Do You Tend to Lose Items in Your Car in the Small Spaces?

When I first got my car, I promised myself that I would take very good care of it. Not just taking care of the usual services it needs like oil changes and tire changes, but even trying to keep the interior clean and tidy. I did pretty good during high school when I had A LOT of free time. There was rarely any trash or even crumbs left from food. If there was, I would be quick to clean it.

I knew all the secret compartments of my car and I felt like I was a Men in Black member or something with hidden (somewhat) cool gadgets. If you needed something whether it is tools for school, office supplies, snacks, jumper cables, med kit, etc., chances are…I probably have it in my car. If not, I would mostly likely go and stock up (if it was within my budget). Things were always organized and life was good.

A Pattern I Started Noticing

As I entered college, things became much busier. Not only did I increase my collection of items in my car, but I am often rushed by the appointments and tasks I had to keep for the day. When I pick up certain items from various locations, there is a tendency to just throw it in the passenger or backseat. When I have small minor items like pens, I just throw it somewhere (typically in my car). If I cannot find it, then it was no big deal. I could always just purchase some more.

Sometimes I wouldn’t have extra pens in stock. Therefore, I would have to back track and figure out that there was one previously in my right pocket and since I’m in the driver seat, the best place to start looking for them…would be in that small space between the seat and the (I believe it’s the called the central console).

Basically the space between driver seat and where the handbrake and shifting gear stick is. Anyways, after I spot a pen in that area, I would have to fish it out. At times, my hand would be too big to fit in the small area. As a result, I would use another pen to fish out my pens and that seems to work. Again, it was no big deal.

What Finally Triggered Me

One day while on my way to park at one of my volunteer facilities, I needed to use my ID badge to scan in before the arm of the boom barrier would rise to let me to drive in and park. Unfortunately, I lost my ID badge somewhere. I knew it was in my car somewhere, but I just did not know where.

Fortunately that day, my friend was driving next to me so when she scanned her badge to allow the arm to rise, I quickly floored my car to make it past the arm. Made it barely. I thought to myself, what if my friend wasn’t there? I could have been extra late and/or kicked out of the program. What if this problem keeps getting worse?

When I got back into my car after that volunteer shift, I looked for my ID badge. I was pretty sure I never took it out of the car. Guess where I found it? IN THE SMALL SPACE, this time between the central console and the passenger seat! I just keep losing things everywhere in the most inconvenient of spaces of my car. After that day, I finally decided to do something about my problem of losing things in the car.

What I Did About It

I figured after losing so many things in the small spaces between the seats, I needed something that could both block that space (so that nothing falls in) all while giving me more storage space. My cup holders on the central console always seem be full with either empty snack bags, trash, drinks, or just random items. The space underneath the arm rest of the door were also pretty occupied.

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After some thinking, I eventually found this: A car seat gap organizer! This tool would essentially plug up the space between the central console and seats. It would also contain a small compartment for additional beverages and storage space.

My Experience After Adding that Tool

After adding the car seat gap organizer for my car, it was one of the most life changing experience! Rarely do I drop my things in between the inconvenient spaces again. I always had extra room for beverages especially if I purchase something with a friend. I always know where my ID badge is. Things are looking to be much better again.


If you are like me who has a habit of dropping things in the small spaces of your car, I highly recommend getting something like a car seat gap organizer. Like many young adult striving to better ourselves, we often live quite busy lives trying to juggle everything.

When pushed to our limits, our minds and bodies will naturally find the quickest way of doing things like tossing our items pretty much anywhere like in our car. It is quick and it is efficient. Although initially convenient, it might not be so when we misplace important items.

By putting in the extra effort to find tools that can help us organize our items a little more, it can save us a lot of headache, time, and energy.

Are you the type of person to work in your car? Click here to check out another helpful tool to have!

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18 thoughts on “Do You Tend to Lose Items in Your Car in the Small Spaces?”

  1. This article is very helpful and interesting, I was imagining all the incidents as you faced them which made it more interesting. One thing is for sure you’re not the only one loosing things in between sit. So I think everyone needs this. Including myself. I’ll share this article with friends

    • Hello! Another object I dropped in between the seats was my phone and that was a hassle to get out since the case was made of rubber like material. Good thing I wasn’t trying to go anywhere by a certain time at that point! Glad that I am not the only one and thanks for sharing this article with your friends!

  2. I’ve read your article word for word and I’ve go to admit you really caught my attention. You know that little gap between the seats on every car ever invented, that gap where everything seems to end up, that gap that everyone curses ? You’ve found the cure and bought it to me. Fabulous !!! 

    • Hi Michael! I am happy to hear that my articles have that attention grabbing effect! Hopefully you won’t be losing any more items in that gap between the seats.

  3. It’s funny that a few years back (maybe even before then) my brothers and I spoke on this same problem and he mentioned a solution. My brother spoke on creating a small net that would attach from the counsel to the seat. (This would take care of all the things that fall in between the seats). This is a problem all drivers seem to go through, it seem to be never-ending! We all have clutter up front, in our cars. When items fall down there, that’s when they just seem to vanish! It’s great that a solution has been implemented with success.

    • Hello! I didn’t realize how common this issue is. That is quite creative that your brother came up with the small net contraption, that would be a fun one to use. It’s always interesting and kind of fun to see what items fall down there when we give our vehicles a good full cleaning session.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article. I include the “drop stop” brand of these products on my “favorites” and “resources” lists, and like to give them out as gifts when I realize that someone is driving a new car. They really are helpful to avoid frustrations, and makes the road safer by reducing driver distractions when things fall into that abyss!

    • Hello Aly! You are welcome! It definitely is a tool that helps to avoid frustration and reduce distraction when losing items into that abyss. That’s very thoughtful of you to give this product out as gifts for those driving new cars.

  5. I can really relate to loosing things in the most inconvenient spaces in the car especially when your hand is to big to pick them up. I had a similar very experience that almost cost me an opportunity I had been waiting for. I’m glad I read your post. Now with car the seat gap organizer, no more losses in hidden compartments. Thanks.

    • Hello there, Jude! With the demands of society today, it can get quite stressful and the more easier it becomes to lose things in random areas like the inconvenient spaces of our cars. It can be even more stressful when the hand is to big to squeeze through that small space to reach for the item you dropped also. I became fed up with that one day so I tried out the seat gap organizer and it worked wonders.

  6. Hello. I really like the “brain fog” article. I myself have often wondered if I was the only one that falls into a zone when people are speaking to me. Thank you for breaking down and explaining the different wavelengths I found it fascinating how the brain works. For myself I like to drink smoothies regularly and workout often. It doesn’t solve the problem but he does help me think and act clearer.

    • Hello there, Julian! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the “brain fog” article. You are definitely not the only one to fall into that “zoned out” state when spoken to. Smoothies are great because it typically contains macronutrients that are essential for a healthy lifestyle which means the brain can work more optimally.

  7. Haha, I feel you on so many levels. I mean, by the looks of it, I wasn’t nearly the kind of echelon guy as you were but I too liked a lot to keep all of the things in my car tidy and neat. I mean, let us just say that I was always ready to do passengers and be proud of how my car looked. Just as it was for you, all of that changed when the school ended and it became a ton busier. And then, a few kids later, I wouldn’t say I’m absolutely terrible at keeping order in my car but it, sure, is a ton more hectic and far, far less calculated. Yeah, small stuff typically go in the central console (I believe that’s the name).

    That car seat gap organizer does sound like a really cool thing I could benefit from, too. I really appreciate the suggestion. Cheers.

    • Hi there, Matiss! Thank you for your comment. It is definitely much harder to keep things tidy as things get more busy. Thank goodness for holidays and time off from work right? Fortunately, there are tools like the seat gap organizer that can help to some degree with that.

  8. What a creative way to stop yourself losing something in the small spaces of your car. Although there is an alternative method to this: don’t throw your things around in the car! This does look like something cool to add to your car though, and it does provide a topic of discussion with any passengers in your car.

    • Hi there, Clark! That is definitely a great idea too: to not throw things around in car. The car seat organizer does act as a great item holder too, kind of like an extra pair of hands.

  9. This is a tremendous life hack, thank you. Personally, I’ve pretty much avoided most of those types of problems on my vehicles. I did have a related problem with a rental car one time. I was in the military assigned TDY (temporary duty) at another Air Force Base. When you enter a military installation, there’s usually a guard at the gate who will waive you through if you have stickers on your vehicle indicating it’s registered with the DoD. Different colored stripes indicate whether the driver is an officer, enlisted, or civilian. Officers merit a salute when they are waved through the gate. 

    This was a rental car so all I had was a paper pass taped to my window. I knew the guard would request to see my military ID before allowing me to enter the base. I put my military ID in one of the cupholders which were a permanent fixture of the center console. Even though it was essentially a “square peg” in the proverbial “round hole”, my ID got stuck on the bottom of the cupholder. As traffic backed up behind me, I was doing everything to try and release my ID and nothing seemed to work. The gate guard was getting agitated as I kept saying I almost had it. Luckily, I had just opened a can of pop and this was back when there was an actual pull tab that you removed from the can. I was able to snake the full tab under my ID and finally release it from the death grip the cupholder maintained. The gate guard kind of chuckled as he saw my ID and whipped up a crisp salute in recognition of my officer status. He even wished me a “good day” when I returned the salute and retrieved my offered ID.

    • Hi there, William! Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with the center console. I have had things stuck there as well as the driver armrest on the door. It can be frustrating at times to get things out of that crevice sometimes. That was very creative of you to use the pull tab from the pop to pry out your ID. 


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