Dead Car Battery Problem – Methods to Be More Prepared

As college students (and even those who are done with school), having a car is one of the most amazing tools we can ever own. We use it to get to class, go to work, meet with important individuals, or even grab a quick bite. Our cars essentially allows us to get from point A to point B and reach our point of destination.

We try to do our best to make the best use of it by also caring for it. Unfortunately, our vehicles will eventually start to encounter some problems with time and one of the most common problem being…a DEAD car battery.

Signs of a Dead Car Battery

Here are some of the signs of a dead car battery:

  • Dashboard warning lights up
  • Your engine starts cranking as you try to turn vehicle on
  • Engine does NOT start
  • Battery starts to release an odor
  • Clock and radio are NOT working
  • Battery is old

Before this situation happens to you (not the most pleasant of experiences especially when running late), there are some essential items to have beforehand. You will be better prepared in the case that your car battery dies.

Jump Start Cables

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At the very least, jump start cables are essential items to have in your car. On Amazon, it costs about $12. You should keep it in your trunk until the day that you need them. (The last thing you want is to need it one day and not have it).

Next, you will need another vehicle to complete the process. Jump starting can be a little tricky to do but here is a YouTube video link to help guide you.

With enough practice, you will get used to it. You can practice performing this on a friend’s car also (if their battery dies). Do not just jump just for the sake of practicing please.

External Car Battery Jump Start Kit

An external car battery jumpstart kit is one of the most useful life saving tools one can have. This is especially useful if you are running late and unable to find someone nearby that can assist or if you just happen to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one around. There are many brands with many unique functions but I listed 2 of the more popular ones below.

Gooloo SuperSafe Car Jump Starter (I personally have this one)

  • ~$70
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Compact size
  • Can be used as portable battery bank
  • Short jumping cables


NOCO Boost Plus GB40

  • ~$100
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Up to 20 jump starts
  • Can be used as portable battery bank
  • No USB-C support

The setup is VERY similar to connecting regular jump start cables except you’ll be working with only ONE vehicle (your own), 2 instead of 4 cables, no need for a grounded bolt, and a battery kit. Here is a YouTube video on the steps just in case:

How to Jump Start Using External Battery Kit Video

Prior to using your external battery kit, PLEASE make sure it is FULLY charged. Some of the battery kits take about 60% of its power battery to jump start even though it may show that it has more. Always better to be safe.

What May Have Caused the Car Battery to Die?

After a battery dies once, it is always good to get it checked soon in case that unfortunate event happens again. There could be many factors that have led the car battery to not work like it usually does:

  • Headlights were left on
  • Alternator problem (part for recharging your battery when engine is on)
  • Battery connection is loose
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Too many short drives (doesn’t allow ample time for alternator to charge battery)
  • Too many accessories plugged into car


Hopefully by now (if your car battery has died), the car is up and running again. You should take your car to get your battery checked (it may need to be replaced or just be recharged for a couple hours). Remember, our car is just like our bodies. It needs a lot of care and maintenance too and accidents sometimes happen.

Invest in some jumper cables and, if possible, an external jump start kit. As a rule of thumb, you should use the regular jump start cables as a first resort (hopefully someone is around that is nice to lend their car battery juice) and reserve your external battery kit as a last (especially on long road trips when stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one around).

If needed, you can use your external jump start kit to charge your dying phone also. Happy and safe travels and hope these tips help you!

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30 thoughts on “Dead Car Battery Problem – Methods to Be More Prepared”

  1. I think jump start cables are a great thing to have in the boot of your car at all times. I know you mentioned a few of the warning signs, but a dead battery can occur at of the blue sometimes which has happened to me in the past.

    I personally have Audew Portable Jump Starter and I agree with your recommending this item as its one of best pieces of kit that I have purchased even though I am yet to use it, it gives me great peace of mind.

    A really good article, thank you

    • Thanks Joe! You are right about how batteries can die just out of the blue. Happened to me once when I was already running late for work one day (fortunately, I still got to keep my job!). I also agree with you that having a portable jump starter kit gives that great peace of mind. Interestingly, ever since I got one, I actually haven’t had to use it on my own car, although I have used it on a couple of my friend’s car as a test run and it works pretty well! 

      Prior to getting that jump starting kit though, my car battery was dying fully at least twice per year and it was mainly due to an alternator problem. I eventually got that replaced and my car battery hasn’t died as much since. Maybe like once every 1 to 2 years. The free car battery replacement (since it was within warranty) for like 2 years straight was kind of nice though.

  2. You have done well writing this article to give a guide on preparing for a case of car battery going dead. I have seen this happen to a lot of cars on the road with their owners looking helpless and having to call a tow truck. Well, I think reading this guide will definitely help to reduce being rendered helpless with a dead car battery.

    • Hello Alkelvin, thanks for the comment! I too have seen many drivers on the road looking helpless and having to call a tow truck for a dead battery problem. That can be quite costly. Hopefully this article can reach out to them and provide them with the necessary resources!

  3. This is something I do not think any driver or car owner would want to experience. But to an extent, it is somehow inevitable and can happen to anybody. One best way to get out of this like I would always say is to prepare for this worse. Preparing for a dead car battery will definitely help to provide quick solution and get the car back on the road.

    • Hello Nelson! I totally agree with you in that no driver would ever want to experience a dead car battery problem and yet, it is somehow an inevitable event. And yes, it would always be good to prepare for such an occurrence. 

  4. Hey thank you very much for this post! I always had a problem with a dead car battery problem and I know many people who also have that problem. This post was very helpful for me, to find what should I do and how to be more prepared about this problem. Thank you for this methods!

    • Hello Lioness! You are welcome! Hopefully you will not run into any more dead car battery problems any time soon, but in the unfortunate event that you somehow do, that you will now have all the proper equipment to resolve it.

  5. Ugh!  It’s the pits to have the battery die in your car!  I’ve been lucky enough that it hasn’t happened to me in quite a while but it recently happened to my daughter when she was out with her young daughter.  Luckily, it was a safe area and she was able to reach someone who could help her but she should have had the tools to get it going herself, just from a safety standpoint.  For that reason, I think I’ll get two external jump-start kits. One for me and one for her!

    • Hello Cynthia! I am relieved to hear that the car battery died in a safe area and not a questionable area. I am definitely glad that your daughter and her daughter are safe and that someone was able to help them out. It is definitely a good idea to be prepared with the necessary equipment from a safety standpoint like you mentioned. Hopefully no more car batteries die for anyone!

  6. Hello Mike, Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece. I have studied a lot in engineering and I know some things. I am very happy to have come across this because very many people get stranded because of this car battery issue. In my opinion, get prepared for the worst that can happen and you will be good. Thanks once again. Hope to see more educative articles.

    • Hello there Oviss! Thank you for your comment. I definitely agree with you there on the importance of being prepared for the worst. It’s like the worse feeling in the world when you need something and not have it. I will definitely be posting more educative articles like this so stay tuned!

  7. Hi Mike. Very interesting article. Car batteries always can be a problem and your advices will be helpful to all drivers. Going through your recommendations on external car batteries starter kits and some of these offers are really great deals. Thank you for your review and all life tips.

    • Hello Cogito! Dying car batteries are definitely a problem that hits us when we least expect it. Hopefully with the tools available out there, it won’t be too much of a problem anymore!

  8. When I got my first car, my dad gave me jumper cables as a gift. Honestly, it was the best thing I could ask for as a first time car owner. No one wants to be stranded with a dead car battery! There was an incidence 5 months in that i was on the road and saw a car owner asking for help due to battery issues. My jumper cables came to the rescue! Your article really re-emphasizes the importance of these and I love that you listed your top recommendations and where to buy them. Thanks so much!

    • Hello there, Sasha! That’s really nice of your dad to give you jumper cables as a gift. They come in handy not just for yourself but even for others as well. Thanks for taking the time to help out those in moments of need!

  9. Very interesting article Dead Car Battery Problem – Methods to Be More Prepared.
    True, if you have a car, it often happens that something goes wrong. So it’s great to be prepared when such inconveniences occur.
    Your article has great information and suggestions with which we can alleviate the situation when our car battery runs out. Also, the video How to Jump Start Cars With Jumper Cables Video is very useful. Thanks!
    Friendly greeting,

  10. Very nice article, especially for the new driver and those  who want to drive.

    I personally don’t drive. Did not really got the courage to learn. But there were times that I was reading about parts. I am seeing more the need for me to drive. 

    You got my eye to comment on your site when I saw that it was about car tips. I am sure the novice and those who are interested to drive will not let your article pass them by without reading it. And surely, you provided great information and options of what and where to buy. It really helps.

    Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed reading it.

    I hope you can write more tips about cars and driving.

    • Hello there, Rose! Driving is a really helpful skill to have but of course it might not be for everyone. I do have a few driving tricks in mind. I will most likely be writing about it in the near future.

  11. Very helpful article, everyone has a problem with batteries especially in vehicles, with weather changes conditions this article is very helpful to understand about why batteries die, and why not to follow your recommendations about tools.Go up with these grateful articles all of us we are searching every single day.

    • Hello there! I am glad you found this article helpful! I will definitely be creating more articles with life hacks or just new ideas!

  12. I’m so glad we decided to bookmark this website because it is something very useful and very helpful. I have had some struggles with my car battery going out and just in general my car has been having some issues so some of the life hacks including this one that you give here are useful for someone like me who is trying to make do with what he has

    • Hi there, Misael! Thank you for bookmarking my website! I will be continue to post life hacks and new ideas on a weekly basis. Sorry you had some troubles with your car though, definitely not a great experience to have to go through. Hopefully with these tips, there will be less car battery issues for you.

  13. I definitely need this post. I haven’t been driving for long, so I hardly know anything about proper car maintenance. The dead car battery problem could be very serious if it happens. I’m just thinking of what would I do if my car battery dies while I’m in the countryside without cellphone service or the proper preparation you talked about in this post. I’ll make sure to follow your advice and get set up as soon as possible to avoid the problem.

    • Hi there, Kevin! I am glad this post was what you were looking for. I personally haven’t been lost in the countryside with a dead car battery so thank goodness for that. Hopefully that never happens to anyone.

  14. Hey mike! I have zero knowledge on jumpstarting cars. I would usually just call my friend who is nearby to help me out. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen often to me. But you are right, I definitely should be more prepared in case this incident does happen (which is usually when we least expect it).
    I learned a lot from reading your post though! Watching the video makes it seem like a really simple process. I will probably get a set of jumper cables. Thanks for this education!
    Oh by the way, I think one of your links might not be working. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

    • Hi Amy! That is okay that you didn’t know much about cars and jumpstarting; I didn’t know very much before too. It wasn’t until I started running into car problems that I was thrown into the situation to learn about it. I am glad you were able to take away something from this article though. Hopefully a jumpstart is not needed anytime soon, but if it ever does, I feel that you are more prepared than ever now. Also, thanks a bunch for looking out, I made the updates to my post.

  15. Hey mike! Wow this is really helpful info! I have a jumper cable at home but it makes so much more sense to keep it in my car lol! I haven’t had much experience jumping cars but I’ll be sure to refer to this post when I need to.
    I also happen to receive a battery jump start kit from a secret Santa event with my relatives a few years back. Guess I should keep that in my car too huh?

    • Hello there, Kevin! Yes, keeping a jumper cable would be really helpful. There are so many times when I needed my cable and it happened to be at home! Keeping that battery jump start kit in your car is a great idea, be sure to charge it every month or so even if you don’t use it to ensure that it has enough power in the case that you do need it!


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