Clipping Toe Nails – Overcoming the Difficult Angles

Nail hygiene is probably one of the more unfavorable forms of self care. Depending on how we care for our nails, many forms of microbes can be harbored especially underneath the nail. Still, we have to put in time and effort to take care of them. Perhaps that is why some people visit nail salons and pay someone else to do the job.

Nails actually grow quite slow, perhaps at a rate of a 1-2 millimeters per month. Of course, the toe nails grow slower than the finger nails. Because of the many distractions we encounter throughout life, we often times ignore that. Before you know it, your nails have already become too long and it is already time to trim it! How in the world did they grow so fast?! Didn’t you just trim it recently?

So, you go and grab your nail trimmer to quickly get the job done and over with. As you are trimming your nails away, you might encounter something.

Problem You Might Encounter

As you are trimming your fingernails, you might notice that it is fairly easy. The main difficulty would probably be when you start to trim with your non-dominant hand. But other than that, that process should take a good 5 to 10 minutes.

However, as your work towards your toenails, this is where it can be a little difficult. Although you now have the ability you continuously use your dominant hand, you might notice that some angles are quite difficult to reach! With the fingers, you were able to bend them in various ways making it easier to cut. The toes, on the other hand, are not as versatile.

This is due to our body mechanics of our feet and legs. Furthermore, you might not be as flexible to reach certain angles to get to your toenails. You might only be able to bend so far to reach that pinky toe! Try as you might, sometimes you just can’t reach! So are there tools that can make this nail hygiene process a little easier? There is!

Product You Can Try

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With the standard nail clipper, you are practically limited to the angle you are able to point the tool. Especially if you are right-handed, that left pinky toe can be tough to trim. Therefore, instead of the usual nail clipper, you can try a more sophisticated kind that swivels!

What’s special about this type of nail clipper is that the bladed portion can be rotated, up to 180 degrees! That means if you can only bend so far to reach your pinky toe, the tool can be rotated to fill in and help you overcome that difficult angle. This would be advantageous if you are not that flexible or if you have joint pain.

Additionally, this nail clipper has long handles where you will be able to use the palm of your handles and not just your fingers. This equates to a better grip and better accuracy when applying force to cut. Longer handles also mean you do not have to apply as much force to make the cut (according to physics). With the standard nail clipper, you might encounter a really thick toenail that may require BOTH of your hands. Only then would you be able to generate enough force to cut. Not a fun experience!

The product was actually designed by orthopedic surgeons who are aware of the difficulties that some people might have when maintaining nail hygiene. This tool will fill in some of those difficulties which will make nail trimming a much easier task.


Nail trimming are not the most fun forms of self care. Still, it needs to be done frequently to maintain nail hygiene since many forms of microbes can be harbored. This can lead to all sorts of nail diseases. With the standard nail clipper, you might be limited in your ability to trim nails at certain angles.

Fortunately, there are improved versions of the tool like the rotating nail clipper. You will be able to reach more angles and with ease to even get to that pinky toe! No more hard to reach angles when clipping nails!

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6 thoughts on “Clipping Toe Nails – Overcoming the Difficult Angles”

  1. Hey there, Mike! This is a really helpful tool! I really dread cutting my toe nails. I especially hate having to get to that pinky toe! So annoying when I can only bend so far. Good thing I don’t have joint pain! Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello there, Kevin! You are welcome. Trimming toenails may not be the most fun thing to do but it has to be done. Glad to hear that you don’t have joint pain that limits you. Hopefully the special nail clippers can do wonders for you as it did for me.

  2. Hey Mike, 

    Thanks for the helpful tips. Honestly I don’t know what kind of internet binge I must be on right now to have stumbled into toe nail care tips haha, but I found it oddly useful. I never really put any thought into trimming my nails because honestly it’s just a habitual thing. I checked out some of the products you recommended and I’m definitely going to look into one of those 180 degree clippers.  

    • Hello there! The internet is indeed full of interesting things. Glad that you found my post useful though! Hope that the special nail clipper works out really well for you.

  3. Thank you for sharing these nail clippers that have long handles. I really need them We’re planning to go to the beach. And I always take care about my feet. But having them exposed, means that I will be even more careful. I agree with the points you have presented in this article and you even taught me a couple more.

    • Hi there, Ann! You are welcome. Glad you were able to take away something from the article. The special nail clippers are designed really well and really makes the trimming process easier. Definitely don’t want sand trapped underneath the toe nails; it can be really uncomfortable.


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