Plugs for Electronics – Not Too User-Friendly?

These days, many of the tools that we use daily have plugs. As a result, you rely on the outlets within your home, work, or just about anywhere. Tools can range from power tools, kitchen tools, or even the lamp in the living room. No matter what electronic they are, they all rely on an outlet to function.

Even your wireless electronics like phones and computers need to be recharged which means there is a plug is involved and an outlet is a must-have! To not have one would make it difficult for one to thrive in such an electronic-dependent society.

What You Might Encounter

So, you plug your cable in and charge whatever electronic that you need. That’s pretty much it right? Good to go? Well…not quite. Depending on where your outlets are located at home, the plug of your electronic may stick out in a very inconvenient manner. Pets, children, or even other adults might accidentally walk into that plug, kick it, and bend it in various ways. This will eventually wear out the plug and you may need to replace.

At home, you might even have a preference for the location of your sofa and it happens to be right in front of the outlet! Sometimes the plugs for your electronic can stick out like almost a foot long (exaggerated of course)! So, is it worth it to have to pull your sofa out each time just to charge something? Someone else might come by and push your sofa to be closer to the wall. If that ever happens, it might be time to say goodbye to that plug!

Now that you know about all those flaws that certain plugs have, is there a method to overcome all that? There is!

Product to Help Overcome Plugs That Stick Out

Depending on the design of the plug, it can extend from the wall quite far (perpendicularly). But, what if instead of having the plug extend in that perpendicular manner, we allow it to do so PARALLEL to the wall? That would mean the only part sticking away from the wall would be the width of the plug! Most plugs should have a width of maybe 1 or 2 inches at most!

That would be the distance of that sofa from your home wall instead of a foot! So then, what tool can help one use and have their plugs align themselves parallel to the wall?

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You can purchase something like the rotating outlet plug. It works just like a regular outlet with the exception that they can ROTATE. Plug your desired electronic to the outlet and if it extends too far from wall? Just rotate it so that it becomes parallel to the wall. This will allow your plug to remain in its natural position while preventing others from accidentally kicking it.


Some electronics just happen to have a unique plug desire that might not be as user-friendly. Not user-friendly as in having to require you to move certain furniture out of the way just to plug the electronic in. Rather than having to move furniture every time you need the outlet, get yourself one of these special rotating outlet plug!

Now you can plug your electronic behind your sofa and not have to damage the plug itself! You can even keep the sofa close to the wall.

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4 thoughts on “Plugs for Electronics – Not Too User-Friendly?”

  1. Thanks for sharing an interesting discussion regarding plugs. I agree that plugs can be annoying, especially if there are too many of them in one room. I remember stumbling my knee when walking in my dining room because of that big plugs 🙁 Your suggestion is interesting. I might want to see the rotating plugs. If the cost is affordable, I may change all my plugs in the house. Thanks. 

    • Hello there! You are welcome! I can definitely relate with you there on tripping/stumbling over big plugs. Definitely less occurrence of that when I added some of those rotating plugs into designated areas.

  2. I can relate to what you’re describing here. I arranged my sofas in a very cool way. But then the outlet got behind the sofa. And I did move the sofa for about a month, every time I had to charge. But I decided it was too much and changed the arrangement again. So, your recommendation of this special rotating outlet plug come very handy. Thank you very much!

    • Hello there, Ann! That has been the highlight whenever I move into a new apartment for school. Always having to pull furniture out (to plug something) and then push it back in. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about these outlet plugs at the time. Definitely would have came in handy then.


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