Lower Back and Knee Pain – 6 Ways to Relieve the Pain

The lower back and knees are the areas that people experience the most aches and pains. This pain is what makes you want to lay in bed all day long. Just the thought of dropping something and having to squat and pick it up is just unthinkable! You probably don’t even recall doing much strenuous physical activities. Yet, somehow, this pain just seems to be present and for a long period time of time too.

How did the pain even start though? It helps to understand a little physics of how the body works. You are probably thinking, “I hate physics” or “I thought I was done with this subject since high school”. But don’t worry, a short and simplified understanding may make things a little interesting for you! And no need for math calculations!

Simplified Body Mechanics

When we move about, our body takes on a certain amount of stress or toll. You have probably seen it when objects take on too much toll (i.e. pencil), they can potentially break. Fortunately, our bodies are sophisticated and efficient in distributing the stress that it endures. The body would distribute the stress of weight to other areas that CAN take on more toll. As a result, whatever unimaginable pain you could potentially be experiencing, your body will minimize or even eliminate it!

There are even individuals who really understand these body physics and can really use it to their advantage. These are the individuals who are practitioners of parkour. Some practitioners are able to leap off 10-feet high platforms and the amount of impact they take is somehow equivalent to someone doing a jumping jack. This sounds like a great skill to have. However, this level of proficiency can take many years to achieve.

Unfortunate Human Nature

Sadly, as normal humans, we do tend to take that ability to minimize impact stress for granted. The two areas of our bodies that take the most toll is actually our lower backs and our knees. When not careful, these two areas can really start to wear out. This is where pain and damage may start to kick in.

At first, it may just feel like the soreness you get from a workout. No big deal right, it will just heal in a couple days or weeks? With time though, the pain may progress and that’s when it can become more debilitating. So then what now? Is it time for surgery?

There are actually a few things you can try first! Of course, your doctor will be able to provide you a better answer. Generally though, the earlier you try these methods (before the pain gets out of hand), the better!

6 Methods to Relieve Back and Knee Pain

Practice Shifting Your Weight Toward Your Toes

When standing or doing any physical activity, there may be a tendency to hold more of your weight on your heels. It’s stable and you may have been doing it for some time. But that leaves less room for cushion when you happen to take on a large weight stress. Imagine jumping and landing on your heels over and over for a couple minutes! The back would be sore within just a few repetitions!

Rather, start to practice shifting your weight more towards your toes or more so the balls of the feet. It can be hard to imagine but try picturing yourself tip-toeing slightly. That’s the position you want to aim for. You don’t need to lift your heels so high either. Otherwise, your calves and surrounding muscles may start tensing and cramp up.

If you were to shift your weight in that manner, your body would have extra room to reduce any impact. You can somewhat feel a springiness and lighter on your feet when you adopt that position.

Although we may not be practitioners of parkour, this is actually a fundamental skill they have. This (along with other techniques) is what allows them to significantly reduce the impact they take from their high risk stunts.

Take Part in Exercise

Although this may sound counter-productive with the pain you are enduring, it will actually reduce your pain. Yes, it’s true that your body will initially go through some pain while exercising, but something else magical also happens. Your body will detect that pain is coming soon, so it starts to prepare for it. How so?

What your body will do is start releasing adrenaline and endorphin. These are two chemicals within your body that help to NEGATE pain. Think of it like natural pain killers. If you partake in regular exercise, these chemicals will be flowing through your body regularly. This is why people enjoy the effects of exercising. You feel pain free!

If you are not used to exercising just yet, you can try some lower impact exercises like swimming, elliptical, cycling, or even walking.

Stretch Regularly

Over time with or without exercise, our muscles will become tighter and tighter. The tighter it becomes, the more pain is present. It’s almost like a really tight piece of thick rubber band squeezing your spine or legs and pressing on nerves like the sciatic nerve.

By taking part in stretching exercises, you will loosen up the muscles which will feel more relaxed. Yoga is a great option as well. Click here to read more about how to treat muscle tightness.

Taking Joint Health Supplements

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The most common forms of joint supplements to take are Glucosamine and Chondroitin. These are supplements that will help with lubricating your joints. The space between your spinal cord disks is also a joint. It’s what allows you to bend. Without that lubrication, your joints will be squeaky like a door hinge without some WD-40.

Get Yourself Some Nice Shoes

When your body takes impact, it is your knees and lower back that has to bear the weight. You can take off a significant amount of that weight by wearing running shoes! What is special about running shoes, and particular ones with a very thick, squishy heel, is that they will provide extra cushion. This cushion will work to reduce any impact taken.

Imagine the shoes taking on a majority of the impact when you do anything physical rather than your knees or lower back. Overtime, the shoes will be worn out but you can just replace with new ones by that point. A much more cost effective way to replace worn out shoes than the knees or back through surgery! Simply switching to these type of shoes can make a huge difference!

See a Chiropractor or Osteopathic Doctor

If all else doesn’t seem to help, what better way than to seek help from a specialist? They will be able to provide you with a better solution to remedy your pain. They will be able to realign your joints and decompress your spine and take off unnecessary pressure. You will feel better after a session with them.

Summary of 6 Methods to Relieve Back and Knee Pain

  1. Practice Shifting Your Weight Toward Your Toes (Balls of feet)
  2. Take Part in Exercise
  3. Stretch Regularly
  4. Taking Joint Health Supplements (i.e. Glucosamine and Chondroitin)
  5. Get Yourself Some Nice Shoes (i.e. Running shoes)
  6. See a Chiropractor or Osteopathic Doctor


Our body just has this intelligent method of minimizing the toll that it takes from our daily physical activities. The body does so by distributing that weight stress to areas that can endure it. The problem comes when we take that ability for granted for a long period of time. That is when we might be experiencing pain particular in the lower back and knees.

Fortunately, there are many methods, supplements, and simple tools like running shoes that you can purchase. They will help with all that. Hope these strategies are able to help reduce your lower back and knee pain quickly! Perhaps you might be to run again!

Did you enjoy this article? Did you notice a significant improvement when you switched to running shoes? Please leave a comment below!

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  1. Well, thanks for sharing this article. It was alarmingly interesting. I fear this is a subject that is likely to get even more and more interesting every year as I age. You list some very good methods here which I am going to bookmark for future reference, although I hope that I wont actually need them.

    • Hello there, Kwidzin! You are welcome. I am also hoping that you won’t ever have to encounter these health issues. I know a lot of people who do and they feel pretty miserable. The tips in this article do help them significantly.

  2. Hi Mike,

    This is a very interesting and important post. I experience back pain at times, and I wondered many times what might be a possible cause of that. I enjoyed reading this article very much. 

    Well, I noted the 6 methods you outlined to back and knee pain, and while at I home, I will try exercise and stretch regularly to see if they can help. I normally lean against the wall for some time or request for a massage from my brother, I get a little relief afterwards. This is helpful, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello there! Glad to hear you found this post interesting and important. Hope that your back pain can get better soon!

  3. I guess this is why women are told to exercise when struggling with their monthly. I’ve always been against it but explained the way you explained it ‘the body sees the pain coming and basically releases a natural painkiller’ I might have to curb my tongue and give it a go next time I want to roll into a little ball of pain and refuse to move. 

    This insight made the article raise my eyebrows, I have learned something new and I am grateful to you.

    • Hello there, Kelly! It can be difficult when starting to exercise. But once you start developing strength and getting used to routines, things will get a little easier. Hope that you will experience significant improvements soon!

  4. Thank you, this is a very useful article as I am starting to experience more back pain. I’m sure it’s because of less exercise due to working from home, so it seems I really need to do small exercises every day 🙂 I have a question for the running shoes. Should we just wear it even though we’re not using it for running? (e.g.: just walking to the office)

    • Hello there! Glad to hear this was a useful article for you. Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing more back pain. And yes, you can wear the shoes anytime you want, it will absorb the shock that your body takes whenever you are moving around and about (even walking).

  5. I have been having issues with my back. Everytime I bend down, I feel excessive sharp pains at my back. However, due to low cost of living and too much tedious work, I do not have the luxury to afford proper medical treatment. However, seeing this, I think I need to actually create more time to make exercises to be part of my daily routine now. 

    this is a worthy read.

    • Hello Maghieh! Sorry that you have been having issues with your back. I also recommend some methods to decompress your spine like hanging on a pull up bar or dip handle bars if you have access to them. If you don’t have them at home, you can also find them in playgrounds. Hopefully you will notice significant improvements soon when you follow the strategies mentioned in this article too.


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