Not Enough Space to Do Things in Your Car – Try This Tool

I am someone who likes to be half an hour to an hour early to ALL my appointments. This is because I like to take into account traffic or any other unexpected things that might occur. By the time I arrive to my destination, I would have some time before my event of interest begins. But now that I have arrived so early, what do I do with that extra time? Rather than just playing games or watching videos which kills my phone battery, I typically try my best to be productive. (Although just killing time is nice every once in a while too.)

I would pull my car seat back so I have enough space for either my laptop or paper notebook (from school) to take notes and/or study from. I often times find that it can be tough to take notes since I don’t have a flat surface to write on. Then again, I could always close my laptop and utilize its flat surface to take notes on it right? Unfortunately, I need to view content from my laptop as well. Sometimes I would use my phone to do things too, but it would drop in the tight space where the central console is.

Although I had the time, I consistently find myself not having the necessary space to accomplish everything I needed to do. Can you relate with this too when trying to be productive while in your vehicle? Are there tools that can perhaps help allow this process to go more smoothly? There actually are!

Tool To Help Create More Space to Work While in Car

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My friend suggested this one tool called a car tray. Although a very simple idea, it has been one of the most helpful tools I have ever encountered. No tools are needed to install this item. It contains hooks where you can just hook onto the wheel of your car.

The car tray even has a slot for your pen or stylus so you won’t accidentally drop it in the tiny gap where the central console is. The tray is about 16.5 x 11 inches (with 1 inch thickness) which is quite a bit of space. But, if you still need more to hold other things, I recommend getting a car seat gap organizer on top of this.


On the reverse side of the car tray, there is even a slot for a cup. This means you can actually use that side of your car tray as a lunch tray! If your car does not have a cup holder, you will now with this tool. If sauces happen to spill while you are eating, it will be the tray that gets dirty and not your leather seats. The tray has raised borders as well so that crumbs and liquids (if spilled) can stay within the tray.


Depending on how your steering wheel is adjusted, sometimes your car tray might be tilted downwards. Things might start to slide off here and there (unless you like that tilt). But if you do not like that tilt (like when you are trying to set your drink on that tray), you can adjust your steering wheel to be higher. This will reduce that tilt of the car tray and be more leveled to fit your personal preferences.

It also might be obvious, but please avoid using this car tray WHILE you are driving. It may prevent full turning of the wheel depending on your car. If you happen to have things on the car tray, things will fall off while you turn the wheel and catch your attention MORE than the road itself. This can lead to all types of hazardous events.


Some individuals might have to end up working in their car quite often especially for those Uber and Lyft workers. Or you might be like me who likes to arrive to my appointments early and be productive with that extra time! With such a cramped space, it can be difficult to do everything you need to do. But with a car tray, you might be able to create a full-on working station all within your car. If it is still not enough space, perhaps you can add a seat gap organizer to your collection!

Did you enjoy these tools for increasing productivity all within your car? Please leave a comment below!


19 thoughts on “Not Enough Space to Do Things in Your Car – Try This Tool”

  1. Such an excellent tool.  I have never heard of them before.  They are a brilliant invention.  I love to sit by the sea and have a coffee and work on my website, but it is always very difficult to organise everything.  This is the ideal tool to solve my problem.

    Thanks very much for introducing me to this tool.

    sll the best.

    • Hello there, Geoff! I believe it is a fairly new tool and I’ve been using it quite often ever since getting it. Hopefully it will help you tremendously too!

  2. What an excellent tool you describe in your article!
    Although I have never heard of this tool, I can see how very versatile and helpful this tool can be.
    For people who are not very organised and prepare, this tool will be a valuable asset and investment. Additionally, if you have small space in the boot of your car, this is the needed tool to have.

    • Hello there, Moni! Thank you for your comment. It has been one of my favorite tools to have. It’s quite fun how in such a short time, the driver’s seat can be easily converted into a work station.

  3. I am delighted by the people who think like this, I am one of them: All the praise for your productivity in the car, you gave me a wonderful idea, I believe there are many of us who will start applying it. Thank you for sharing information about this useful product with us. At the same time, the product is very easy to assemble. That’s a great recommendation. Thank you again, many successes in wrestling and learning I wish you!

    • Hello there, Jas! I am happy to hear that you think like me. The product has definitely been one that I used many times over and over. I hope you have much success on your end as well!

  4. Thank you for the great read! I have always been searching for ways to be more efficient and effective while working from my phone and in the car. I would honestly say that my car is my second office with the majority of deals executed from there. I have implemented your tips and tricks and what a difference it has made. Thank you for the pictures and for sharing. Feel free to check me out as well. amz-discount-code-deals . com

    • Hi there Elvis. Thank you for your comment. My car has definitely become my 2nd office. What better way than to customize it to meet one’s needs when needing to be productive. I will be creating more posts with more ideas in the future.

  5. Good day, I’m pleased to have read this important information you have provided. Well, it’s my first time to know about this car tray tool, and I think it’s interesting just amazing. I’m thrilled to know how helpful this tool is, as you outlined and how easily I can install it. This is a very helpful piece of writing, thank you so much for providing.

  6. I can see how this would be useful if you spent time working in your car. However I personally do not do this, I drive to where I have to go and that is it.

    You obviously have a use for it and have done a great review, like I said I personally have no use for a product like this but I am sure a lot of people do.

    I see in the photo that it is a left-hand drive car, do they fit RHD vehicles also. (just joking)

    • Hello there! No worries at all, most people probably do their work in a real office setting with a desk, computer, and lamp. (And the tool should fit RHD vehicles as well).

  7. What a good idea! I guess it will work better in colder or moderate climates than in the warmer ones. Here in the tropics, I can only stay in the car for minutes, as it will soon get too warm without the airconditioning. And running the engine constantly is not very good for the environment.

    However, for milder climates, this is a great invention, and I would certainly use one, as I also tend to be way in time for appointments. Thanks for this article.

    • Hello there, Jerry! Ahh, definitely warmer temperatures would scare anyone away even myself from staying in the car for too long. It would probably be better to just move the work to a real office setting.

  8. Hey Mike, the car indeed is like a second home in many cases and having such helpful tools and products to organise for better comfort and use, is helpful to everyone. I like this car tray, the fact that it has a cup holder and can use for various things to do with it. Very helpful is also the car seat organizer to put and jeep small thinks. 

    Thank you for this helpful article.


    • Hello there, Alketa! I am happy to hear you liked this car tray. The car seat organizer is definitely another great supplement to the tray.

  9. As of now I am not driving, but my husband is. He usually eat snacks and drink fluids, and doesnt have space to put all of these things, so a car tray might be the thing he needs.

    Although is intended to help with those who like to work in their cars,  it can also be used for something else, like what you suggested. The tray can also keep the car clean, and not have mess everywhere.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Very helpful. 

    • Hello there! The car tray is most beneficial for those who work in their cars often, but it is definitely not limited to just that. I am sure there can be other undiscovered ways of using it as well.


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