Cell Phone Dying Too Quickly – Methods to Prolong Battery

In today’s time, it is nearly impossible to live without this one tool: a cell phone. In the past, we use it for basic functions like messaging, calling, checking emails, and setting reminders. Nowadays, there are so much more sophisticated functions like social messaging apps, google drive apps, YouTube, Instagram, high-tech games, Netflix, and the … Read more

Ant Infestation Solution – A Trap That Works!

Life in the College Apartments Life in college is so much more different than the high school life. The most noticeable thing is probably the freedom that one gains. No more curfew. No limitations in what one can eat. Hanging out and having social gatherings WHENEVER and WHEREVER. Family members won’t always be on our … Read more

Persistent Knee Pain After Injury – Managing the Pain

As a college student, I have quite a few uncommon hobbies. One of those hobbies happen to be “parkour”. Parkour is a discipline in which practitioners would aim to get their body from point A to point B in the most efficient (or most creative) manner possible. This can involve movements which includes running, jumping, … Read more

Coffee Costs Stacking Up and on a Tight Budget?

The first few weeks of college have been scary trying to adapt to the new lifestyle. Making friends and trying to remember where the different buildings are located has been stressful enough. Next thing you know…exams are just around the corner. And NOT just one but several of them! In addition, MANY assignments like essays … Read more

Freshman 15 (Unwanted Weight Gain) – Weight Loss Strategy

Like many first time college students, I was happy, excited, scared, nervous, and a mix of many emotions. I was preoccupied with adapting to the college life while trying to balance out grades, friends, organizations, and other events. One experience I had that many can probably relate to is the Freshman 15. The “Freshman 15” … Read more