Happy Holidays From MLHS!

Hello there, fans! Just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays! Hope you are all safe and able to enjoy some quality time with family and loved ones. Hope you were able to receive what you wanted for Christmas and eat very nicely prepared meals!

Just wanted to update everyone on everything with this website and the direction that it will start taking. I know a majority of my posts, if not all, have been some given scenario that I believe would be relatable to you with a highlighted product that I believe to be helpful with that situation. For now, I plan to continue creating posts like that but at a lesser amount, which you might have started noticing already. I am most likely aiming anywhere between 1 to 3 of those posts per month.

For one, it has been difficult finding products that are helpful (and having to test it out first) and coming up with ideas that are relatable! Another reason being that I started a new in-person job and it requires a lot more time, energy, and focus than I had anticipated!

On the bright side, I will actually be creating more personable posts (like this one)! In doing so, you will be getting more updates from me and perhaps it will change things up. We will see how things go from here!

Featured Product

While I am at it, I might as well include a featured product right?

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This product has worked for me and they are L-theanine supplements! What are they you might wonder? Well, with the new job that I currently have, I do go through a high amounts of stress. Even with all the caffeine that I consume and sleep I get, I still find myself encountering more brain fog days than my focused state days. Quite relatable right? Well, I do have an article on brain fog if you are interested in learning more about it.

L-theanine is a one of the amino acid that is not naturally produced by our bodies even though it is essential. Therefore, we must obtain it from outside sources. When taken, L-theanine is known for affecting certain chemicals within our bodies, particularly serotonin and dopamine. These might sound familiar but as a reminder, they are the chemicals that regulate our mood, stress levels, and sleep (in a good way)!

The L-theanine supplements will do just that to stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine. This in turn will help improve our mood and sleep while reducing our stress levels. These supplements have been out for some time, but it just so happens that I decided to test it out for myself more recently. I noticed a significance reduction in stress levels within a short time and more days when my mind is calm and focused. It has been some time since I felt like this.

As a fun fact, a more natural product that contains L-theanine would be green tea leaves. Mind blowing right?

Well, hope you enjoy this short post from me! Please enjoy the remainder of 2021 (and be stress-free)!

Happy holidays!


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From MLHS!”

  1. Hi Mike

    I love the topic since you asked for a review on that! 

    In terms of life overshadowing our goals, I hope you are happy with your new role.  I think most of us are trying to get out of our daily roles, but when it is something that you are passionate about, you will succeed and still be able to keep going with your site.  

    I will definitely be scrolling around more for nice life hacks!!  And wish the product was available in South Africa – I could really use it! 

    Best wishes

    Han Lahav

    • Hello Han! Glad to hear you loved the topic! I am content with my new role and it has been keeping me quite busy. That’s unfortunate that the product isn’t available in South Africa, hopefully it will be available soon though!

  2. Happy Holidays!  Health and wellness is a highlight in today’s society, especially with COVID in the headlines.  Keeping an overall state of health is important to help fight off illness of all kinds!  I think that part is missed by a lot of people.  Have a healthy and safe New Years!  Cheers!

    • Happy holidays Jay! You are right that health and wellness is highly important during this time of COVID and that it can be easily missed. There are many aspects to it all but taking things one step at a time can do wonders for us. Starting off with balancing out stress levels is always a good starting place. Hope you have a healthy and safe New Years as well!

  3. Hey mike! This is a nice thing to do! I really like the product you mentioned. Been feeling pretty stressed these days from work. Might have to give that L-Theanine a try! Thanks!

    • Hello there, Nick! Glad to hear you like the product! Hope you start seeing quick results when you try it! I think it only took about 2 days before I noticed the benefits. Taking it before bed with some Magnesium Glycinate (400 mg or so) really seems to give me the best results.


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