No Time For Exercise? Here are 7 Ideas to Try

We all hear that exercise is good for you. There’s all these benefits which can include:

  • Mood
  • Health
  • Weight
  • Sleep
  • Energy levels

Despite how great that all sounds, we might be those who just cannot seem to find the time to do so. (And the reasons may be legitimate too!) We might have the next big project with a tight deadline coming up. Perhaps we might be those who have to often travel for special events or for work. Regardless, fitting time into our busy schedules seems like next to impossible!

Still, fitting exercise into your routine might be something you wanted to do. You just haven’t been able to come up with something creative that will work yet. Well, just to let you know, there are MANY ideas out there but here are some that you can try out!

7 Exercise Ideas to Fit into Your Busy Schedule

Park Farther When Walking to Work

We might be those who try to arrive at work JUST on time! You probably want to maximize your “me” time before you start your day. Rather than spending time on perhaps “unproductive” tasks (i.e. extra TV time), try arriving to work a little earlier.

Once you do, try parking at the farthest location at the work site. This will force you to walk just a little farther before AND after work. This would equate to more calories being burnt throughout your day. Sure, it might not feel like much, but imagine doing this for a week? A month? Even a year? That would be A LOT over time!

Use the Stairs Instead of the Elevator

Getting into an elevator is pretty passive. You just enter and either stand there or lean on the wall. Instead of that, try taking the stairs. You will be huffing and puffing. You will receive a huge intake of oxygen while expelling that carbon dioxide. This will mean that you will be more alert and concentrated for work!

Hopefully you don’t work at like the 50th floor or something! You can always keep on going until you get tired and then use the elevator the rest of the way.

Try HIIT, Tabata, or Circuit Training Exercises

Do you still prefer fairly regular exercises like running and strength training? You can still do that through HIIT (high intensity interval training). Other similar names for these type of exercises include Tabata or circuit training.

Generally, this is a type of exercise that includes your usual running, plyometric, strength training, and all that still. What is unique about these particular exercises are the amount of rest in between each set of exercises. You want to focus on doing one type of exercise (pushup, sprinting, squats, etc.) for perhaps 1 minute straight. Then rest for 1 minute. Then repeat with the same or different type of exercise.

Essentially the goal is to not give your body the full time it needs to rest between each set of exercises. As a result, you will be burning EXTRA calories. Even when you are done, you will continue to keep on burning calories for the rest of the day. This is due to the spike in your metabolism.

The best part about these exercises? You just need to do it for 15 minutes a day or so and perhaps 2-3 times a week. No need to spend hours and hours at the gym!

Exercise WHILE You Work

Did you know that while working, you can simultaneously exercise? You can actually do them in passive mode too. Exercise does not have to be intense all the time. You can do something light but for a longer period of time! It will still be beneficial for you.

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You can purchase various equipment. One of the more popular products out there these days is the TikTok Desk Bike Chair. It is basically as it sounds. A desk where you can work at with a seat for you AND some pedals for you to use as a bike! So just pedal away at any speed and intensity you like!

You can adjust the difficulty by increasing the resistance on the wheels. There are 8 resistance levels.

The bike also has wheels so you can move them to wherever you like. As a result, you can use this equipment in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, garage, yard, you name it! Just make sure to lock the wheels when you find your desired spot!

Turn Your Social Events Into a Physical Activity

Rather than spending every weekend or so going to the bar with friends or something else that is fairly passive, try a more physical activity. Perhaps invite your friends to a park nearby and play a game of soccer, volleyball, or football. This will be a win-win for everyone.

Doing More House Chores

You might be someone who saves all your chores for the end of the week or weekend. You can do them more frequently and burn some calories in the process.

If you don’t regularly sweep the floors, try it. Haven’t organized your garage? Try it. Not only will you be burning calories, your house will be looking clean in the process!

Strap on Some Weights

In addition to trying out the exercises mentioned above, you can strap on some ankle weights or something. Or just put them on and go about your day! This will definitely add some challenge to your daily routines even though it might not feel like much. This will be like passive weight training!

Summary of 7 Exercise Ideas to Fit into Your Busy Schedule

  1. Park Farther When Walking to Work
  2. Use the Stairs Instead of the Elevator
  3. Try HIIT, Tabata, or Circuit Training Exercises
  4. Exercise WHILE You Work (i.e. Desk Bike)
  5. Turn Your Social Events Into a Physical Activity
  6. Doing More House Chores
  7. Strap on Some Weights


As good as exercise sounds, we might have some difficulty incorporating it into our daily schedule. But, exercise does not have to be all about spending seemingly endless hours at the gym. There are many forms of exercises out there as well as equipment (i.e. desk bike) and you can be as creative as you like.

If you are not a creative person, that is perfectly okay! You now know of 7 great ways to incorporate some form of exercise into your routine. Hope you are able to start seeing some results soon!

Did you enjoy this life hack on fitting time for exercise into your busy schedules? Do you have other creative ideas for doing so? Please share your ideas or leave a comment below!

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4 thoughts on “No Time For Exercise? Here are 7 Ideas to Try”

  1. Hi Mike. You scored very well what kind of movement to make those (who think) do not have time. Exercise is not just about going to the gym. I find your 7 proposals very suitable to introduce in the daily routine. Exercise accelerates metabolism, which is good for health. If we try to watch 1/2 hour less on TV and instead walk, we would get benefits for the body. No matter the weather. By the way, even my osteopath told me this.

    • Hi there, Carmen! Thank you for your comment. Glad to hear that my points in the article matched that of your osteopath. You are right that no matter the weather, one can always find a way to incorporate exercise into daily routine.

      One can still watch that half hour of TV (and simultaneously do some of the exercises mentioned in the article), but it would be a good idea to give the eyes a break every once in a while too. That constant exposure to blue light isn’t beneficial and one of the contributing factors of insomnia.

  2. I totally agree that exercising is important for your health, but it can be hard to find the time and motivation to do so.

    In my opinion, it’s not just about losing weight or getting in shape. Exercise has been shown to improve your memory and reduce the risk of depression and Alzheimer’s disease. As well as lower blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and heart attack risks.

    I am glad you have selected this topic and have given people many new ideas on exercising. 

    I have no doubt your post will benefit many people. 



    • Hello there, Robin! You are right, exercise isn’t just about losing weight and getting shape. There is so many health benefits that come with it. But nothing good ever comes without hard work and sacrifice. Though it can be a painful, uncomfortable process, it is all worth it.


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