Make Your Wallet into a Toolbox

Often times, I find myself needing various tools to fix certain things. It’s a great feeling when you get to experience turning what no longer works into something functional once again. Or perhaps you might have just created or built something from scratch which is even more amazing! Tools are essential things to have and … Read more

Do Not Throw Away the Silica Gel Packets!

We all like consuming packaged food products like cookies, cakes, crackers, and beef jerky every once in while. Although they might not necessarily be the most healthy, they are convenient, keeps you nourished, and they taste pretty great. As we finish up the package, we might notice a little white packet with something that seems … Read more

Drain System Getting Clogged?

Whoever invented the bathroom and sewage system is a truly a genius! We are able to take care of business all while still having a clean home and this is quite an amazing thing to have in our current day and age. I can’t even begin to imagine how things were like before all of … Read more

Does Your Kitchen Sponge Smell?

After a long day, some things we look forward to is a nice hot meal at home and to rest. Unfortunately, after eating that nice meal, there is typically one more task you still need to do: washing the dishes! Growing up in an Asian family, even if there was a dishwasher, we would rarely … Read more

Do You Try to Bring All Groceries Home in ONE Trip?

Life in the college apartment has always been an interesting experience. You really learn to live on your own and this could be your first time away from family. Although the freedom is great, you now have many responsibilities. They can include cooking, cleaning, and of course, even grocery shopping. You might not even have … Read more