Always Hitting That Snooze Button?

When I was much younger, I used to be able to wake up like a soldier! Upon the first alarm, I was already up and running, getting ready for high school. I was even able to wake up to just the sound of my phone’s vibration. Nowadays, it is much different. As soon as I … Read more

An Essential Device for Checking Temperatures

COVID-19 is an infectious disease that hit the world by surprise. It led non-essential businesses to close for some time and people even had to practice quarantine at home. Schools had to close so that the health of students and staff could be protected. Even with such advances in medical technology today, the world was … Read more

Having Trouble Removing the Greasy Residue Off Phone After Removing Screen Protector?

Owning a cell phone for the first time is probably one of the greatest events to ever happen in our lives. You now have the ability to be like other cool people who can call, text, use the latest social media applications, or pretty much anything you want. We will do pretty much everything to … Read more

Can’t Remember Recently Added Contacts?

When I started college, I always worried about many things. One of those worries was not making enough friends early on. I would be left out on many beneficial things. I could be missing out on late light meals with friends, going to watch the latest movies, group work outs, trendy spots, and even small … Read more

Cell Phone Dying Too Quickly – Methods to Prolong Battery Life

In today‚Äôs time, it is nearly impossible to live without this one tool: a cell phone. In the past, we use it for basic functions like messaging, calling, checking emails, and setting reminders. Nowadays, there are so much more sophisticated functions like social messaging apps, google drive apps, YouTube, Instagram, high-tech games, Netflix, and the … Read more