High Tech Lunchbox – More Capabilities Than Your Regular One

When I was in my last year of college, I started to pack my own lunches. This was especially after going through my beginning experiences of living on campus and going through the Freshman 15. Although food at the dining halls were great, that extra weight and amount of effort to lose it was not. Therefore, I thought it was better to take control of what I eat and go for healthier options.

I was in good shape and was fairly healthy during those days. I put in time to exercise often so things were going good. But then I started to encounter something as I pack these lunches each day.

Some Issue I Encountered

As I went about this journey of packing my own lunches, I started to realize how limiting it was. With a regular lunchbox, there were certain foods that I could not pack. It almost felt like I was limited to only sandwiches.

I used to make fried rice but by the time I wanted to eat my lunch, it became cold and less flavorful. Salads became soggy at room temperature. Depending on where I was, I did not always have access to a microwave. Sometimes I would pack a soda, juice, or something and it would not taste as great at room temperature. It is just not the same when straight out of the refrigerator.

I am a big fan of sushi. However, I do avoid trying to pack that as a lunch. Seems like the longer I wait to eat it, the more likely it would spoil especially on a hot day.

Often times, I would study at the library. I did not want to waste time and energy to run to the nearest food court to use a microwave. Spots at the library were limited and if you weren’t there, people will likely take your spots.

These were not the most favorable of conditions as a student but I just persevered through it all. To be honest, it wasn’t too bad. I am sure others have it worse than me. These experiences just kind of came and went and I moved on.

Recently though, I ran into a unique product. Reflecting back on my college days, it would have been nice to have around. It probably would have made things a little more convenient for me. It definitely has today! Hopefully it would be for you too depending on your situation.

Product I Ran Into

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The product that I ran into recently was the 4L Mini Fridge. This fridge is not your average mini fridge that you can keep only in your room. Rather, it is like a portable fridge that you can carry with you, almost like a lunchbox!

4L Mini Fridge Features

  • Outer dimensions: 10.8 x 7.5 x 9.8
  • Inner dimensions: 7.9 x 5.5 x 5.3 inches
  • Temperatures can be adjusted to be as low as 32 degrees F and as high as 150 degrees F.
  • Weighs about 4.5 pounds
  • Has a handle for you to carry

Other Uses for Mini Fridge

You don’t have to be limited to just using the fridge as a lunchbox. You can use it to store things like:

  • Medications (insulin, etc.)
  • Medical samples
  • Healthcare Products
  • Use as incubator (such as for germinating certain seeds)

Pretty much anything that has to be kept at a certain temperature.


Although water and most foods typically freeze at 32 degrees F, it is not recommended to put frozen foods like ice cream in this mini fridge. Regular freezers have temperatures of 0 degrees F. Therefore your ice cream would probably be barely frozen if kept in this box. Once you take it out, it will probably start melting. It might even be in a semi liquid state in this fridge depending on the weather.

You also might not want to put hot steamy food in the fridge right after you cook. Due to the small space, the steam from the food would not be able to escape and would be trapped. This would cause your food to be soggy. Rather, let the food cool down first. Then set the fridge to be at room temperature, perhaps 75 degrees F (or slightly warmer). Then, put the food in. When you are about to eat, crank the temperature up closer to max. This will act like a weaker version of a microwave. Do use a microwave if there is one around though.

Be sure that wherever you are, you have access to an outlet. You can also charge this fridge up in your car. Just make sure your car is on or it will drain the battery. Click here to learn how to jump it if it dies.


A regular, insulated lunchbox does its job to a certain extent to keep foods cool or warm. Unfortunately, the regular lunchbox might not be able to meet your needs in some cases.

There may be times when you want some cooled drink to go with your food or perhaps your food needs to be in a cooled state. This mini fridge will be able to do just that. It is definitely perfect for the student who spends most of their time at the library. This is also great for those who have their own office at work as well.

Hope this product would make things a little easier for you!

Did you enjoy this article and like this product? Do you already own such a mini fridge? Please share your experiences or leave a comment below!

8 thoughts on “High Tech Lunchbox – More Capabilities Than Your Regular One”

  1. It must have been hard for you during college days. Fortunately for me I didnt go to college, instead did university online (my country don’t have college), so no luchboxes for me, but I do get your point. 

    A portable mini fridge would have come in handy when we had trips during high school. I must live under a rock or something because I haven’t heard of a portable mini fridge before. 

    This product will also be useful during summer. My friends and I always visit the park for a whole day, so a mini fridge will be something beneficial. 

    Thanks for sharing. Something new for the day. 

  2. Thank you for not only mentioning the pros about these lunchboxes. I appreciate you are honest and mention the cons or the issues you encountered too. I really liked the mini fridge. And yeah, there are a lot of things in which it can make my life easier. And I won’t put ice-cream in it. 

  3. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you. Well, your post is interesting and I like how you finally found out a solution to the problem of meals and drinks which stayed at room temperature for some time before they could be consumed. This 4L Mini Fridge is definitely what anyone would love. It’s great how portable it is, and with a handle to carry easily.

  4. Much thanks to you for not just referencing the aces about these lunchboxes. I like that you are straightforward and notice the cons or the issues you experienced as well. I truly loved the little cooler. Also, there is plenty of things wherein it can make my life simpler. Also, I will not put frozen yogurt in it.

    • Hello there, Herman! Glad to hear you loved the concept of the cooler. It definitely does make life simpler and provide more food options.


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