Do You Try to Bring All Groceries Home in ONE Trip?

Life in the college apartment has always been an interesting experience. You really learn to live on your own and this could be your first time away from family. Although the freedom is great, you now have many responsibilities. They can include cooking, cleaning, and of course, even grocery shopping. You might not even have the best apartment location and on top of that, a far parking spot. In addition, you may also be living on the 3rd floor with NO elevator (like myself). Not necessarily the best conditions for grocery shopping.

Depending on the time of day, weather, or community, it would be ideal to make it home in one trip. What you buy at the store is another determining factor and you can sometimes get carried away with it. For some reason, when stressed, everything just seems to look so tasty.

You walk into the store for one thing but when you come out? You might end up with way more than you have anticipated so that is going to be a lot of grocery bags to carry back to the apartment.

I don’t know if it is a male thing. There seems to be a tendency to take pride in being able to carry all groceries home in ONE trip.

My Experience With Carrying Groceries

Of course, depending on what I buy and how much, the amount of items I carry will vary. On an easy day, I will have a bag of just snacks which is pretty light. I should be able to bring that into the apartment in one trip. However, if I happen to purchase pounds of meat for a burger cheat day, a sack of 10 lb. potatoes, or have a case of water, then it’s a different story. To do so safely, it can take 2 or even up to 3 trips. BUT, as a guy and when that pride kicks in, I will REFUSE to do it in any more than one trip.

Some techniques I used to carry multiple grocery bags include:

  • Sliding hand through the grocery bag loops to carry with my elbows, forearms, and wrists
  • Using each finger to my advantage (lighter bags for the pinky, potentially 2 fingers for heavier bags)
  • Holding larger objects with both hands (like a tray), stacking other items on top of it, and perhaps stabilizing it with my chin
  • For heavier items (water bottle cases), I put it on my shoulder and stabilize with my head
  • Keeping every item as close to body as possible to avoid strain and practicing good ergonomics (back straight, using more legs, etc.)

Some Obstacles I Run Into

An issue that I run into often is not so much the lack in strength in being able to carry all the groceries. Rather, it is the design of the bag itself that limits me. When the bags are heavy enough, the straps of the bags tend to curl and tighten itself into a thin string. This puts a lot of pressure on the fingers and cuts off circulation.

Additionally, since I have each of my fingers carry a bag, I must keep them flexed all the time until I reach my destination. If not careful and if I relax my finger, I can potentially dislocate my finger. Sometimes I wonder if the risk is worth the effort to make it in one trip. Eventually I came across this one tool…

A Tool That Can Help

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A tool that I recently discovered that can significantly help with the grocery carrying process is the Click & Carry bag carriers. You can clip your grocery bags together and then toss the carrier tool over your shoulder (just make sure you distribute the weight equally). The shoulder is one of my favorite areas to carry things. There is a strong support and it requires little effort.

What is great about this bag carrier tool is that it can hold up to 80 pounds and has a padded gel grip. That way, you won’t wake up with a bag strap bruise the next day. It also comes in a pair so that you can distribute the weight more equally on both shoulders. This will further reduce the likelihood of injury.

By using this tool, you can also free up your hands to do or carry other things as well (like opening your front door).

Alternative Use for Bag Carrier Tool

This tool can also be used by females. I could be wrong, but I imagine them to carry the most amount of items (at one time) when they go shopping at the mall especially during the holidays. This bag carrier tool would be ideal for them in that sense.

They can hook several bags of items on each end and place the device over their shoulders as well. If they happen to be shopping with their significant other (and if they are a true gentleman), they would help with carrying the items all while reducing their load with the tool.


As men, we may take pride in some of the most random things like carrying all groceries home in one trip. This can actually be healthy as it helps us appreciate the small things in life which is difficult to do these days with the demands of society. Perhaps it is not so healthy if the grocery carrying process ends up cutting off circulation in our hands. Even worse is when it can potentially dislocate our fingers which will lead to possible injury.

Eventually though, as we learn to live on our own long enough, we just figured to be wiser by working smarter and not harder. This bag carrying tool is just one of those tools that will help lighten the load. Simultaneously, it will still allow you to be able to enjoy that achievement of bringing all groceries in one trip. In fact, with this tool, you might even be able to carry MORE than you usually do! Best of luck with all your future efforts to continue carrying all groceries in one trip!

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Did you enjoy this life hack on how to reduce the load in carrying groceries and make it in as little trips as possible? Please leave a comment below!

24 thoughts on “Do You Try to Bring All Groceries Home in ONE Trip?”

  1. Do you know why I love your articles, You brings your life experience at home and in school to make it feel imaginable by the reader. I had the same experience when I was schooling in Africa, even shopping at home with your parent can be difficult not to talk about being alone. It can be diffiuctl especially when you have a crazy roommate who won’t help. But with these tips, it will be helpful

    Thanks !!! 

    • Hello Betieshair! I am happy to hear that you enjoy the life experiences that I share. It’s true that even shopping at home with parents can have its difficulties in addition to doing so alone without a roommate. I guess that’s just how life seems to work, interestingly. In the middle of a hardship or struggle, it never really is the best feeling in the world, feels like the world is against us at times. But it is after when we have found a solution and things have started to work out that we start to gain some wisdom and find this sense of peace. We gain this knowledge where we can relate with others going through similar experiences and offer advice to help guide them in their process.

  2. it is for this exact reason that I tend to do the shopping every two days or so, so I never have more bags than I can handle. I love the tips you have provided though, and it is especially important to make sure that when you are picking up heavy loads you engage your core muscles in order to protect your back.

    I think I am going to invest in some of those click and carry bag carriers. This is an excellent idea and kudus to the one who invented that one.

    • Hello Michel! That is really smart of you to do shopping at a higher frequency rather than to do it all at once. I am glad you liked the tips. Injuries are no fun and can take some time to heal.

  3. Awesome post i got to say. I personally love to eat anything really lol. You provided us with a great review  and I want to thank your for that. You don’t need massive investments in order to get your diet on point, you need a good will and strong attitude, believe in yourself and you will achieve anything. Everything you said is true and I agree 100%.

    Cheers and I wish you all the best

    • Hello there! Thank you for your comment. I agree, to be successful with anything, it mainly takes a good strong will and attitude.

  4. Hello Mike, Thanks for sharing. To be honest, This topic is a a little bit hilarious because I have been in the same situation on a few occasions and I have asked myself this question. Personally, my opinion is that one shouldnt bother and stress oneself to try to bring all the groceries at once. Step by step is always cool without any questions asked.

    • Hello there Oviss! You know, I think when I wrote this topic, it did start off in a humorous manner. But as I was editing it a couple times, I realized that some people might actually do have to make it in one trip due to unfavorable conditions. There may be many things to consider like weather conditions, the safety of the neighborhood, etc. For these situations, it may be better to focus on lighter shopping for items that are essential rather than for luxury.

      But you are right. When under normal circumstances, it is always best to put that pride down temporarily and seek the safer option of doing things. All part of the working smarter and not harder.

  5. Mike, 

    I have purchased a couple of these clip and carry tools. I have bought more for my garage too. They worked so well with the groceries, I have purchased more durable bags to handle more weight and use them to tote my tools when doing work in the field. 

    With the setup I have, I can carry over 100 pounds of tools and materials and still be able to use my hands for holding a beer or opening a gate. 

    These things are great! I have considered making a modified version to extend it a bit further away from my body to help prevent having it all up against me but have found this requires more balance and sometimes your hands to control.

    The ones you have here would be great for a situation like you mentioned when carrying upstairs. Once on your shoulders they are sturdy and balance against you so your hands are free and your center of gravity is not thrown off. 

    A great find for a life hack! 


    • Hello there, Chad! I am glad to hear that you have great experiences in the clip and carry tools! Definitely a very great idea to consider getting good grocery bags as well so they can be more durable and hold more items. It is not the most fun thing when the items pierce and fall out of the bag. I also tried thinking of ways to make modifications to the tools but haven’t been too successful without encountering other issues like balance.

  6. I definitely try to bring the groceries home all in one trip and these hacks absolutely make it possible.

    I’m no college student but I am a mother with two kids who simply refuse to help with the grocery bags unless I ask.  I’m not always in the mood for that hassle if you know what I mean.  I love the practically and easy of the solutions offered and most important for me it’s also easy on the body. 

    These hacks definitely fall into the category of working smarter rather than harder and for sure this is something I’ll be looking at getting.  Can’t thank you enough for bringing it to my attention.

    Looking forward to other hacks you plan to highlight.

    • Hello there Roberta! Thank you for your comment! I don’t have kids but I can kind of relate with you there when a family member refuses to help until asked (and also that little tantrum thrown when it is out of their comfort zone). I am glad to hear that you enjoyed this life hack and I will definitely be providing more in the near future!

  7. Hi there

    Reading your post reminded me of those many, many years ago, a time when choosing an apartment was not because of how convenient, safe, or comfortable, it was but rather the price.

    My apartment in college was on the 3rd floor with no lift and just room enough to put a mattress on the floor,what a time. Back in the day, we did not have Amazon and other online stores for home delivery, and we did not have convenient carriers like the Green Grocery Handle Bag, something I’m sure many did not miss because it was just not there but I`m sure many appreciates today.

    Although I do not have to carry up to 80 pounds of shopping in one go, I`s sure love to have this convenient carrier. Anyway, checking your pic loads of shopping with eggs at the top almost covering your eyes, I think you should put aside guy pride and haul your shopping twice, it`s safe too.

    Like you, I do find myself using my elbows, forearms, shoulders to haul in my shopping but that`s only a short distance from the car to my apartment.

    Really enjoyed your post, thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hello there! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the post. Your apartment in college sounds a lot like mine. The pic with the guy is not me by the way, just a free stock image I found to illustrate trying to make it home with all groceries in one trip in an exaggerated way. These days I usually just buy enough that I can carry in one hand (while using some of the strategies still). My limiting factor for the number of items I buy these days is actually the amount of space in the freezer and fridge I have left.

  8. How fun to create a fun little personal challenge to try to get all the groceries or shopping inside the house on one trip. That is a tall order for those of us who don’t go shopping frequently, as we may fill up the trunk in a single shopping trip! I do like the idea of a simple tool or a carabiner to help hold the heavy bags more comfortably. This can definitely be a time saver for those in walk-up apartments or with long walks from their car to their home.

    • Hello there, Aly! Bringing all the groceries home in one trip has been a challenge amongst my friends so I just thought it was a common thing for young men. But as one matures, safe practices is always the best route.

  9. It was really fun to read what techniques you have for carrying shopping bags.
    My student period is over, but during my studies, I also lived on the other side of the country and learned to be independent. At one time, I lived on the fifth floor without an elevator. At the time, I was shopping just for myself and economically.
    But now I’m older, I have a family, and when I go shopping, I come home with four shopping bags. I live in a house with parking, so I go twice from the car to the house with the purchase. However, if I had a harder challenge to carry the purchase home, this bag carrying tool would definitely come in handy. Thanks for the presentation!
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hi there, Nina! Oh wow, living on the 5th floor without an elevator must be tough. Good thing you only need to shop for yourself at the time. I am glad that your house has parking now so that you don’t have to strain yourself like back then when it comes to carrying groceries.

  10. I can totally relate to this first hand. It is just hard to try to get all that you need in one trip and most of the time you have to make another trip for the heavy stuff. The bag carrier tool is neat! I have never seen them before. I think that the shopping cart can help too. There are so many of those that you can find in the city. 

    • Hello there, Nuttanee. The bag carrier tool is very helpful and you have access to it anytime. I sometimes rely on the shopping cart method too but its availability is a hit or miss depending on the location I live.

  11. I love the randomness of that article!  That is something so many people struggle with on the daily that I couldnt ever imagine that there would be a real life solution to the problem…but you found one!!  I’m so thrilled when i find out about a little product like this that makes your day just a little bit easier; good post!

    • Hello there, Rene! We sometimes run into random situations in life that are actually quite common. But, there is always a method to make things work more efficiently.

  12. Since the pandemic started, I have been going less to the supermarket and to the grocery store. I have always wanted to get the less exposure to this virus. Not only for me but mainly because of my elderly loved ones I have at home. So, Going less means I bring heavier bags. And this carrier tool is just perfect. I also like to carry things on my shoulder. I’ll try this tool to see if it works for me.

    • Hello there, Ann! Your elderly loved ones must be really lucky to have someone like you at home. Thank you for doing what you can to take care of them, even bringing home heavier grocery bags. Hope this tool matches your needs.


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