Clean Ears Without Q-Tips

You might be someone who has been accustomed to cleaning ears with Q-tips. When water goes in your ear or when you have wax built up in there, Q-tips have been your friend. Insert that Q-tip, do a few rotations and you are good to go right?

On the other hand, you may have also heard that the use of Q-tips to clean ears is not recommended. But have you ever wondered why that is the case? Here are the reasons why.

Reasons Why One Should Avoid Using Q-Tips to Clean Ears

Wax Impaction

When you insert the Q-Tip into your ear, you might get lucky to get some ear wax on it. Although not the most pleasant looking residue, when you are successful, it feels quite nice. However, that piece of residue may only just be a small portion of it.

What happens when you insert the Q-Tip is that you end up pushing other wax deeper into the ear. As a result, you end up clogging up your ears which prevents you from hearing properly.

Ear Drum Damage

Additionally, when you insert the Q-Tip, you might do so too deep. The worse thing that can happen if you don’t necessarily have the best hand eye coordination is push the instrument against your ear drum. The ear drum is what detects vibrations. When sound that hits the ear drum, it will be converted into stimuli that goes to the brain. This is how we can detect differences in sound and understand language.

When the ear drum is punctured, you may have reduced ability to hear correctly or even at all. You may also experience ear pain or ringing.

Messing with the Vestibular System

What is the vestibular system? It’s another type of ear structure that is part of the inner ear organ. Although you might not puncture it directly as opposed to the ear drum, it too will be affected. This is the area of the ear that is responsible for balance and orientation.

When you mess with the outer ear with the Q-Tip, you may in turn affect this system. Consequently, you will start to feel dizzy and your sense of spatial orientation will be interrupted.

How to Clean Ears Without Q-Tips

Knowing all that, how should one clean their ears then? If you have not had any anatomy or physiology courses, it can be difficult to visualize the different parts of the ear and where your Q-Tip is going. A slightly better tool would be a set of ear curette wax removal set. These tools are significantly thinner compared to Q-Tips. Therefore, you won’t push your earwax all the way back. However, there is still one issue.

Unless you have much experience with the tools, you still have the risk of pushing the instrument too deep and damaging the ear drum. This is due to not being able to see where you are going when inserting the instrument. So is there a better tool than this? There is!

Better Tool Than the Traditional Ear Curette Wax Removal Set

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You can try something like the Ear Cleaner Tool with an Endoscope. This tool is VERY similar to the ear curette tools with the exception that there is a scope where you CAN see where you are going. To see where the instrument is going, you will need to download the application on your phone that comes with the product. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, your phone can display what is seen through the tool’s camera.

While the traditional ear cleaning set may be made of metal, this ear cleaning tool is made of silica and plastic which is softer for your ears. Still, you want to be careful when using the tool.

Lastly, the camera is designed in a manner where it will not fog up. Last thing you want is to see but unable to due to cloudiness.


Cleaning our ears regular can be good as it removes the excess wax that may have been blocking our ability to hear. However, the use of Q-Tips may actually make things worse. You do have tools like the curette set but you won’t be able to see where you are going which can lead to ear damage. So a better, upgraded version of that would be the ear cleaning tool with an endoscope to it.

You will be able to see exactly where your ear cleaning instrument is going inside your ear. You won’t have to worry about ever scratching the inner ear again! After your cleaning session, you might just have that sharp hearing ability like a dog!

Did you enjoy this article? Already own an ear wax cleaning tool with endoscope? Please share your experiences below!

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2 thoughts on “Clean Ears Without Q-Tips”

  1. Q-tips seem to offer a quick solution. But what you explain makes sense. We end up pushing back in more than what we can take out. I understand that the natural process of the ear is to bring all that wax out, so we can take advantage of that and not introduce anything hard that may damage our ear drum.

    • Hello there, Abel. The purpose of ear wax is more so to stay in the ear to act as a substance that can trap anything that goes in (like bugs). Basically, the wax acts as a protective mechanism to prevent things like bugs from damaging our ear organs. However, when the ear is left unchecked, the production of ear wax can be more than what is needed so it will eventually plug up the ear in time. This may lead to reduced hearing. 

      Excess ear wax will need to come out to avoid that. The other safe option to remove the wax would be to have a health professional do the procedure.


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