Does Your Windshield Get Dirty Often at Inconvenient Times?

Owning a car is one of the greatest events to ever happen in our lives. Initially, we do our best to care for it. We provide the gas it needs, tuning services, oil changes, car washes, repairs, you name it! But as our personal lives start to get busy with work, school, or just personal matters, we may start to pay less attention to our vehicles.

We sometimes push our vehicles beyond the 3,000 mile or 3 month limit. Fortunately, our vehicles are good at turning on the “check” engine light to remind us of an oil change. When our tires becomes flat, the vehicle will feel the “bump” sensation. There are many signs that appear that help us to remember to take care of our cars.

But, there is one automobile issue that we do not necessarily get reminded of and that is a dirty windshield.

Dangers of a Dirty Windshield

When the windshield becomes too dirty, it can be hard to see the road ahead of you. Light either from the sun or the headlights from another vehicle can increase the glare which can sometimes be quite blinding. Visibility is one of the most important aspects when it comes to driving. When that is compromised, it can lead to unfortunate events like accidents.

Typically, drivers don’t realize how dirty their windshield is until it is extremely obvious. (I personally hate it when some random person starts to draw pictures on my windshield). By that point, one would feel embarrassed enough that washing the vehicle becomes a top priority (perhaps that artist is doing a huge favor!)

What Causes a Dirty Windshield

Over time, dust starts to collect on the windshield. This alone will reduce visibility. Depending on where you drive, dirt and/or pollen can start to accumulate as well. Depending on the weather, you may even experience rain or snow which will combine with the dirt or dust to make the windshield even more dirty.

Bugs and other insects may also be splatting on your windshield while driving. All of these particles will lead to a more dirty windshield which further increases the likelihood of an accident. Fog may even start to accumulate on the windshield easier with these particles.

What I Did to Resolve the Dirty Windshield

Like what many would probably do after noticing a dirty windshield, the first action would be to activate the vehicle’s windshield wipers and fluid system. When caught early, this typically does the job well. However, if you are like me to notice ONLY after the windshield is too obviously dirty, the car’s windshield wipers and fluid system may not do the trick. After activating, it might actually worsen your view. By this point, you will need a handheld squeegee device at the nearest gas station.

When I do finally visit that gas station, they sometimes offer the squeegee and windshield wiper fluid for drivers to use (provided that they haven’t been stolen). Unfortunately, these squeegees are also not of the best quality (at least 80% of the time for me). One is considered lucky if they have access to a brand new squeegee at the gas station. Depending on how dirty the windshield is, you may need multiple squeegee cleaning sessions for your vehicle.

What I Found to Be a “Hack”

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Because there is no guarantee whether you will have access to a good quality squeegee at the gas station, there has to be a better solution. Although it might sound obvious, the better solution would actually be to purchase your very own personal squeegee and keep it in your trunk for 24/7 usage. This can be quite handy actually.

Early in the morning, dew and mist may collect on your windshield. You may already be running late to work/school and you may only have front windshield wipers so you can get by with that. However, your back windshield may not have windshield wipers, so it will still have dew and mist on it.

This prevents full visibility of the road. You also won’t have time to drive to the nearest gas station due to the morning traffic and there is no guarantee of a good quality squeegee there. But if you have your own personal squeegee, you will not have to worry about not being able to see the road. You would just have to go to your trunk, pull out that personal squeegee, start wiping away all windows, and be on the road within 5 minutes or so.


Our vehicles are quite good these days in reminding us when to seek various services like oil changes, flat tires, etc. But one of the few things it does not do well is reminding us to clean our windows. Having dirty windshields can be hazardous while driving as it reduces visibility of the road. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your vehicle regularly.

In the cases where you do not have that luxury, it is always good to make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. If that is still not possible, there is always the squeegees at your local gas station.

There is no guarantee that you will have access to a good quality one. Therefore, it is best to have your own personal squeegee. Be sure to keep it in your trunk.

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22 thoughts on “Does Your Windshield Get Dirty Often at Inconvenient Times?”

  1. Oh, this is a very good one for you to talk about how to get my windscreen clean. I drive in a place where it is always really dry and my car glass could get dirty easily even when I don’t drive around sometimes so this tips you have shared will greatly help me. I would make sure I use them so as not to run the dangers of having a dirty windscreen.

    • Hello Jamie! Ahh, with a dry environment, a lot of dust/dirt can really collect in various places like the windshield. I am happy to hear that this article was able to help you. Please stay safe when you are out and about!

  2. Hello there, Dust can increase the glare from the sun during the day as well as from headlights at night. Even a small amount of dust on a person’s windshield can catch incoming light, causing intense glare for a driver. … Dirt and mud can also decrease a driver’s visibility. Thanks for sharing

  3. Every car owner knows how frustrating a dirty windshield is and would also agree with me that the importance of this article can never be overemphasized, having your personal squeegee is indeed a deal breaker and can help you solve the problem of a dirty windshield. I had to share this with my friends, I know they’ll love it

    • Hello Collinsss! That personal squeegee has indeed been a deal breaker for me, rarely have to worry about a dirty windshield problem. Thank you for sharing this article with your friends.

  4. Nice idea, but I don’t think this would work where I live due to the extreme heat in the summer months. The rubber would dry out and be unusable after about one season. 

    Have you ever tried the microfiber cleaning wands though? I have one for the interior of my car and a larger one for the exterior in the trunk… they are able to do a quick and easy cleaning job (it’s not going to sparkle like it’s been detailed, but it’s pretty good). Those are indispensable during the couple of weeks during the Spring when everything is covered in green pollen!

    • Hello Aly! The life hack item is more so for those living in dirtier environments and in areas with more rain (or any other undesirable conditions). It is always when we need it most that we do not seem to have access to the item. So it would be good to have one around in the trunk for emergency cases. By the time one realizes they need one, they would have to drive to the nearest gas station and during that time, anything can happen (hopefully nothing bad). I’ve also had instances where using the car’s own windshield wiper with fluid actually makes it worse. I think investing in a personal squeegee is more worth it than having to pay for costs of damage from accidents caused by dirty windshields.

      I actually have tried the microfiber for the interior of the windshields, not so much for the exterior mainly due to the wet conditions. It does take away the residue left from body heat and condensation over time for the interior of the windshield.

  5. Thank you for sharing information about “dirty windshields” and how to keep them clean. That is a problem I think for most of us as we tend to put off washing our vehicles. I am one of them, lol! I never thought about keeping a squeegee in my trunk! And, you are absolutely right about a dirty windshield being a safety hazard, it sure is! 

    • Hello Evelyn! You are welcome! It was a really simple solution that I never would have thought of had my friend not suggested it to me. Thought I would share it with the community as well 🙂

      I totally agree with you that most of us tend to put off washing our vehicles (I am one them too). The demands of life is just so busy and overpowering at times. The worse is when you actually do have the time to wash the car and it rains the very next day.

  6. This post is perfect for me. I live in the semi-desert and in the middle of nowhere, so I have to drive on several dirt roads before I reach the highway and my car (and whindshield) get dusty right away. I get it cleaned at the gas station and by the time I get home there is a layer of dust on it already. I think it would be a great idea to have a squeegee in my trunk, to have it handy when I need it. I had one a while ago, but I kept it outside in the garage, and due to rain and sun it got damaged. The next one will always be kept in the car.

    • Hello there, Christine! Oh wow, that must be a bit troublesome to live in a semi-desert location where your windshield would get dusty right away. Hopefully with the handy squeegee, you’ll have a more clear windshield from here on.

  7. Yes, you are right. I don’t realise until I drive into the sun, and then it highlights just how dirty my windscreen is. My wiper blades need replacing, so the wiper option with water doesn’t work well either. I live in the bush and often park under the trees, but they leave a lot of sap and debris on my windscreen.

    I often carry a cloth for cleaning my windscreen, but I think a personal squeegee might be a better option.

    • Hello there, Dave! Ahh, tree sap and debris can be tough to get rid of. Cloth can be good until it gets too soiled but definitely having something like that is better than nothing. Perhaps getting a squeegee as a backup too might do wonders.

  8. Hello, ugh I hate dirty car windshields, the bugs, dirt and tree pollen where I live in the south. I won’t even mention the glare from sunshine that has to get through all of that! I’ll definitely check into the squeegee and have it on board whenever I need it. Thanks for the information!


    • Hello there, Denise! Ahh, bugs, dirt and pollen are definitely the 3 biggest things that make our windshields dirty. Hopefully with the squeegee, those 3 things will no longer be too much of a hindrance when you drive.

  9. This is a really great tip Mike! I’m sure we all can agree that it gets hard to remember to do basic upkeep on our vehicles, mine is definitely in need of going to the car wash and it’s probably getting close to needing an oil change to. I love the idea of having a personal squeegee in the trunk in case I can’t find cleaning supplies at a gas station.

    • Hi there, Rachel! I definitely agree with you there about the difficulty of remembering to do basic upkeep on our vehicles. Happy to hear you liked the idea of a personal squeegee.

  10. Having A personal vehicle is very important in someone’s life as you have said in your post and at one time, I will have to buy one. You have talked much about Windshield and I didn’t know that when Windshield is dirty, it can cause a lot of destruction ahead and sometimes cause an accident. Since I have got the solution how to clean car Windshield, all these problems will not happen to me. Thanks

    • Hello there! Having a personal squeegee has been quite helpful for me. Hope it will be the same for you too! A dirty windshield can be really dangerous when it prevents one from seeing the road clearly.

  11. I love this site, as so many great tips for everyday irritations.

    There is nothing worse than driving and noticing your windscreen is dirty, so you turn on the water and the wipers only to make it worse and you can’t see a thing.

    It is a great idea to carry a squeegee in the car with you. I have one that is lying in our kitchen cupboard idle so I am going to put it in my cubby hole.

    • Hello there, Michel! I am happy to hear you love this site. Definitely a good idea to transfer that unused squeegee in your kitchen to your car.


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