Glasses Slipping Problem

Some of us may need glasses to be able to see clearly. Others might wear it for the stylish looks. Some might even wear it for safety and protection depending on their occupation. But in all cases, we all encounter one common issue: the glasses slipping down our nose!

When it happens just a few times a day, it might not be much of a problem. However, on a hot summer day, when our bodies go through a lot of perspiration (sweating), it can be quite bothersome! Especially when one is trying to focus on their task at hand, trying to simultaneously re-position glasses can be quite distracting.

Typically, when the glasses become older, the parts are loose and have built up grease. This will cause the glasses to slip off the bridge of our nose easier. We might even consider getting new glass frames where the parts are tighter and parts are not as greasy. Although that can be a great option, it can be costly for most especially if one needs prescription glasses.

So, is there a more cost-effective option? There definitely is one!

Product You Can Try

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You can try out this substance called Nerdwax. The product basically looks like a lipstick or chap stick. All you have to do is apply the material onto your glass frames (the nose area)! Then just put on your glasses. It is just that simple!

How the Product Works

The Nerdwax substance essentially creates a layer that is practically waterproof. You know how some substances seem to having this good grip (like rubber) even though it is in contact with wet surfaces? That is the type of surface that Nerdwax will create when you apply it to the nose pad area of your glasses or wherever you need it.


Just apply a generous amount of the Nerdwax and you can wipe it off by the end of the day. Or just leave the residue there! It’s up to you!

Each tube should last you around 6 to 8 months but it really comes down to the type of activities you partake in. If you are involved in sports where you will be sweating profusely, you may need to apply the substance more often.

Most people apply Nerdwax to the nose pad area of the glasses but for a tighter grip, you can also apply them to the temple tips that wrap around your ear (preferably the bottom).


We all have different reasons for wearing glasses, but we all encounter the same issue where the glasses slip down our nose. Not too bad if is just once or twice in a day, but not so much if it is more frequent than that.

It is a terrible experience when the glasses just completely slip off and fall off your face (and then lands on the floor). You can prevent all that with Nerdwax. Hope the glass slipping problem will no longer be an issue for you!

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2 thoughts on “Glasses Slipping Problem”

  1. Thanks for the introduction to this product. I am the perfect candidate for Nerdwax. I work a lot in open air and my skin is very oily. So I am constantly adjusting the position of my glasses which is so annoying. Worse than that it looks annoying. I noticed that when I reviewed the recording of a podcast I did recently. Thanks for the recommendation. Off to the store I go.

    • Hello there, JJ. The constant sweating and having to reposition glasses is annoying indeed. The Nerdwax really helped reduce that significantly. Hope it helps you as much as it did for me.


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