Drywall Damage – Quick Fix Solution

After a long day of work, it is always great feeling to return to a nice home (perhaps with dinner being prepared). While waiting for that, you might stroll around the home to view the artwork you may have purchased. Or perhaps to just appreciate the aesthetic look of the walls and all that.

But, you may have remembered drilling a hole in the wall that was not used. Or perhaps children were throwing objects around and created a dent in the wall. Maybe you hammered a nail and missed and ended up breaking the wall. Regardless of the “how”, you now have some small damage on the drywall of your home. (Hopefully not as bad as the picture above!)

Although small and insignificant, each time you pass by that spot, you probably can’t help but keep thinking about it. By this point, you are probably frustrated and considering repairing that damaged area. I mean it’s probably not too bad and is fairly inexpensive to do. Just grab a tub of Spackle and that’s pretty much it, right?

Problem You Might Encounter

After buying a tub of Spackle and some primer to fill up that damaged wall, you might realize by the time you got home that you need a flat tool like a putty knife. This will guarantee that the paste you put on the wall is flat and leveled with the wall. But is it worth going back to the home improvement retailer? If not, you might have to sacrifice a knife or ruler at home. You risk the Spackle drying up on the tool if you aren’t quick at it.

So maybe you just wing it. Leave the Spackle alone until it hardens. So then you leave it to dry. When you return, you might realize that it looks a bit off. By this point, maybe you realize that you forgot to purchase sandpaper to smooth down the surface! Does this require another trip to the home improvement retailer? Probably.

Although the necessary tools are simple, it can be easy to forget some of them here and there. This is more likely if this is your first time trying it or haven’t done it for a while. If you encounter this issue again, hopefully you won’t have to make multiple trips to the home improvement retailer!

If you feel like you have a tendency to forget things like that, no worries! There is a product that you can try!

Product You Can Try

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Before, you might have bought the tools separately. But why not get a tool that already comes with all of them? If you like, you can purchase something like 3M’s Patch Plus Primer Tool. This tools essentially contains in one package:

  • Spackle paste
  • Primer
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper

By purchasing this product, you won’t ever need to worry about forgetting one of the necessary tools for patching walls. You will have all the basic tools you need. The only thing it doesn’t quite come with is the paint to match the color of the damaged wall. You will need to get those tools separately.


When there is small damage to your walls, it can be distracting for you until it gets fixed. Although the process to fix it can seem simple, there are quite a few tools you will need. But you can get all of them in one package by using 3M’s Patch Plus Primer Tool.

The tool comes with everything that you will need (except for the paint) to patch up the damaged wall. Hope this tool can save you a lot of headache!

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10 thoughts on “Drywall Damage – Quick Fix Solution”

  1. I live in an old house, so drywall damage is nothing uncommon for me.  I’ve used the 3M Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1 product and it has really helped make most of the projects we’ve done with it so much easier.

    When we renovated the bathroom, we underestimated how much work actually needed to be done, especially when it came to drywall issues!  If it wasn’t for the product mentioned, we’d either still be working on the bathroom or leave it partly unfinished.

    • Hello there, Millie! That’s awesome that you were able to use the product before and that you had a great experience with it. Home renovation is no easy task. What may seem like a “small” task may actually still take quite some time and effort. 

  2. Hi Mike, I once faced this myself some time back. The plastering used on interior walls I think was not up to scratch. When the kids were growing up their playing somehow ended up damaging small sections of this plaster. They eventually grew out of this playful phase and it was time for some DYI. Having the basic tools like a putty knife and filler goes without saying. The challenge comes on how to go about it the correct way since this is not something you do on a daily basis. Posts like this come in handy for that.

    • Hello there, Steve! That’s a pretty smart move. I didn’t think about waiting until the children grows out of the playful phase before doing some DIY projects. Hope your next attempt at repairing damaged walls (and hopefully not anytime soon) will come out great!

  3. Hi there, I had to smile because you describe perfectly the way most people will set about to fix any damage to their walls, forgetting half the tools that they need. So to find that there is a 4-in-1 kit available, is fantastic. We live in an old house and there are always bits that need fixing, so this kit is on my list for next time I go to the hardware store. 

    • Hello there! I am glad to hear that the situation was relatable! Done it too many times before I finally started to develop some muscle memory to remember all the tools I need. Still forget a few tools every once in a while though. Hope this product helps you as it did for me.

  4. 3M’s Patch Plus Primer Tool seems like a life-saving product! I think all of us have been through the situation of having some drywall damage at one point and having it replaced isn’t as easy as it seems. I honestly had no idea this kind of products existed, but they surely seem like an amazing solution for a very quick fix.

    • Hi there, Ashley! It really is a life saving product especially when the walls are prone to getting damaged one way or another. I was accustomed to buying the tools separately but this tool makes things much more convenient.

  5. Yes, I agree with you that until we get our walls fixed, it will always be a distracting element. I like that it’s simple to fix. Thank you for these easy solutions. But I have also realized that I need quite more tools than I initially thought of. But, after reading your post, I will plan things out better. Thanks!

    • Hello there, Abel! You are welcome! Hopefully you won’t need to get all those tools separately but rather just all in one package when you need it.


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