Make Your Wallet into a Toolbox

Often times, I find myself needing various tools to fix certain things. It’s a great feeling when you get to experience turning what no longer works into something functional once again. Or perhaps you might have just created or built something from scratch which is even more amazing! Tools are essential things to have and they just make our lives so much easier. Unfortunately, we might not always be around them when we need them the most.

When we are at home, we have access to ALL of our tools like screwdrivers, knives, and rulers just to name a few. But when we are out and about doing our casual and social things, events may occur where we may need tools. It would not be wise to drive all the way home or go to the nearest home improvement store to buy the desired tool. True that one can keep some emergency tools in the trunk of car, but it can be a bit of a hassle if the car is parked far away.

Is there a more convenient way to have access to quick tools in ANY situation? You bet there are some and you can keep them ALL in your wallet!

Tools that Can Be Carried in Your Wallet

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One of my favorite tools that I carry is a wallet multi tool. It is a unique tool that is about the shape and size of a credit card. The tool is designed in a manner where there are slots and holes that imitate your usual tools. Here are some of the functions it can have:

  • Screwdriver
  • Ruler
  • Cable bender
  • Letter/Box cutter
  • Nail puller
  • Blade
  • Hex wrench
  • Cord Cutter
  • Can Opener
  • Peeler
  • Bottle Opener

Another but less versatile tool I carry is the foldable card knife. Similar to the wallet multi tool, this tool can also fit right in your wallet. It is also about the size of a credit card. When in need, you just need to release the safety lock and convert the tool into the knife. This is beneficial when you are away from your collection of tools (at home) and need an immediate cutting tool at hand.


The wallet multi tool is a much more durable and it just one flat piece. Therefore, you will most likely need just one to get by.

On the other hand, the foldable card knife is a bit more flimsy since the steel knife is implanted onto plastic. Every now and then, the plastic portion can break off when overused so it would be good to get them in bulk. Plus, it is cheaper to get them bulk compared to just one.

Situations Where These Tools Came in Handy For Me

These two tools have come in handy many times for me. Here are just some of the events where they have helped. It might even give you some new ideas!

  • Opening of packages, boxes, and products
  • Lens from glasses popped out
  • Thread is sticking from my clothing
  • Opening of canned goods such as when working in my car (Click here to read about various car accessories to help with being productive).
  • Changing the battery of my car key
  • Repairing of toys for nephews
  • Prying certain objects open


Tools are just such amazing creations. They make our lives a lot easier. We may even have a large, beautiful collection of them at home for every emergency need. But there may be times when we may need them and not have immediate access to them.

Fortunately, there are tools like the wallet multi tool which has many functions to help us during a time of need. In addition to that is the foldable card knife which may not be as versatile but will still be helpful with cutting things. Both of these tools can fit all in your wallet. Hopefully these tools will be all that you need when you are out and about!

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22 thoughts on “Make Your Wallet into a Toolbox”

  1. I enjoyed your article very much and I agree with you that tools make our life so much easier. I also am surprised how many tools we can carry in our wallets. And I would like to carry some of those you pointed out in this post. If I didn’t know I could carry them and I would happen to need them, I would still be at peace. But now, knowing I can carry them and not having them when needed will be torture.

    • Hello there, Abel! I am happy to hear you enjoyed my article! Hopefully you can grab some of those tools so that you won’t have to go through those emotions!

  2. What a handy article and something that should be taken into consideration. I always carry some tools with me but always inside my handbag where it just hides in the bottom of my bag and lost within… I am excited by the wallet multi tool that fits in nicely, convenient, easy to carry and holds many tools of all shapes for life’s situations and in needed times… very worth it:)

  3. Hi. These are brilliant gadgets. The tool options here are good ones for emergency use and to think that they all fit in a wallet.

    I for one like having tools around and the ones that you have shared in your article are so convenient. These are great on-the-go tools. They will fit perfectly into a lady’s wallet.

    Thank you for sharing such useful tools.


    • Hi there, Carol! I am glad to hear you like the idea of having these tools around. They definitely come in handy when something needs a quick fixing. 

  4. You always seem to find some really interesting products to talk about on this site. The title alone really got my attention. I like looking at things from a different angle, and finding multiple uses for ordinary items can be fun. I’ll have to check out some of your other posts at this rate. This was a good read.

    • Hi there, Lorena! Thank you for you comment. I am glad to hear that the article title caught your attention. It’s just as fun for me to discover or hear of hacks that others have recommended to me. 

  5. These are great recommendations Mike! I’ve seen ads for the wallet multi tool and I’ve thought about purchasing one myself, just haven’t gotten around to doing it. I like the thought of having a foldable card knife as well. I’ll definitely take into account that they break easily. Would you consider these two tools an alternative to a swiss army knife? My Dad has one and carries with him everywhere. I suppose someone with a knife like that wouldn’t necessarily need the multi tool or the foldable knife.

    • Hi there, Rachel! I think each tool has it’s own unique qualities. A swiss army knife has many functions depending on the brand and model. It might contain tools that even the multitool and the foldable card knife might not have. These two tools have the advantage of fitting in your wallet. I guess it really just comes down to what tools you might be anticipating that you could potentially be needing. Some people have a swiss army knife attached to their keys so they would always have that around. Might not be a bad idea to have all 3 at times. The swiss army knife that I had before had a knife that was not as sharp as the card knife.

  6. Hi Mike, pleased to meet you. I went through your article about making your wallet into a toolbox, and I found it very interesting and helpful too. I must agree with you that it feels very great when you experience turning what no longer works into something functional and useful as you clearly stated. It is true that we need tools wherever we go but that is just not so easy. Thanks for sharing this amazing post with us, I will be sharing it further too.

    • Hello there! Glad to hear you found this article interesting and helpful. Definitely still brings me excitement and joy when restoring the function of things again (even if it is a simple fix). Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is always convenient to have a tool with you, you never know when you will need something, or maybe someone else will need it, and you can help him.
    I used to walk around with a big purse that was a miracle purse, I had so many useful things stored in it, even some smaller tools, which was very unusual for a woman, and I often got surprised looks from male colleagues when I pulled out of the purse what a piece that was needed at that moment.
    But I really didn’t have them neatly arranged and folded, so this tool wallet is a really great idea! Thanks!
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hello there, Nina! That’s really awesome that you carry some tools in your purse. I would be very surprised if I was your colleague too. It’s an amazing feeling to experience you happen to have the right tool at the right time.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to learn more about what tools to keep in my wallet and why is important to keep them there, as you mention in your article, there are times when having the right tool in your hand will save you lots of problems and will save you also time and money, today with all that thing going around the world, is important to have your own tools to solve a particular problem, and I agree with you on the list that you are sharing, but I will love to have more information about what tool to carry in my wallet or in my bag to help me to open a door or to push a button without the nee to touch anything with my fingers when I need to go out to the store, I think that tool will be handy to have it also in your wallet. 

    • Hello there Alejandra! Thank you for your comment. To resolve the issue of preventing contact with opening a door, pushing a button, etc., it always helps to carry a couple pair of disposable gloves (in a ziplock bag) and some hand sanitizers. You can also use your elbows if they’re covered with your shirt or jacket.

  9. Never knew you can store tools in a wallet. That is awesome. Like you mentioned, you always have all your tools at home, but most things happen when you away from home. Thus, this article is very useful. As many of us want to have tools with us in case something happens and you need a specific to fix a problem. Thank you for this informative article.

    • Hello there, Bernard! A lot of things tend to happen to me when I need tools and happen to not have them with me at the moment. After so many of those encounters, I’ve been searching for ways to carry tools and be more efficient. These are some of my favorite tools to have on me at all times.

  10. When I started reading your article, I had miss feelings. How can I carry my tool around and on my self. The weight of the tools was first of concern to me. But as I read on you mad me se the possibilities with the wallet multi tool. It’s convinience and portability is worth commending. Thank you for pointing this out 

    • Hello there! I am happy to know the title of my post captured your attention! The wallet is definitely not big enough to carry large power tools but it can definitely carry these small ones, which are sufficient for a quick fix of things.

  11. Wow, this is a really neat idea to add some versatility to something that gets carried with you everywhere! This will come in handy in lots of different scenarios. 

    One must be careful that it isn’t in the wallet when going through airport security, courtrooms, or stadium security, as the knife / blade would likely get confiscated for going against weapons rules. 

    • Hello there, Aly! Glad you liked the idea of these wallet sized tools. Good point about not carrying the card knife while passing through security. Definitely do not want to be carrying them around in those areas.


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