Old Wooden Furniture – How to Restore It

When moving into a new home or apartment, you are going to need some new furniture! What better way than to visit stores like IKEA or Target to purchase some furniture for your new place! Some closets for the bedroom, a desk for doing your work, a tray table to set things down next to you, all of that! You might even go for wooden furniture because it is lighter compared to its heavier metal versions. Plus, it is a little easier to carry around when moving in. Wooden furniture also just seems to give your new home that unique aesthetic look!

As time passes, you might spill drinks on the wooden furniture. You might even accidentally dent or scratch up parts of that furniture. Eventually the furniture might even start to lose some of its shiny color. The sun might also damage it over time. All in all, the furniture might look really old, dull, and worn out. Though you do your best to keep it in the best shape, it is almost inevitable that these damages happen in time!

After a while, you are probably considering getting new furniture. You would prefer to sell the old furniture but who would buy it in that condition? The thought of having to move some heavy objects again and installing the furniture already weighs you down mentally.

Before you actually do go out and buy a new piece of wooden furniture again, there is something you can try first!

What You Can Do

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Before you throw out that old piece of furniture, what if you actually try restoring it first? I mean, the reason you were going to throw it away was because it looks old right? You can try using a product called Beeswax Cleaner and Polisher. What this product will essentially do is bring your dull furniture back to life again.

Additionally, the product, just as it sounds, is made from beeswax. This means it will make your furniture smell like honey. Sounds like a sweet deal!

Use this product on anything made of wood from chairs, tables, closets, trays, and even the floors!

How to Use the Product

The steps for using this product are quite simple! All you have to do is:

  1. Clean and dry the old wooden furniture
  2. Grab a sponge or old rag
  3. Spread some of the Beeswax Cleaner and Polisher generously and evenly
  4. Wait about half an hour or so
  5. Using a new rag, wipe it down a couple times again to finish it

You will notice that the color has been restored and it is shiny again. Just bring that furniture to where you want it to go.


Wooden furniture really gives your home that nice, warm, relaxing home look. But just like any product, it doesn’t quite last forever and will wear out in time. The furniture will look dull and lose color. But, before you throw it away and purchase a new one, try out the Beeswax Cleaner and Polisher first!

The substance will restore the color and bring the shine back once again. It will also give your furniture that protective coating. Hope this saves you from having to purchase new furniture and going through the hassle of moving and assembly!

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4 thoughts on “Old Wooden Furniture – How to Restore It”

  1. I have a little bit of Beeswax Cleaner and Polisher that a friend gave me about a year ago. I had a good experience using it. But I was looking at some of my wooden furniture and it need maintenance. So, based on my previous experience and your suggestion, I will buy more Beeswax Cleaner and Polisher. Thank you!

    • Hello there, Abel! That’s great to hear that you had a great experience with using the beeswax cleaner and polisher. That’s really nice of your friend to get you one!

  2. Wood furniture are amazing as they give your house such a warm tone but unfortunately they are also very sensitive. More than once I have dropped some heavy item only to leave a mark on my lovely living room table. Or some chemical to leave a stain on the wood. They need extra care and sometimes, especially when you have small kids in the house, this is not possible.

    • Hello there, Stratos! Yes, wooden furniture can be quite sensitive and it can definitely be a challenge to maintain it in mint condition.


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