Improper Tire Pressure – 5 Problems That Can Arise

Cars are such wonderful inventions. They take us practically anywhere we want to go. If you want to go on the next big road trip, your car will do just that! As time passes though, we might get distracted with our busy schedules and forget to take care our vehicles.

This is where certain car problems may start to arise. What is interesting is that the issues that do arise could have been prevented. All it probably required was just a few extra minutes in our busy day to perform a little check. One of these problems is unbalanced tire pressures.

5 Problems Caused by Imbalanced Tire Pressures

Higher Consumption of Fuel

Remember when your car used to run 30 miles/gallon? It probably has decreased to 25 miles/gallon or less. So what happened? When tires are under-inflated, they are not able to cover the ideal amount of distance as it normally would. It’s similar to taking big versus small steps. When tires are fully inflated, your car is essentially taking normal “bigger steps”.

Wearing Out of Tires

When a tire is properly inflated, typically the wear and tear should occur along the center/middle line of the tire. When less inflated, the middle of the tire will sink in more. On the contrary, the sides of the tire (inner and outer) tend to be more firm. As a result, both the sides of the tire will take on the toll. Rather than just one section of the tire wearing out from daily use, you now have two sections wearing out. You will need new tires sooner than you think.

Potential Blowouts

A tire can only handle so much air. If you keep filling the flat tire with air beyond what it can handle, it will definitely blow especially when combined with the heat from friction.

Poor Steering Control

Imagine trying to turn one direction, but your vehicle lags at it. Not what you want to experience if you want to dodge accidents or animals that jump right in front of your car.

In addition, if you happen to wear out the treads on your tire too much, it can be increasingly difficult to steer on slippery roads.

More Toll on Shocks, Springs, Bearings

Your car is designed in such a manner to endure the rough terrain that it goes through. That is taken care of by your shocks, springs, bearings, etc. When your 4 tires are equal in pressure, that means whatever toll comes, the stress endured by your car gets distributed by 4. However, when the tires are uneven, that means something will have to bear more toll and weight. This can lead to more wear and tear on other parts of the car in addition to the tires.

Summary of 5 Problems Caused by Imbalanced Tires

  1. Higher Consumption of Fuel
  2. Wearing Out of Tires
  3. Potential Blowouts
  4. Poor Steering Control
  5. More Toll on Shocks, Springs, Bearings

What Can One Do to Check Tire Pressures?

You can take your vehicle to receive full service oil changes. Your tire pressures are typically checked with this package to see if they are balanced. If not, they will balance it out for you. But if you don’t need to do an oil change, you can also just visit a local tire shop company. I am not sure if all of them do it for free but some will.

Sometimes the tire cap might just be loose which allows air to leak out. You can take it to a gas station and use the air services to fill up the tire. The air pump may have a pressure gauge. However, there are times when the gauge is damaged. You won’t be able to determine the pressure in the tires that way.

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So how can you tell if the tire is over or under inflated? You can’t, unless you have a tire pressure gauge. This is how you will be able to tell if your tries have the correct amount of air pressure.

Unless you have a bike or some other vehicle that also needs tire pressure checked, you should leave this tool in your car for emergency purposes. Otherwise, you would have to keep on remembering to put it in your car. Or you can purchase additional pressure gauges and keep them in your desired vehicles so that you will always have it handy.


You will definitely want to check your tire pressure when going to places with more drastic changes in temperatures. Especially in colder environments, air tends to be more condensed and take up less volume. Your tires might give out in these type of environments.

On the opposite end, if going from cold to hot environments, air in the tires will expand. This may potentially lead to a blowout if the air volume increases to a level beyond what the tires can handle.

A good practice would be to check your tire pressures at least once a month with the tire pressure gauge. This can be difficult to do still. Thus, at the very minimum, perform a check if you noticed your car going through a lot of stress. Maybe after hitting a bump with significant force, long road trips, running over an object, etc.


We might not be those who are into cars or studying to be auto-mechanics. But, knowing a few things here and there about cars can do wonders. Even being just a little knowledgeable about car tire pressure can save you from trouble. It would also be wise to purchase a tire pressure gauge and leave it in your car for emergency situations.

Although we may not be experts on cars, it would be good to have yours checked by one. Hope you are better equipped to resolve all future tire pressure problems!

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16 thoughts on “Improper Tire Pressure – 5 Problems That Can Arise”

  1. it drives me crazy when friend buy an expensive care but don’t bother taking care of it. I once knew someone who’s engine blew up because she never bothered to check the oil or get it serviced. No one told her too, and the worn out tires I’ve seen in parking lots are scary. People should have to take a class on car maintenance in schools before they get a license. 

    • Hello there! Oh wow, that’s crazy that that happened (the engine blowing up). I agree, there should be some training on car maintenance before getting a license.

  2. Great articles about car tires. It is important to keep the tires well maintained and to check the pressure from time to time to prevent blowout. That is especially if you are driving for long distance. Overtime the tires wear out and need to be replaced. Maintains the car like oil change and taking the vehicles to mechanic for service will keep the car stay long.

    • Hello there, Mohamed! I am happy to hear that you agree with the points in my article. Definitely important to take the steps to maintain one’s car to help it last longer. 

  3. Very clearly written post that explains the issues associated with incorrect tyre pressures, tyres are so expensive these days, looking after them is important and of course as they’re the part that connects a potential 400-500bhp car to the road you really do want to make sure they’re operating correctly.

    I carry a tyre pressure gauge and pump with me so I can check my tyres monthly.

    • Hello there David! Tires are indeed expensive especially when one typically has to replace 4 of them due to wearing out. That’s awesome that you already carry a tire pressure with you.

  4. Hi Mike! This is a great post you’ve shared here. I must say that I agree with you that our cars are the most valuable assets that help us get wherever we want in no time, and truly they need to be taken care of. I have seen all the problems mentioned here, that are caused by imbalanced tire pressures, but high fuel consumption came as a surprise to me. I really didn’t realize that.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us. It shows that we have to take care of our cars as they take care of us too.

    • Hello there! Our cars are indeed valuable assets and should be taken care of really well so that they can take care of us when it comes to traveling. The fuel consumption is really significant when driving larger vehicles that have low MPG.

  5. I actually had my back wheel come off once due to the imbalance of the wheels nuts tightness. The worst is, it had only been MOT’d about a week previous to that. It was a lucky one, as the wheel ripped right off the hub on the motorway and spun the car

  6. Checking Tire Pressures can be life saving. And this tool you mentioned here, this device is very cheap and it can be kept handy. I would not want to sacrifice my family’s safety and my own’s because of the wrong pressure in tires. I have been witness of an accident because of this!

    • Hello there, Abel! Checking tire pressure can indeed be life saving and it is horrific to have to witness an accident due to that issue.

  7. This post is very important for me as a driver. Because I learned a lot of things I never knew from this post. I had never thought much about tire pressure before. from today I think a lot about that. Thanks so much for this post. very informative. keep posting like this.

    • Hello Pasindu! Glad you were able to run into this post and that it helped you a lot. Will definitely be posting more articles like this in the near future.

  8. This is a great post for me because I don’t know a lot about taking care of my vehicle. I didn’t know that underinflated tires lead to higher consumption of fuel. That definitely makes sense though, if you just think about those small steps verses big steps, as you said. 

    I really like your article because it gives me the inspiration to take care of my car tires better. I usually just find tires to be a pain to take care of and change when the snowy season comes. Besides saving you money on gas which is already expensive, it is definitely worth it to take care of tire pressure just to keep you safe when driving. 

    Thanks also for the tire pressure gauge recommendation. I need to get one of those!


    • Hi there, Beth! I am happy to hear that my article gave you the inspiration to take care of your car tires. Hope you are able to see some significant differences when you drive.


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