Having Trouble Removing the Greasy Residue Off Phone After Removing Screen Protector?

Owning a cell phone for the first time is probably one of the greatest events to ever happen in our lives. You now have the ability to be like other cool people who can call, text, use the latest social media applications, or pretty much anything you want. We will do pretty much everything to protect our phones by buying many accessories in the process. We get things like phone cases as well as screen protectors to prevent the phone from getting scratched.

Although we try to be as careful as possible, it is pretty much inevitable that we will eventually drop our phones a few times and get a few scratches on it here and there. The worse thing to happen is if you get a cracked screen all within 2 seconds (I can already feel one’s heart shattering when that happens). Hopefully that never happens to anyone and that it is the screen protector or case that takes the damage instead.

With time though, the screen protector (after all that it has endured) will have reach its final stages and it is now time for a replacement. As you peel off that screen protector, you become excited to start fresh and apply a new one. So, you will want to clean the phone screen to be as squeaky clean as possible right? But somehow you can’t…

So What Happened?

Upon removal of the screen protector, you may encounter some type of oily residue. This residue is the same substance that helps the screen protector to stick to your phone screen in the first place. I mean, when it wasn’t straight when I was first trying to apply it in the beginning, I could just remove it and that stuff wasn’t there. How come after all this time, why does this gross substance appear now?

I guess there’s no real explanation, but I think with time and even heat (from the phone itself or even by the sun), it seems to have changed the chemical properties of the compound which may have caused it to be greasier than usual.

But regardless of how it is formed, it is still a nuisance and you want it gone for good so that you can just apply that new screen protector! You probably would not want to start calling other people for tips and have that residue be touching your face in the process.

My Experience From Removing the Greasy Residue?

I have tried many methods to remove that greasy residue off my phone. I have tried water and tissue paper. That did not work too well. Alcohol wipes and paper towels did not work. Liquid soap was unsuccessful. I have tried cleaning solution for glasses which still did not work. I wanted to refrain from trying super strong acids and bases in case it damages my actual phone.

Running out of options, I was borderline wanting to try sandpaper but there was just too many risks involved. I also tried the card scraper and even just plain scratching with my nails. Those did not work too well (some residue came off though). It seems almost hopeless and the last thing I want is to get my phone screen replaced and NOT because it cracked but because of a screen protector that left some nasty residue. I kept thinking of methods to try. Eventually… I did find something that works pretty well.

What I Discovered Accidentally that Worked Like Magic?

The greasy residue was just too thick to remove with any chemical without damaging my actual phone screen (skipping the use of super strong acids/bases). Any wipes I used also seem to not work because the residue was just too slippery.

Therefore, I needed some type of material that was smooth, but at the same time rough (without damaging the surface of what I am trying to wipe). Something that can be potentially carry some type of electrical charge and possibly affect the properties of the residue and allow it to just come off the phone screen. In fact, something like this already exists and they are microfiber towels! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

How Does It Work?

Microfiber towels contain MANY cloth fibers which catches dirt, liquid, grease, bacteria, and pretty much anything you want to wipe away. Like I mentioned earlier, these towels actually carry both positive and negative charged fibers. They help with attracting and pulling things that contain some type of charge.

The microfiber towels easily removed the greasy residue left by screen protectors. My phone screen was smooth as if just fresh out of the box.

Other Uses for Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have many others uses. They can be used for:

  • Scrubbing bathroom surfaces
  • Wiping down kitchen counters, tables, floors, etc.
  • Wiping down car windows, dashboards, etc.
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Dusting various places in the office or home
  • Pretty much anything that can use some cleaning


The greasy residue left by screen protectors can be quite stubborn, but they can be easily removed with microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are some of the greatest inventions ever made. All we had to clean with were paper towels, napkins, cloth rags, and whatever we can find at the time.

Some of those items were one-time use, but microfiber towels can be used over and over again. This was a mind blowing discovery for me. It saved me a huge headache when finally seeing that stubborn residue come off my cell phone. It helped me greatly so I hope this will help you too!

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16 thoughts on “Having Trouble Removing the Greasy Residue Off Phone After Removing Screen Protector?”

  1. thank you sooooo much for this article. I have not been able to find a thorough and easy-to-read detailed article like this one when it comes to removing that nasty residue from my phone screen. I even decided to shift over to a desktop to find some article that would explain this to me in a thorough manner. thank you so much for this info, you are a lifesaver

  2. Thank you very much for this absolutely useful tip! Usually, I go to gadget counters in the local stores to change or apply the screen protector. However, due to the lockdown policy, I will buy and replace it by myself soon. I never thought that the microfiber towel has many useful usages like this. It seems I will add one to my online cart 🙂

    • Hello Alblue! You are very welcome! I am really glad to hear that this was able to help resolve the greasy residue issue on your phone! Microfiber clothes are amazing, I still have yet to discover what other “hidden” usages it may have!

  3. Thank you very much, the oil and slick stain left on the sit face of our phones after removing the protector could xo annoying. In fact I have had to place another screen protector just be a use I could not get rid off the oil stain. Thank you for this review. I believe with microfiber towel and its positive a d negatively charged fibers I should be happier having protectors removed from my phone 

    • Hello Parameter! You are welcome! The oil and slick stain was pretty annoying. I spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to remove that residue until I accidentally thought of the microfiber towel. Just one wipe and that stain was practically gone 🙂

  4. This article is a lifesaver! Upon reading this, I’m sure we all had the same problem with our phones. Since everyone has a phone these days, you would think this would be more well known or talked about. I will definitely give these a try next time I am taking off my screen protector. Thanks!

    • Hello Ray! I had the same thought that this issue would be more well known and talked about. Turns out it was quite uncommon. After accidentally discovering the strategy to remove that greasy residue, I tried googling to see if others had similar situations/solutions. I couldn’t find very much on it other than potentially using alcohol and some wipe, which didn’t work too well for me.

  5. Removing a phone screen cover is typically a sticky process.  But as you say, how do you remove this grease, without damaging the phone?  Quite a challenge. I was fascinated that you found the best way to do this was by using a microfiber towel.  The other uses you suggested for them were also great ideas. I typically use them to shine my car surface, but I hadn`t thought of the use for phone`s.  Thank you.

    • Hello there, Trevor! You are right about how the screen protector removal process is typically a sticky one. I was really surprised when my phone left an oily residue this last time. I tried many random things to remove it and the microfiber cloth was the best one out of all them. 

  6. Hey Mike. Very useful article. Reading your blog regularly and some of presented life hacks are real life savers. Who had never issues with greasy residue on iphone ? Looking forward to try your tips, hope microfiber towels will be an answer to constantly dirty screens . Thank you for all your advices! 

    • Hello there, Cogito! I am glad you found my articles to be helpful! I will continue to explore more of how things work and share more life hacks as I encounter them!

  7. Hey, Mike,

    Aargh, I hate it! I once thought my screen had cracked and that I had to replace it, but luckily, it was just the screen protector. Nevertheless, when they took it off, there was that sticky residue you mention. The guy that installed it told me he tried to remove it but just couldn’t. Once he installed the new protector, you could see those marks, although minimal, don’t look good on a phone.

    Anyway, thanks for the tip. I use microfiber towels for cleaning my car windows, so I’ll make sure to give them a try in case it’s necessary.

    • Hi there, Enrique! Ahh…sorry you had to experience that. That residue was quite annoying and frustrating to get rid of. I don’t think there would’ve been anything else to help with removing it except for microfiber towels from my experience. They really are amazing products that have ever been invented.

  8. Hi Mike, I’ve just gone through your post on having trouble removing the greasy residue off the phone after removing the screen protector. I find this article very helpful and informative. I never even thought that I can remove the screen protector by myself, I actually thought it needed an expert. Thank you so much for making life much easier for me. I promise to buy these microfibre towels and I will be working on my phone to keep it clean. Thank you once again for sharing this amazing information with us, I will be sharing it further to spread the word.

    • Hello there! I am glad to hear that you found this article helpful! Fortunately, you won’t have to rely on an expert and pay extra fees just to remove screen protectors. Hopefully you have the same experiences I did with the microfiber towels.


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