Drain System Getting Clogged?

Whoever invented the bathroom and sewage system is a truly a genius! We are able to take care of business all while still having a clean home and this is quite an amazing thing to have in our current day and age. I can’t even begin to imagine how things were like before all of this was invented. I picture a lot of waste being gathered (and really smelly living conditions) and extra chores every day to remove all of that waste! That can take quite a toll on our health! This helps me to feel very grateful for the system we have in place today.

Unfortunately, we sometimes take these systems for granted as we go about our busy days. When we shower or when we use the sink, the drainage system can sometimes back up and flood due to clogging. This is a VERY inconvenient experience especially on our extra busy days. It might start to feel like those old days before these systems are invented (like how I had imagined) are coming back. But, there are a few things you can try to fix the clog.

Methods To Unclog Your Drain

When your shower or sink drain starts to drain extra slow or just stops draining in general because it became clogged, you can try several methods:

  • Pouring boiling water to loosen clogs
  • Plunger
  • Clog removing tool (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
  • Baking soda followed by vinegar
  • Coca-Cola (something about this substance just seems to clean everything, except for our bodies)
  • Liquid clog removers (as a last resort), they can damage your pipe system and environment

If by chance all these methods do not work for you, it may be time to call your local plumber!

A Tool To Help Reduce the Likelihood of Future Clogging

Most of the time, our drainage systems are clogged up from the buildup of hair. Hairs can act like a net that traps all types of debris like dirt, dead skin cells, and other things. When we use soap, it can sometimes cause the hairs that fall in the drain to stick to the walls of the drain easier. Therefore, a good thing to do (while your drain is unclogged and still flowing well) would be to have a tool that catches hair BEFORE it starts clogging. A tool that can be helpful would be something like the TubShroom! (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).

The TubShroom works like a net system that would trap things like hair all while having pores that are large enough where water can still drain and flow. It is made of silicone and is very flexible to fit most drains. When it has captured enough hair and debris, it would be good to pull it out often to clean (depends on how much hair falls in, frequency of showering, etc.).


Make sure the drain stopper can be removed first. You can typically remove the stopper by popping it out or unscrewing it.

Also, make sure that the drain hole is about 1.5 inches in diameter before purchasing a TubShroom. You want may to consider the SinkShroom (1.25 inches) or ShowerShroom (2 inches) instead.


A slow draining or clogged drain system can be quite stressful especially during your busy days with work or school. Therefore, it would be good to invest in some tools that can help with situations like that. That way, you won’t have to keep worrying about wasting too much time unclogging your system or calling the plumber too often. Just let the TubShroom do some of the job for you!

Do you have stains in your restroom that are difficult to remove? Check out this paste that can help with that.

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22 thoughts on “Drain System Getting Clogged?”

  1. Hi Mike. Another great post. I’m big fan of your blog as I can always find solution here for common day to day problems. And this article is another perfect example, who didn’t have drains clogged in house? I don’t want to bring plumber every time, and chemicals I tried not always working. Looking forward to test coca-cola trick, also clog removing tool seems interesting solution. Thank you for your advices !

    • Hello there, Cogito! I am glad you’ve been enjoying my posts and that has been my goal, to provide a source where people can go to for common day to day problems! Hopefully I can additional life hacks that are applicable to you!

  2. Having had the horrible experience of a clogged drain and having to get a plumber in to dig the pipe up and half the front lawn I can really recommend your great suggestions. I don’t think any of us realize just how much hair goes down our drains when we shower. I have long fine hair and when I shower and wash my hair I squeeze the water out and capture all the loose hairs and ball them up and put them on the sink to throw out. I’m sure this could become a huge problem if I didn’t.

    That TubShroom sounds terrific and would really help with a family showering. Everyone is not so careful and this is a simple solution.

    • Hello there, Lily! You are right that most people don’t realize how much hair goes down our drains when we shower. Even as a guy with short hair, I still lose a few here and there, but all that hair that goes down the train can really build up eventually especially since they can get sticky when soap is used. Your habit of gathering the loose hairs and balling them up to throw out later is a good one! 

  3. The first time I have heard of Tubshroom, it sounds like a pretty interesting gadget. Have four females in the house, our tub gets clogged quite often. I have never tried the coca-cola method, will give that a go as well I think the Tubshroom sounds great. I am ordering it to at least stop our tub from collecting debris. The no chemical method is great as the new plumbing system tells us to avoid using many methods that are tried and tested. 

    • Hello there, Eric! Sorry to hear that your tub gets clogged quite often. There may not be a perfect solution that prevents all clogs, but at the very least, the Tubshroom can help with delaying the next clog that occurs.

  4. I find this an interesting article that gives a whole lot of information. Clogged drains are a weekly problem, and there are no really good ways to keep them unclogged. What I do is that I pour acid down the drains every week. 

    Seriously coca-cola? But I guess u are right. It does act as a great cleaning agent to get rid of rust and stains.

    Thanks and regards, 


    • Hello there, Aparna! I am glad to hear you liked the article! And yes, to this day, coca-cola still surprises me with its cleaning abilities. Do be careful with pouring acid down the drain though, it can damage your pipes as well as the environment.

  5. We all love a clean and scented bathroom, that’s what we need to work on a daily basis. From changing towels to drains, everything affects the ultimate impression we have when we enter our rooms that are supposed to be used for cleaning and restoring energy. Thank you for the helpful advice you’ve shared with us, I’ve learned a lot.

  6. I agree there is nothing worse then pulling out long strands of hair from a drain. I have short hair and it is not just long hair that can clog a drain. Even short hair somehow tangles together and makes a long strand with a the goo stuck to it.
    I will definitely look into the gadget that you suggested to trap hair before getting clog in the drain

    • Hello there, Nicky! Definitely nothing worse than having to pull out hair from the drain (even if it is short hair). Hopefully with the gadget, the issue will be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

  7. I agree there is nothing worse then pulling out long strands of hair from a drain. I have short hair and it is not just long hair that can clog a drain. Even short hair somehow tangles together and makes a long strand with a the goo stuck to it.I will definitely look into the gadget that you suggested to trap hair before getting clog in the drain

    • Hello there, Nicky! I am the same. I have short hair and on the days I have my contacts on and can see, there is definitely a bunch of hair flowing down the drain. Makes me wonder how much hair actually flows down when I am unable to see clearly. But the gadget should help us significantly!

  8. We have had the experience of water dripping through the ceiling because of an overflowing shower tray upstairs. And all because we had visitors and long hairs had blocked the drain. I clear the hairs every time I wash my hair to prevent this. 

    A tool like TubShroom would indeed come in very handy and a lot better than having overflowing and blocked drains. I have not heard of the trick with Coco-Cola, but will try it when needs be. 

    • Hello there! Oh wow, that must be a huge hassle if the ceiling is dripping from a clogged drain. Hopefully with the TubShroom, issues like that will be significantly reduced or even eliminated for you.

  9. As I read this article, I smiled at our last year’s adventure we had with a clogged drain. The toilet did not swallow water, and the bathroom flooded us through the drain. We have tried almost all of these tips that you have listed in this article (except coca-cola). We even bought a wire to clean the drains. In the end, we found that the cypress roots had overgrown the pipe in the ground, and the wastewater could not drain away.
    These tips are great, I especially recommend that you repeatedly pour baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice preventively to remove plaque that accumulates on the pipes on a regular basis.
    I wish you all the best

    • Hi there, Nina! Sorry you had to experience clogged drains. Ahh tree roots clogging the drain is a difficult problem to remove without the help of a plumber. Hopefully that will no longer be an issue for you!

  10. Thanks, Mike for leaving your hacks. I recently dealt with this same issue and had to call in a plumber after exhausting most of the suggestions you left here. I forgot about trying the vinegar and baking soda, and I didn’t know about the cola. Wish I’d come across this sooner but thanks for the tips.

    • Hi there, Melissa! Ahh sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully with these tips, that it can help further delay or even prevent the next clogging session.

  11. Not gonna lie, although I didn’t know about the Coca-Cola alternative I cannot say that I am surprise that it is actually included on this list. I sometimes have struggle with things getting clogged up and he’s very irritated. But I am very happy that I have found this article because it will help me tremendously and again, Coca-Cola is definitely going to be my go to

    • Hi there, Misael! Coca-cola surprisingly cleans a lot of things, except for the inside of our bodies. Things getting clogged up are indeed quite frustrating. I am glad that this article helped you with preparing for future drain clogs.


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