Cell Phone Dying Too Quickly – Methods to Prolong Battery

In today’s time, it is nearly impossible to live without this one tool: a cell phone. In the past, we use it for basic functions like messaging, calling, checking emails, and setting reminders.

Nowadays, there are so much more sophisticated functions like social messaging apps, google drive apps, YouTube, Instagram, high-tech games, Netflix, and the list goes on and on. I have even heard of full-length movies being recorded ALL from the phone, which is quite an amazing feat!

Since we are so reliant on our phones these days, the battery can quickly drain. The worse possible thing that can happen is when our phones die, and we are left with no means of communication. I hope that no one is ever lost in the woods or on a long road trip in need of roadside assistance while the phone has died.

What Can Cause Our Cell Phone’s Battery to Drain?

  • Too many applications running in the background

    • Each application takes a small percentage of battery life, some more than others. It can seem insignificant at first but when many apps are doing that simultaneously, all of that can quickly add up into a considerable amount of battery drainage
  • Location function is “on” for too many apps

    • It takes a great deal of battery power to locate your phone, so when many apps are requiring location, they will all add up. If only there was just one universal locator that links up to all the other applications (that might even drain more battery actually…)
  • Brightness is set too high or auto-brightness is “on”

    • more brightness = more power needed
  • Constant notifications

    • Each time we get a notification whether from email, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., the phone lights up which takes away some battery power.
  • Phone software is outdated

    • Our phones tend to run VERY inefficiently when NOT updated. It is almost as if our phone forgets how to “phone”.

What are Some Methods to Extend Cell Phone Battery Life?

  • Although sometimes not possible, try to avoid charging with your car:

    • A car’s battery should mainly be used to power up the car’s parts which requires A LOT of power and that car battery is designed to deliver a LARGE amount of power in that manner. The cell phone can only receive small doses of power and when power is delivered in such a large dose? The phone has the potential to explode!
    • Usually most chargers have that big chunky piece near the plug end and that acts like a scapegoat that takes some of the high energy hit before the cell phone receives some energy at a more appropriate dose. That big chunky piece does that to save the phone, but still…it can only take so many hits.
  • Avoid charging phone to 100% and avoid having phone from falling into the 0%

    • The reason I mention NOT charging to 100% is that usually when that happens, the phone has already been fully charged for some time. It may be still receiving energy but that extra energy overload puts A LOT of strain on the phone and this further shortens the batter life.
    • I once left an old iPhone SE plugged in for months and the battery literally grew so big, it started to pop out of its socket and push the screen out of place. It also dies even quicker than before. Also, reduce the amount of times you charge your phone (not charging it when it is ONLY at 60,70,40%). Basically the fewer amount of charges you do, the better.
  • Turn down screen brightness AND auto-brightness

    • Another way to make your phone work less hard.
  • Choose a dark theme

    • The brighter, the more energy required to main that theme background.
  • Avoid extreme heat/cold temperatures

    • Avoid extremes as much as possible. I once left my phone in the car on a really hot day and when I went to obtain it, it became so hot that it was even hard to hold my phone. This also damages your phone. If you took physics (not my forte but still an interesting class), heat causes objects especially metals to expand. With that compact phone space, the expanded metals can push against other parts of phone and potentially bend or crack it (which explained why my battery grew in size and popped out of socket).
  • Disable “auto play” of videos on various apps (YouTube, Facebook, etc.)

    • Constantly using energy to play videos will definitely take away more battery.
  • Turn on energy saving mode

  • Turn off notifications for applications that you will only use momentarily

    • Since each notification that pops up drains battery, it is better to avoid when possible. Do this for the applications that you will NOT need a constant update for perhaps like Google maps, iTunes store, Soundhound, etc. UNLESS you really need or prefer it of course (no judgment here)

Phone Still Dies Despite the Care Provided?

Sometimes, despite all of our efforts invested to provide care for something, it may still not be enough. But always remember to not be so hard on yourself, you did your best and that’s all that is asked for. And so, even with all the suggestions applied from above, our phones may still continue to die. Here are some additional tips:

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  • Invest in an external phone battery charger

    • Sometimes we really do need to charge our phones especially when expecting an important phone call or using that emergency GPS but there is no outlet around. That is when an external battery charger can REALLY come in handy. I really like the Anker brands. A decent sized battery capacity would be 10,000 mAh (good for maybe 2-3 full charges) or you can go for the 30,000+ mAh ones if you need more charging.
  • Only when ABSOLUTELY necessary, charge your phone in your car

    • Sometimes it just can’t be helped, a few times when necessary is okay for the phone. Just don’t do it ALL the time.


We use our cell phones every single day. We use it at crucial times as well as to pass time while waiting for an event to begin. In both cases, the battery slowly drains throughout the day until it eventually dies. To prevent our phone from dying or developing an increasingly shorter battery life, it just takes a few simple adjustments.

This can include changes to the settings or investing in tools like external batteries. These are all ways we can keep our phones alive just a little longer. Cell phones are quite expensive these days with newer technology incorporated into the system. Therefore, always do your best to take care of your phone’s health. (Click here if you have a greasy residue screen issue with your phone)

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28 thoughts on “Cell Phone Dying Too Quickly – Methods to Prolong Battery”

  1. Talking about cell phones battery, a lot of cell phones are now coming with batteries of 4,000 to 5,000 mAh, which lasts longer, depending on how the phone is being used though. Nevertheless, it is still nice to know ways in which a cell phone’s battery life can be prolonged. This will ensure the durability of the battery. Thanks for this brilliant article on such a wonderful topic.

    • Hi there, Nelson! Thank you for your comment! I did not know cell phones are coming out with batteries with that much mAh so that’s great to hear! I was already happy knowing that my iPhone X has 24 hour battery life. I got curious so I checked the battery capacity which is around 2700 mAh so 4,000 to 5,000 mAh sounds way better. That is probably about a 2 day battery life (and depending on use like you mentioned).

  2. Thank you so much, it looks like I have been doing all things that drains my phone battery quickly,Everything you have listed as do not, I have been doing and still complains about my battery.. I am looking forward to implementing your suggestions and hopes that my battery will start to last longer.

    • Hello Bogadi! You are welcome! I also did all those “do not do” things too and my previous phone did not last even 3 hours before it dies. But ever since I switched over to the new phone, I am definitely applying these strategies myself and doing what I can to take care of it. So far it has been working pretty well.

  3. I’m a big fan of Mophie charging cases. I’ve bought one for the past few phones I’ve had in addition to an external Mophie battery.  I like the battery cases because most of the time they give me an extra boost to get me through the day if I have been using my phone heavily.  

    Unfortunately, I might have to start looking for a new brand because they seem to have dropped the battery cases for the iPhone 12 and just have an external battery pack that uses the Qi wireless charging system.  The Qi wireless charging sounds cool, but I don’t think they’re as efficient at transferring power as having a battery case that plugs straight into the lightning port.

    • Hello Thomas! I have yet to look into the Mophie charging cases but they sound like amazing gadgets from your description. That’s really unfortunate that they dropped that battery case for the iPhone 12. Hopefully they might change their minds and come out with it again later on though!

  4. Thank you for this information. You lay down this content well with the steps. Immediately I read about the location, I turn off mine lol and I was surprised that charging your phone to 100% is bad.  The same thing is happening to my phone too, with the way we are occupied with our cell phone every minute makes the battery die quickly. And another thing is that too much charging to cause battery drain. 

    Thank you!!!

    • Hello Betieshair! Thank you for your comment! When I first learned about those tips, I was surprised as well at how much difference it makes in increasing battery life.

  5. Hi Mike; thanks for the amazing way in which you search out what can be done to preserve phone battery life. I noticed my phone stop working about an hour after charging. Normally, I would be upset and throw it in the garbage can, but it had so much valuable information on it.

     I took it to the BLU company and when opened the battery was swollen. I bought a new battery and it was all good again, But it does not keep the charge as before even when I do not put any App on it.

     Thumbs up for the update not to charge the phone on the vehicle battery


    • Hello DorcasW! Thank you for your comment! I am with you there, it is quite shocking to see such an enlarged battery for the first time. You would think that the battery would gain more juice but it doesn’t unfortunately. I think the phone may have been slightly damaged just from the previous swollen battery so your phone might not be the same even with a new battery replacement. The least we can do for now is take care of the new battery and the remaining life of your phone as best as possible until the next upgrade. Definitely save all valuable information. An external battery pack may be something that is good to have too.

  6. Holy shit! (pardon my french) but this is literally what I have been looking for! A thorough and concise article that gives good instructions on what should be done to conserve battery life on our beloved phones. This has been an amazing read for me and I appreciate the information that you have presented here on this great article 

    • Hello Misael! I am glad that this was the article you’ve been looking for! Hopefully your phone will have a much longer battery life now.

  7. Hi, I really like your article. You have described, mainly you have explained why and what you shouldn’t do to prolonged phone battery life.

    I can tell from my experience that, everything you’ve written down was true. Well done. And I agree with.

    In special when all the phones are coming with the battery incorporated and is easier to manipulate and take care off.

    • Hello there! I am glad to hear that you liked the articles and that you have experience with some of the recommendations made in the article. This helps support the validity of the recommendations even more so I thank you for that.

  8. I can agree with some of the points you give but there are also some of them that do not apply at least in today’s smartphones. For example when a smartphone reaches 100% of charging it automatically cuts off the constant charging of the battery to avoid dangerous situations. Obviously if this mechanism fails battery failure, even explosion might occur, but with so many millions of smartphones in the market something like this is extremely rare to happen.

    • Hello there! Thank you for your opinion. I had a feeling that with time, phones may be able to reach that point of being able protect itself from something like that. Technology will continue to evolve and I really look forward to what new functions will be created in the future.

  9. Hi there!
    I totally agree that there are definitely many ways
    to improve battery lives on phones, because
    they are likely to die out if you don’t make sure
    that the charging cycles are used to the best.

    I had an iPhone 5 once, and the battery life
    was so terrible after a few years, that we had
    to get a new replacement phone. And that was because
    the batteries were horrible back then. Do you think it is 
    a problem for mobile phones today, that battery life
    can die after a few years? If so, which phone batteries last the longest?

    • Hi there Leon! I have noticed that the phone batteries tend to be better with the iPhone SE or 6 and newer. Currently I know iPhone X has one of the longest battery life (which is what I have now). I would accidentally leave my old iPhone SE charging for over 2 days several times for some time now and it seemed to maintain it’s shape fairly well. My iPhone 5, on the other hand, easily split open due to an enlarged battery within a couple months after experiencing excessive charging.

  10. I definitely needed this. Ever since I started editing videos on my phone, I find my battery draining faster and faster, which is no surprise considering the fact that I’m going above and beyond with my usage. I’m always looking to squeeze every drop of available charge out of it and this is surely the way to do it.

    • Hello there! With my old phone, I constantly needed charging since I kept using it for work and school. My external batteries and the tips I mentioned in the article really came in handy.

  11. I appreciate the information you delivered on this page. I learned some stuff that I had no idea about. For instance, I didn’t know about the car chargers or that you should not charge your phone 100% all the time. I usually go to bed and plug my phone in, I know it probably gets to 100 percent after about 40 minutes or so, which means it sits on the charger for about 7 hours, fully charged. I have an iPhone 11, would you recommend I not do this…maybe put it on a charge about 40 minutes before heading to bed and then just letting it sit without being on a charger? Would this increase my battery life?

    • Hello there! I found out more recently that the newer iPhones may have this protective feature from overcharging. I am not sure at what model but it could be but perhaps after the iPhone 7 and newer. Still, I wouldn’t just take the phone for granted and leave it plugged in all the time. You can try that too where you time your phone to be charged full before going to bed and then unplugging it. Just make sure you close all apps so it doesn’t use up battery by the time you wake up.

  12. This was a very helpful post on ways to extend the life of your battery. I always charge my phone before it gets to 0%, normally when it gets to about 10%. But then I always charge it till it is 100%. So I now know that I should take it off the charger before it shows 100%.

    I never knew that charging your phone in the car could damage it, so thanks for a great tip.

  13. Oh wow these are really great tips! I didn’t realize I have so many apps opened in the background and that I forget to close them often. I will be turning off my auto-brightness too. I can already imagine myself forgetting to brighten up my phone display whenever I go outdoors on a sunny day. But…whatever it takes to reduce the battery drain!

    • Hello there, Kevin! Hope you get to see some improvements in battery life soon! And yes, that has happened to me before too where I forget to turn up the brightness when I go outside in the bright sun.


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