Fix Uneven Shoulders!

You are going about your day completing your daily routine when suddenly, you or someone might notice something: your shoulders might be uneven. This is an interesting phenomenon, how in the world did this happen? You might not have felt pain (or maybe you have!). Still, noticing this event might put you in an uncomfortable position!

What you may have is something called scoliosis. It is a condition in which our spines become rotated and may curve sideways from its natural “S-shape”. When left unchecked, this can put different types of strains on certain regions of our backs. For some individuals, some soreness is often experienced. For others, it can be quite disabling!

As with any conditions, it is always good to catch these types of events as early as possible. I remember when I was in junior high school, there was a health group that came on campus to do some tests to check the students’ spinal curvature. That can sound dramatic but really, it is just a simple test by having one bend over and check the curvature of the spine. And of course, there are definitely more comprehensive tests out there.

When the spine is not straight, one might also see a symptom of “uneven shoulders”. So then, what can one do? Here are some quick fixes for mild to moderate scoliosis. For more severe cases of scoliosis, it would be best to see a chiropractor or osteopathic physician before attempting these therapies.

Simple Therapy for Uneven Shoulders (Scoliosis)

One of the best things that you can do (if you have mild scoliosis) is to do daily stretches. Your goal is to keep those joints as flexible as possible. When we do not move around or stretch as much, our joints become stiff. Sure, sometimes, we feel lazy and if it doesn’t hurt at the moment, so why bother right?

Well, when you actually do want to move it one of these days depending on the situation, your body will be less likely or unable to. Imagine wanting to reach for something that is located above you, but then you can’t. That can feel really debilitating! Therefore, it would best to keep those joints as limber as possible. Here is a video with some simple stretching exercises.

Therapeutic Tool for Scoliosis

Another thing you can do for your mild scoliosis is to simply hang on a pull-up bar! Sounds simple right? What you are essentially doing is allowing the weight of your body and gravity to straighten your back! It might not be the perfect solution for everyone but it was the one tool I used that has fixed my mild scoliosis.

You can find some bars to hang onto at parks or school playgrounds. Basically, find something that is straight and leveled with the ground. Avoid using something that is bent like a tree branch. Although hanging on a pull up bar is great, it can be tiring to hold it for some time.

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Therefore, another alternative is holding your body up in the form of a dip (without having to do dips). You can purchase something like a pull-up/dip tower station where you can switch between different positions.

You can choose to opt for cheaper options like the pull up bars that fit in your door way. However, keep in mind that you may damage your walls or sometimes those bars can slip off.

I have bought those simple doorway pull up bars before. They have slipped on me AND damaged my doorway walls so I don’t recommend them. I have had no issues with the pull-up/dip tower station.


Keep in mind that although these therapies are quick and simple, it is not a one-time thing that we do that will fix it in one session. It would be good to do these therapies for some time and daily if possible. Continue to do them even when you noticed your posture has been corrected.

Even when your posture is corrected, it would still be good to visit a chiropractor or osteopathic physician. They may be able to provide you with additional tips on further improving your scoliosis issues.


Without realizing until later, we may be struggling with mild scoliosis. By catching signs early, you can take necessary steps to prevent it from worsening. There are many stretching exercises out there and even tools like the pull-up/dip tower station that you can use to your advantage.

Hope you start feeling more limber and that scoliosis will no longer affect you! Be sure to still visit your chiropractor or osteopathic physician for additional expert advice!

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2 thoughts on “Fix Uneven Shoulders!”

  1. Hey mike! This is so helpful! I have uneven shoulders but it wasn’t something that really bothered me. But after reading your post, it made me realize how it can potentially be a problem! I’m gonna try your pull-up bar hanging strategy and see how that goes! Thanks for this!

    • Hey Jessica! Sorry that you have uneven shoulders! Glad that it didn’t get to the point where it affected your daily routine. And yes, it would still be a good idea to try some of methods suggested. At the very least, it would relieve some of the weight that your back may have been enduring.
      If you are daring enough, you can also try a little “hop” while hanging on the pull up bar. You may hear a very nice back cracking sound. (And of course, not recommended for those with severe scoliosis).


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