Cutting Vegetables Quickly – Save Time and Effort!

Cooking is really great skill to have. It is quite amazing how one can turn raw materials into something that is just so delicious. Salsa, pizza, pasta, sushi, fried foods, you name it, are just some of the final food products created from the different combinations of raw ingredients. As the one cooking, the ability to produce such delicious products is a really satisfying experience.

However, with time, if you are cooking the same dish multiple of times, it can feel a bit like a drag. For me, one of my favorite foods to cook and eat is Mexican food. The combination of tacos with various meats and salsa is such a satisfying meal. But having to dice up the vegetables for the salsa can be really time-consuming. With practice, I was able to start chopping up the vegetables at a high speed. Still, it feels quite time-consuming and takes a lot of effort.

Do you feel the same? Does chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables feel like a burden at times? If so, you are not alone! You can try using this special tool!

Tool to Help With Cutting Vegetables

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You can try using something like the Food Chopper tool. It is basically a tool that will pretty much chop up vegetables for you. All you have to do is choose which blade you want your preferred vegetable to take the shape of and install it. Then place your preferred vegetable on the blade and press down on the handle that will push the vegetable through it. That’s pretty much it.

With this food chopping tool you will get evenly shaped, diced vegetables every time. No more accidentally cut fingers and spending hours on cutting vegetables!

The cut vegetables will fall into a container. If you tilt the container, it will tell you the volume of vegetables you have in measurements of cups. Additionally, there is a cleaning grid attached to the lid. Sometimes food might get caught in that structure. By peeling off that grid, food that is stuck will come off.


If you are making salsa, I recommend cutting certain vegetables like tomatoes into slices first. Then stack those slices to be diced with the dicing blade. Otherwise, you might get mini “tomato fries”. It will be a bit more difficult to collect those fries to be cut further into nice looking cubes.

When using this chopping tool, try to avoid overloading it with too many vegetables. The blade can only handle so much and there is only so much space for it. Some vegetables might slip into the non-cutting zone which will prevent you from pressing on the lid handle any further.

Also, if whatever vegetable (or fruit) has a big, tough seed core (peach, nectarine, etc.), make sure to remove it first!


Although cooking can be a rewarding and fun experience, parts of it can be a bit tedious. But you can use tools like the Food Chopper Tool that can help take some of the work off your shoulders!

With this tool, you will be able to chop, slice, and dice vegetables in no time. Hope you find this tool helpful!

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6 thoughts on “Cutting Vegetables Quickly – Save Time and Effort!”

  1. I haven’t used one of these but I have seen them around my friends’ kitchens and wondered if they work. They really do work as my friends tell me all the time. I was a little concerned about how much pressure you would need to cut through carrots and such but the blades are super sharp and safe. I think anything that will cut up my vegetables quickly is a bonus. I do find this task tedious although I enjoy cooking, it’s a precious skill to create yummy meals.

    Great review and an excellent tool.

    • Hi there, Lily! I am glad that I’m not the only one who finds cutting up vegetables tedious yet, enjoy cooking. The tool will definitely cut through tougher vegetables like carrots.

  2. Having the right tools in the kitchen to make your life easier, is essential. And anything that means you can spend less time chopping, is a winner. I am not familiar with the Vidalia food chopper. I sometime use the food processor to chop up veggies, but then they are not uniform in size. And if I don’t watch it too carefully, it can be mushed instead of chopped.  So the food chopper will certainly make life in the kitchen easier and quicker.

    • Hello there! I have also used the food processor to chop vegetables too. Although it is electrically powered and all, it, I also experienced the same thing where the vegetables are not uniformly chopped up and also getting that mush at the bottom. That’s also why I prefer the Vidalia food chopper where the cutting is more consistent.

  3. Hi! Mike, I enjoyed reading your article. I have seen this Vidalia Food Chopper tool but I do not have one therefore I never tried it. It is  worth a try then as you showed in your review how amazing cutting tool it is to help us. I heard before one hack about lettuce. It was mentioned that it is better to cut or break the lettuce into pieces with your hands because it will tastes sweeter rather than cutting it with a knife where if it stays for few minutes it will taste bitter. I want to experiment how true is this. What would you say about it otherwise this Vidalia Food Chopper is a tool to help us in cutting lettuce. Thank you!

    • Hello there, Shierly! Hmm, I haven’t heard of that lettuce phenomenon before. My guess is that when one tears it by hand, the lettuce would tear more efficiently. By efficiently, I mean like the lettuce is uniquely shaped and the place where it would tear is where the infrastructure is weaker/minor. Damage to this area wouldn’t be as harmful to the plant in a sense. I imagine it to be like trying to tear regular paper vs paper that has those tear out lines/cuts. This makes it significantly easier to tear. The former method would lead to a drastic, more damaging tear whereas the latter would have a much cleaner tear.

      When you cut lettuce with a knife, you would be “tearing” where the infrastructure is NOT at its weakest within the lettuce. This would interfere with the stability of the lettuce and expose certain vital areas of it to potential things in the air and lead to a higher percentage of water loss. I guess this is where you would start to see the lettuce develop a more orange, rust colored tint and that bitter taste.

      I imagine it would be the same with the food chopper. I recommend chopping it last minute right before you mix it together for salad to eat and/or soaking the lettuce in water beforehand. The lettuce would absorb more water and have extra to lose in that cut-up state.


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