Condiment Bottles – Does the Sauce Seem Stuck?

Fast food is one of the most popular foods in the world. It’s quick and very convenient. What better way than to add some condiments to that for the extra kick in flavor! Ketchup on fries, some mayo in your sandwiches, and your life just feels complete. If you are on the go, you might get little condiment packets which are fairly easy to open. When you are at home or restaurants, you will most likely encounter the bottled version.

A fresh new bottle is pretty easy to squeeze. The ketchup or mustard will easily come out. However, when the bottle is a little more than halfway gone, it can get a little troublesome. You will be squeezing and squeezing, but the condiment will just not come out. So then, is there an easier method to this madness?

Method for Easier Plastic Condiment Bottle Squeezing

What you can do is start storing your condiment bottles upside down in your fridge. What happens is that our best friend gravity, will push the condiment sauce towards the neck opening. When you need some condiments, just squeeze the bottle and it will readily come out. There is no air that sits between the sauce and the opening. It will feel just like a brand new bottle! Pretty simple right?

What If the Bottle Is Bottom Heavy and Cannot Stand Up?

There are two methods for this situation.

  • First Method
    • You can prioritize which condiments are the thickest (i.e. honey, ketchup, etc). These condiment bottles are the ones you want to flip upside down. For more liquid-like condiments (i.e. hot sauce), you shouldn’t have too much problem squeezing. Since it has properties that closely resembles liquid, it will just flow out even when close to empty.
    • Basically, you will keep these liquid-like condiment bottles upright. Use them to hold the thicker condiment bottle in place and upside down. Keep the thicker condiment bottles more towards the back so that you have the wall of fridge to help hold.
    • Now just let gravity do the work.

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  • Second Method
    • The second method can be a bit more convenient. You can purchase a Bottle Emptying Kit. In the kit, there will be adapters of varying sizes. Install the appropriate sized adapter onto your condiment. Then install the dispensing stand over the adapter and you are good to go. The stand works like a tripod which is quite stable.
    • When you need some condiments, just pull the valve tip until it is opened and then squeeze away!
    • The Bottle Emptying Kit can also work for cleaning products like shampoo or body wash. Just be as creative as you want!

What If the Condiment Bottle is Made of Glass?

You will most likely encounter these when eating out at restaurants. You can either catch this detail earlier on before you order your food. By the time your food arrives, hopefully gravity will have helped push the condiment towards the neck opening.

Most of the time though, we might not catch this detail until we actually need ketchup or something. You probably don’t have the luxury of time to flip the condiment bottle and wait for gravity to work. So what can you do now?

  • You can hold the condiment bottle by the base (neck pointing away from you).
  • Then, being careful not to accidentally let the bottle go flying or hitting someone, start swinging the bottle.
    • In doing so, you are creating a type of force that is similar to gravity but probably stronger.
    • This will help push the condiment towards the opening.

Condiment Still Not Coming Out of Glass Bottle?

This is where it gets a little tricky but here are two techniques:

  1. You can hold the bottle by the base in one hand at a 45 degree angle (neck pointing downwards). Then you use your other hand to either tap or chop at the neck of bottle. This creates a type of whipping force that will send the condiment out of the bottle. Probably the preferred method. Does it still sound confusing? Here is a video of how to perform this technique.
  2. Again, you hold the bottle by the base in one hand at a 45 degree angle (neck pointing downwards). This time though, you can use the palm of your other hand to hit the base of the condiment bottle. This is a more forceful method so you might launch ketchup farther than your targeted spot. Here is a how to video.


Condiments that are stuck in the bottle can be frustrating especially when you are in a rush. But you now know how to get condiments out of a plastic bottle. There are even tools like the Bottle Emptying Kit to help with that. You also know how to get condiments out of a glass bottle. Hope these tips help you and you can spend more time enjoying your meal!

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  1. Hi Mike,

    What a great site. What you write is so real and really helps those on a day-to-day basis. You’ve  made things that may have been frustrating before, now fun and simple to deal with. What a brilliant idea to make a “Life Hack” site.

    Thanks for all the fantastic tips.

    L, Sammy

    • Hello there, Sammy! Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to hear that what I write feels real and really helps. Be sure to look out for more life hack posts in the near future.

  2. I’ve always been one of those people who shake and shake and then it comes out in a rush all over the food and sometimes the table too. Thanks so much for the instructional video. Right up until he did the neck tap I didn’t believe it would work, but it did and it came out so smoothly. I’m sold. I will never shake a bottle again and the handy tripod to keep sauces upside down sounds great. I will be looking into that too.

    A great article.

    • Hello there, Lily! I’ve been there and done that before too! I ended up with too much condiment on my food and had to scrape off some of it (before I knew of the techniques). These techniques and tool have helped me significantly.

  3. Hello there,

    This article offers very helpful tips about condiment bottles. I did not know about the bottle opening kit, and I am glad this article has opened my eyes. The different techniques to ensure an easy flow of the bottle substances are worth trying. Because this flowing trouble seems common, I will definitely share the article with my friends and help them. It may be frustrating when the ketchup doesn’t come out, and you got the pizza already. These tips prove really helpful.

    Thank you for the article,


    • Hello there, Sergej! I am happy to hear that you thought these tips were helpful! It definitely it is pretty frustrating when the condiment just remains stuck even though there is still a good amount left in the bottle. The techniques and tool minimizes that “stuck phenomenon” significantly.


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