Misplacing Important Items Often?

Life just seems to get more and more busy with each passing year. Responsibilities at work, school, or even at home just seem to pile up each day. We often find ourselves just running around almost non-stop doing whatever we can to complete them. In the process, we may sometimes lose critical items like our wallet, phone, or even our keys! I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like if these things were never found again!

At least with phones, we can always have a buddy call us and detect where that sound could be coming from. Perhaps our phones may even have a “find my phone” application and most of the time we will find it. BUT…what if the important item we lost does not seem to have a method that helps give hints on where it may be located?

What if the phone we lost momentarily, also ran out of battery for that day? If we lost our wallet or keys, it won’t have the ability like our phones to signal to us where it may potentially be! Is there a method in which these critical items can help signal to us where it may have been misplaced? There is a method actually!

What Tool Can Help with Detecting Misplaced Items

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You can purchase blue tooth tracking devices like the Tile Mate! Just like the concept of “Find my phone” applications, the Tile Mate will emit a sound or tune to notify you where the important item has been misplaced. You just need to set it up and attach the Tile Mate to your item of choice.

How to Setup

You will need to download the “Tile – Find lost keys and Phone” application on iOS or Android.

  1. First create an account.
  2. On the main page, click on the “+” to add a device. Select your device.
  3. Press the button that is ON THE TILE.
  4. The application will search for the Tile Mate and play a sound once the device is found.
  5. You will also want to determine which item the Tile Mate will be assigned to (keys, phone, wallet, etc.)
  6. You will have the option to “name your Tile Mate” as well so take advantage of that.

How to Find the Lost Item

Assuming the Tile Mate is already attached to the item:

  1. Open up the application.
  2. Select the desired Tile Mate item and hit “find“.
  3. The Tile Mate attached to the item will then play a tune.
  4. Now you just have to physically walk over to the source of the sound and you should have no problems with finding your lost item. It’s pretty neat!

The Tile Mate has a range of about 200 feet that can be detected by the application on your phone. If it happens to be outside of the range, the application can detect where it was last seen.

Other Items You Will Need for this Product

Because Tile Mate uses blue tooth technology (which is something that even drains our phone battery), it too will also require a battery source. (Click here to find out how to increase your phone battery life). Tile Mate uses the flat circular batteries (the CR2032 version) as opposed to your typical cylindrical AA or AAA battery.

What Else Can Tile Mate Be Used With?

Besides the phone, wallet, and keys, you can also attach the Tile Mate to things like:

  • Purses/Bags
  • Pets (dog/cat collars)
  • Toys
  • Car
  • Bike
  • Luggage
  • Electronics
  • Children (Seriously though, in case they get lost in huge places like Disneyland, the mall, park, etc.)
    • Just make sure you slip it into their pocket or attach it in a way where they may not be aware of in case they try to remove it.

The ideas and possibilities are just endless!


You can reserve at least one of your Tile Mates by NOT using for your phone. This may sound counterproductive but it helps! For one, your phone probably already has a “Find my phone” application so that function is already built in.

Additionally, the Tile Mate can be used in reverse, meaning it can help find your phone if you lose it. You can do this by clicking on the button on the Tile Mate. What this does is it makes your phone play a tune EVEN if you happen to set it on silent.

If you plan to use Tile Mate for your wallet, it might not be the most convenient because the device is fairly thick. This may prevent your wallet from closing properly or lead to other inconveniencies. Fortunately, this brand does have a wallet version called the Tile Slim, which is similar to a credit card and may be better for your wallet.


As our schedules seem to get more busy with time, it can be difficult to juggle with our many daily responsibilities. As a result from all the running back and forth as well as the increasing stress, we may find ourselves losing important items. Some items like our phones have a built-in function that gives us its location while other items will not.

Using the idea of the phone to give us signals on its location, that concept can be applied to non-responsive items through products like Tile Mate. By attaching this accessory to your wallet or keys, it provides you information on where it could be located if misplaced. This will save us a lot of headache and time!

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30 thoughts on “Misplacing Important Items Often?”

  1. OK the product that you have offered here is honestly the most creative thing I’ve ever heard of. And I’m not exaggerating, I am very surprised that I have never heard of this before and as someone who consistently misplaces everything (especially his keys) I will be definitely taking great use of this creative product. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention

    • Hi there, Misael! Thank you for your comment. It’s really amazing what types of products are out there that have yet to be discovered. Hopefully with this product, you won’t be losing your keys ever again.

  2. Great Post,

    This was an eye catcher for me as I constantly find myself loosing items on a daily basis but with these products I would be able to find them quickly and easy. So I may have to look into these products so I can keep track off all my belongings.  

    Thankyou for this content. 

    • Hi there, Alex! I am with you there in losing items on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are products like the Tile Mate that can help us with that.

  3. Nice post, Mike! I actually never heard of a Tile Mate or Tile Slim before. It is really quite interesting how creative people can get to solve various problems. Currently, since I’m at home all the time, my things are always in one place. But I’m becoming a licensed realtor soon which means I’ll be on the move a lot more with my valuables. I’m considering getting one of these Tile Mates or Tile Slims (or both) to make sure I don’t lose things. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi there, Kevin! The Tile Mate is a fairly recent thing. I’ve only first heard of it like maybe 4 years ago? It definitely does wonders in helping one to locate their lost item.

  4. Wow, this is really cool. I’ve never heard of something like this before. That’s pretty neat that you can attach it to anything. If you come from a busy household or tend to forget things I would definitely give this a try. I’m glad I am not the only one that thought about using it on a child haha.

    • Hi there, Lorena! It is a fairly new accessory, I’ve probably only heard of it perhaps in the past 3 to 4 years? Even then it was only briefly and I had not thought much about getting it. Definitely a very handy tool to have, especially for children who may have a tendency to wander off in large places.

  5. Thank you for this article. That is so cool. Do you know how much time I spend looking for things that I or someone else has misplaced? It’s so simple and unique. I already love Tile Mate! Now I don’t have to leave my work behind because my husband can’t find his keys or his brain. lol

    • Hello there, Monique! It does take quite some time to find misplaced things, sometimes several hours. The Tile Mate is indeed a very simple concept but also quite innovative and beneficial. 

  6. This is a clever item for all the scatter brains out there lol.

    It would probably be best used for keys, as they are the type of thing that gets left down here there and everywhere.  While they are always somewhere obvious once you find them, it would save a lot of hassle.

    But I’m sure there are people out there who will find the strangest uses for them.  I’d love to hear what what they are.

    Tagging children when out is certainly a good idea, as there is nothing more frightening than thinking you have lost your child.

    • Hello there, Geoff! Keys are definitely one of the best items to attach these Tile Mates too. I am sure there are MANY other innovative ideas out there that haven’t been listed in my post. 

  7. Hi, mike I come back again Thank you for the article you shared with us about misplacing Important Items Often, I’m going to talk about Tile Mate (2020) 1-pack – Bluetooth Tracker, I am always losing my keys or my phone and with the tile, it makes it so easy to find my keys in a flash or find my phone! All you have to do is attach it to your keys and you’re all set!
    When you misplace your keys, you go into the app on your phone (which is super user-friendly) and tap, find my keys. It then rings your tile that is attached to your keys and if they are not in an area where they can ring, it shows you the location of the tile, which is also very helpful!
    Once again Thank you

    • Hi there, Anas! Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Tile Mate usage. Seems like it has been a positive experience for you too!

  8. This product is pretty cool! I got to admit, the way the object works is quite interesting, going towards the sound is great and all, but what if it’s far away, and you can’t hear it? Or you tend to not be able to hear sounds from far away. That would be pretty tragic, but overall, neat device!

    • Hello there! I imagine that to be possible as well where the item may be too far away and can’t be heard. Fortunately, the Tile Pro can detect where the most recent area it may have been lost is. Once you go to the area and are within 200 feet again, the tune function should be active again.

  9. Hey there! Awesome post for sure 🙂 I tend to forget my items frequently when I get too busy or am rushing throughout my day. Losing my wallet that contains my debit card would be my worst nightmare so I’m glad you recommended a product that could help prevent that from happening. And if I’m able to travel after covid 19 I would look into using that product to put in my backpack or luggage to avoid losing my valuables. 

    • Hi there, Gabriel! Thank you for the comment. I am the same way where I would forget items here and there I am rushed. Definitely losing wallet is one of the biggest fears for anyone. The tool can definitely be helpful when traveling.

  10. Hi Mike, interesting to hear about this product. To be honest, it is the first time to hear about it. This Tile Mate seems a great choice for my husband that forgets where he puts his wallet or key. Very attractive seems the idea to use for our kids. 

    It is a multiple usage product and comparing the price with so many features that it offers, I think it is worth the money. 

    thank you for sharing.


  11. Thank you very much for these solutions. I definitely need a Tile Mates and a Tile Slim. I have begun to have this problem during the pandemic. At least during the shutdown, we began to realize I frequently misplaced important things. Thank you very much. The solutions are fairly simple.

  12. What an amazing gadget. I think we have all lost our wallet or keys at some stage and this would really help. I like the idea of the slim Tile Mate that would make it fit easier in a wallet or a purse in my handbag. I usually just get someone to ring my phone when I miss place it (which is rare). I tend to use the ‘always put things in the same spot’ to stop from losing these items but it does happen. I have friends who lose their keys almost every day and that must be so frustrating.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I might buy one for that friend.

    • Hi there, Lily! I lost my wallet and keys so many times since it doesn’t have the ability to respond back. At least with the phone, there are applications that can help. Your friend must be very lucky to have such a thoughtful friend like you.

  13. I can definitely understand the need for a tile mate. Technology never seems to amaze me, it is certainly a creative product. Today adults are very busy just trying to make ends meet. Even the most discipline people loose things. The tile mate is like a personal assistant, no more worries. 

    • Hello there, Diana! Technology never ceases to amaze me too. There are so many new ideas for different products and I am sure there are so many undiscovered ones too. The Tile mate is definitely one of them.

  14. Hi, that is one very cool device. I’m sure I would be tempted to buy tile mate and probably the car and house keys would be the best candidate. I agree this problem of misplacing everyday items happens more and more. It is just a natural phenomenon that as the years pass we get more and more preoccupied and we are less able or less willing or both to expend mental memory space remembering where all our stuff is. The technique I learned from my mother, actually, was to retrace your steps. LIterally walk back to where you were the last time you remember seeing it and then walk methodically forward from that moment, repeating all the moves and gestures that you made, and then you will find it. I often have a similar problem when I am about to leave work. I know there is something that I forgot to do. I have to pack up everything, then get in the elevator and press the down button. Then, and only then will I remember what it is I forgot to do. Best regards, Andy

    • Hello there, Andy! Thank you for sharing the technique that your mother taught you. To be honest, that was how I found my lost items before too. I still do that actually, especially for my items that don’t have a tile mate attached. Lost a couple of sweaters and found them through that technique.

  15. This is a great product with a great idea. Yes, our lives are starting to move at warp-speed, and my memory is not keeping with additional memory drives I need to keep track of important non-responsive items. After reading your review and watching some videos, I was sold and ordered some Tile Mate’s for my tablets, briefcase, eyeglass case; and one for my cat!

    It’s pretty easy to set up according to the YouTube videos I watched, and if I was to offer some feedback, I would like to see the Tile Mate have the ability to be subtle and incognito, so if it’s stolen, I can still track and find the item. Also, I would like to see different sizes and colors so when I do want to display the Tile Mate, it looks fashionable. Especially on my cat! Great product and a great review. Thanks for giving me the heads-up on Tile Mate.

    • Hello there! Glasses are one of the items that I have lost several times. Fortunately, I was able to find them. I agree with you that there should be a more subtle version of the Tile Mate as well as some more fashionable ones.


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