Moving to New Place? Lifting Heavy Furniture?

Moving to a new home or apartment can be an exciting experience! You are ready to start a new life with a new job and everything. Maybe things might not have worked out for you previously but you can put all that behind and start new now! Or perhaps you were just seeking after a new career in life for some time. You finally found the opportunity and that required you to be in a new location. All in all, the feeling can be quite refreshing.

Like with any new location that you move to, there is still the task of having to move your belongings like furniture to your new place. Maybe the new place isn’t too far from your previous home. You probably don’t want to hire some movers so you decide to rely on a few friends. But as you were moving some furniture, you realized some of the furniture may be quite heavy. Heavy to the point where just 1 or 2 of your buddies may not be enough

Is it finally time to recruit some extra movers or rent some heavy machinery? You could. Or you can try implementing this tool into your moving!

Tool to Help with Moving Heavy Objects

Perhaps you only have one friend with you in this whole moving process and you need to carry a large fridge. Sure, if you were both body builders who can lift extremely heavy, it’s possible, but it will still be a struggle. Unfortunately, most of us may not be hardcore body builders. So what to do if both parties are just average people?

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Although it may seem impossible at the moment to move such a heavy object, it actually is possible to do! That is, if you incorporate some forearm forklift moving straps. These straps are special in that it can allow you and your buddy to lift up to 800 lbs!

Each strap is about 9 feet long which is sufficient for carrying most furniture. At the end of the straps are 3 different loops to hook around your forearms. Choose the loop that you find most comfortable according to the size of the object and your height.

How to Use These Straps

To use these forearm forklift moving straps, just slide them underneath the desired object to be carried. Then select the appropriate strap loops to hook around your forearms.

Once straps are in place (under the object and hooked onto arms), get into a good squat position and stand up! Be sure to have a straight back when you do this; otherwise, you might strain your back. While moving the object, just use your hands to stabilize the object.


To maximize the potential of these straps, you want to slide them underneath the heavy object. Your goal is to form an “X” or a “cross” with them under the object.

This will allow you to generate the most amount of force that allows you to easily lift the heavy object. Additionally, it will create the most amount of stability.

How It Works

Most of it all comes from physics which can be quite sophisticated. The action comes from leverage forces and taking advantage of the center of gravity.

One would think that 2 people typically generate about 2 people’s worth in the amount of force. With the tool, the group will be generating something more than like 3 times the amount of force.


Moving to a new location can be fun and exciting. However, the actual moving of furniture and other objects might not be so. Depending on your situation, you might just be limited to just you and your buddy. For some objects, just 2 people alone might not be sufficient. Good thing there are tools like the forearm forklift moving straps that can assist you with that significantly. No need to spend extra money on movers!

Did you enjoy this life hack on moving heavy objects with only 2 people? Already own a set of forearm forklift moving straps? Please share your experiences with them in the comment section below!

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  1. In my church, we always help new people coming into the area to move in and people leaving the area move out. So I help move a lot of people. The straps that you mentioned are actually very useful and make moving heavy boxes so much easier. This is really a necessity now that I have been using them.

    • Hello AL! That’s really nice of you to help new people coming into your area to move around. Glad that you have been putting those straps to use and had a great experience with them!


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