Happy New Years from MLHS!

Hello there fans! Just wanted to wish you a happy new year! Please stay safe and hope you get to enjoy time with loved ones! Hope you are able to take time off from work to do so as well!

On the topic of new year’s, you might be in the mood for setting new resolutions and goals. Or you might not (because of too many unsuccessful attempts?)! What’s the point of making goals if one keeps failing at them right?

Actually, having some goals in mind is actually a good thing EVEN if one does not always achieve them. It really keeps you moving forward and to grow. Though it can be uncomfortable at times, you really do gain something with each attempt! You learn what does not work so that in the future, you won’t repeat the mistake. Keep on trying different things until you find something that works! Be sure to seek advice from those with experience as well!

When you finally do reach that goal, it will be the most satisfying feeling ever! You will want to keep making more goals afterwards! If you need tips and pointers on fulfilling your goals, be sure to check out a previous post of mine.

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Remember to keep a positive mindset when you are pursuing goals. Write little encouraging notes on post-it notes and stick it around your home! It may sound silly, but it really does work!

Hope you are able to reach your new goals this year!

Happy new year’s everyone!

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  1. Hey mike! It’s been a while since I visited your site but this is a nice change! I could always use some more post it sticky notes. Best wishes to you in this new year!


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