things that can exist in the air we breathe. COVID-19 was a virus that could travel by air momentarily when someone coughs or sneezes, hence we keep the distance.

When momentarily entering/exiting the home, many types of particles and germs can enter the home. The air purifier will help to filter potentially harmful germs or debris in the air. It will interfere with the microbes’ ability to replicate or divide. The machine is also very quiet so you can still sleep with it on.

Keep a Distance from Wild Animals/Bugs
  • They are not necessarily treated with vaccinations so they can potentially carry ANY type of disease. Be careful not to get bit by them.
Use Antibiotics ONLY as prescribed
  • When taking antibiotics, one hopes to target ONLY the infectious agent, kill it, and feel better quickly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way. When taking such drugs, it would be wise to see it as a nuclear bomb for the germs within our body. That means both good AND bad germs will be affected.
  • The worse thing to ever happen is if the bad germs are resistant to the drugs. That means what has been controlling the bad germ population is the amount of good germs that are already present in your body. Now, what if one carelessly takes antibiotics which end up killing the good germs? There is no longer any competition for the bad germs and they will thrive and infect the body.


Although COVID-19 has been a difficult time for many, it has taught us how to be more aware with infectious diseases. We followed the advice from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There was a reduction in COVID-19 cases in most areas. We basically did our part to be as safe as possible from disease.

Although washing of hands, wearing a mask, and social distancing are great ways to stay safe from disease, there are other ways as well. There are tools like the Aeris Air Purifier that can assist with that. Hope you continue to make all these methods a habit to protect yourself and your family.

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10 thoughts on “Protect Your Health at Home – 6 Practical Methods”

  1. The recent happens have pointed us to the need to keep our environment clean and highly livable. As such each of us must take responsibility and make effort to achieving this. I love the six additional to ensure your environment is save. From taking caution when preparing our food to using gadgets that can help purify the air are all necessary cautions 

    • Hello there! Although the pandemic had a negative impact for most, there were some good things that came from it. Like you mentioned, it helped pointed us towards a need to keep our environment clean and liveable. All the small efforts we make will create that better environment.

  2. Hi Mike! This is a great article you’ve shared here. I must say that it is true that the coronavirus has given us the chance to look deeply into how we protect our health. But also you have provided very great tips we must use at home to keep safe from diseases. These lifestyle practices can change our lives if we implement them always. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing with us, I will be sharing it with my family too.

  3. The Covid pandemic has certainly made us all far more aware of the importance of washing hands and generally practice safe ways to stay healthy. An air purifier can indeed help to clear the air of germs and pollutants. We recently borrowed an air purifier from a family member to clear the air in our house after a fire nearby. It was amazing to see how the air quality improved over a 24 hour period. Having an air purifier in the house is very beneficial, so thanks for this post.

    • Hello there! That’s good that you had a really positive experience with the air purifier that a family member lent you.  Debris from fire is quite dangerous as they can be to toxic. By itself, wood ash is nontoxic. But, the combination of wood ash with water (quite common) can create a substance that has a really high pH. This combined compound can potentially burn when it comes into contact with skin.

      The ash could be flying in the air perhaps by wind (typically present during fires) and when inhaled, it may mix with the moist environment of our lungs which can become quite dangerous. I am glad that you had an air purifier at the time.

  4. Some common sense tips in your article. I am not sure those masks people wear actually do much. They are quite flimsy and never seem to be worn properly. 

    One other thing you could have added to your list is the re-freezing of meat or fish. Do it once, and the meat or fish loses some of its flavor, do it twice it is still edible do it 3 times and you might as well give it to the cat. 

    Still,  good to see common sense in an article. 

    • Hello there, Michael. Glad to hear you already knew some of these tips. Masks might seem like it doesn’t do much, but still, even medical staff are required to wear them prior to seeing certain patients so that may be saying something. Unfortunately, common sense might not be as common as you may think. Some might need a little reminder here and there and that can do wonders.

  5. I really enjoyed the article.  It points out some interesting facts that maybe a lot of people miss during their day to day lives.  I really like the extra depth it goes into to state different methods to stop infection.  Some of the methods I hadn’t really though of before for example with food.  I wouldn’t be without my air purifier now.

    • Hello there! I am glad that you were able to take some new things away from this article. There were some content that were more “common knowledge” but it helps to be reminded at times. Please do continue to use your air purifier.


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