Car Trunk Organizer and Storage – Know Where Every Item is

When we received our first vehicles, we most likely organized our belongings. You knew where every item is located. That organization just gives you that fresh new feeling and life is just good. Over time though, we become busy and distracted with many responsibilities. We probably just started throwing things around everywhere in our cars. At the very least, priority items go in the passenger (or back seat), groceries in the trunk, sports gears go there too, and so forth.

Over time though, many random items just seem to pile up. Your belongings might start to become a little disorderly with time. You start to think that it might not be a problem just yet. If you need something though, chances are, you will find it your car and that’s okay…at least initially.

When Things May Start to Take a Turn

When it came time to find a specific item, that is when horror strikes! You might be running late for work and are required to wear a specific type of shoe. You remember you have every type of shoe for every occasion in your trunk. When you open the trunk, uh oh…where is that one special pair?! Maybe you left it home this time?

You recalled a lot of noise in the trunk when your things tumble around while you were driving. You probably regretted not slowly down enough during the turns by that point. As you dig through the things in your car’s trunk, you finally find it. Whew! Unfortunately that might’ve taken a while and now you find yourself having to run to work and make it on time! Does this experience sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, I was a victim of not being able to find the desired item quickly enough when the situation calls for it (like work!). I have also lost small items in my trunk due to it being buried by other items. Because of those instances, that was where I decided to invest in a car trunk organizer and storage.

Car Trunk Organizer and Storage

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There are many available brands of car trunk organizers and storage. Here is a bestseller brand on Amazon. This brand essentially has:

  • 2 main compartments (1 is split in half, so 3 total)
    • (but can be adjusted around to fit your needs)
    • At full size, it is 23″ x 17″ x 11″
  • Comes with durable straps to carry around
  • Side and bottom panels are durable
  • Has a tie-down strap latches (so the storage won’t slide around as you drive)
  • Is waterproof
  • 8 smaller mesh pockets for small items
  • 2 larger pockets
  • Knobs to connect multiple organizers

These organizers are usually stored in the trunk but you can use it however you like. You can use it in your front passenger seat as a work caddy too. You can store various electronics and various mugs and bottles. Perhaps you can even use it for carrying groceries especially if no bags are provided. Be as creative as you like!


Personally, I really like to store items that can meet my every emergency need. Over the many years of driving, I have encountered quite a lot of situations, some of them quite unexpected too! There were many times where I needed something but I did not have at the moment. (I definitely learned some lessons there.)

As a result, I have two of these organizers in the trunk of my Honda Accord. I have a compartment for:

  • First-aid kit and supplies
  • Handyman tools (screwdrivers, wrenches, measuring tape, extension cable, etc.)
  • Car supplies (Jumper cable, external battery jump start kit)
  • Shoes (Work, casual, sports)
  • Clothes (Athletic, casual, business casual)
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Office Supplies (Pens, notebooks, paper, etc.)

Because my car trunk is irregularly shaped compared to these rectangular storage units, it in a sense created additional “unofficial” slots for other items as well. I could even fit other essential items that might not have been able to fit in the organizer. Items include umbrellas, duffel bag, and backpack. The storage units acted like dividers that could further organize my belongings.

Ultimately, the possibilities and ideas are just endless. It really comes down to your preferences and needs.


If you are someone like me who has a lot of belongings in your vehicle, having a car trunk organizer and storage can come in quite handy! By organizing your items into different compartment, you will be able to find your desired item much more efficiently. You won’t have to spend too much time digging around for a specific item. The last thing you want is to be late for some type of appointment.

This product will be great to have on road trips too. Remember to fill that organizer with every essential item. Hope this product will help make your lives easier!

If you like this storage unit and if you are someone who works in your car often, you might like the seat gap organizer. Additionally, there is the car tray to add to your collection of accessories. These are products that will help improve productivity within your car.

Did you enjoy this article? Do you have other ideas for products for your car? Please share your ideas and leave a comment below!

12 thoughts on “Car Trunk Organizer and Storage – Know Where Every Item is”

  1. Hi Mike & ntmu. I have been looking and reading your article because I find it really interesting. Firstly, I love everything that you can put and add to the car to make it tide, to look clean and fresh. 

    I love this Car Trunk Organizer and Storage, we also brought it from Amazon, very nice, very well fitted and with many compartments, on the sides also, adjustable and mostly, waterproof. I always love to have 1 of these and I got it. Who does not have it should definitely must to have it. We can put everything we need for the car inside for this I love it, you right.

    Obviously you can not put food like chips, sweets but we do have water and the dish for my baby fury inside.

    However, I love your topic/article and this splendid idea to educate people 

    I also like the idea of the car seat organizer pretty interesting (although my partner didn’t seem so interested I do love it) and I had a look and perhaps I give it a shot. And yes, I am pretty well organized and I like to keep things tide in the car.

    Thank you once again, many blessing to you.

    • Hello there! I am happy to hear that you already have this organizer and storage product. I really enjoy opening my trunk sometimes because I feel like it is almost like a mini-mart with different tools from different departments. Glad you also liked the idea of the car seat organizer! Seeing things in order really reduces stress levels down.

  2. Having a trunk organizer is a great idea, to keep track of important items. Also to keep items from rolling around in the back, and keep things safe, protected and stored. . By organizing items, it opens up more room for groceries and larger items that need to fit in the trunk.  Stackable units fill usable space that many other companies never think about. Thanks for the post on this product. Best of Success, -Mike 

    • Hey Mike! Thank you for your comment. Definitely a satisfying experience when you can fit things you thought were not possible into a given amount of space. Feels a lot like playing tetris.

  3. This is such a great idea. I seem to accumulate bits and pieces in my car and have to do a cleanout regularly but some of the items I need to have there just in case. What a great idea to have a compact box that is strapped in the boot to organize and protect all these bits. Even better that you can use it upfront for your job and add a gap organizer and tray to help with working from your car or on holidays.

    Excellent idea for everyone who wants to stay tidy.

    • Hi there, Lily! Thank you for your comment. Glad you liked the idea of the these products. Definitely must have items to keep things tidy within the car.

  4. hello Mike, pleased to meet you. I went through your article about the car trunk organizer and storage and wow! I loved it. It is very true that a disorganized trunk doesn’t look good at all. And sometimes it can be a huge distraction when you need to find something very quickly. I like this car truck you reviewed in your post because it seems to have enough space for most of my items and it is also waterproof. I definitely have to get one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello there! Thank you for your comment. Glad to hear you loved the car trunk organizer and storage product. Hope you enjoy it when you get it.

  5. Agree although not new, still a great idea. It is surprising though how many people don’t carry even the most basic of items in the boot of a car. Jumper leads or even a basic set of screwdrivers or an adjustable wrench. Simple stuff. I think of them as necessities which I keep in the car at all times. 

    I would not think of doing a long trip without them. The added benefit of an organiser is obviously if you are doing a long trip. You can add all those little things that make your time away much more efficient. How many times the question of “Did you put the can opener in” has been asked, is probably uncountable.  

    • Hello there, Michael! I am happy to know we think alike. Those items like jumper cables and basic set of tools are essential no matter where we go and especially on long trips. Definitely dislike those dreaded moments of “did you pack that (item)” and the answer is no. By keeping the item there all the time, one would not need to worry about forgetting it 🙂

  6. Most people have a go bag, i have a go trunk. Sometimes I’m out running errands or working and decide to head up on the mountain or down to the river for the weekend. I know if i get home and have to pack i’m going to talk myself out of it. I started keeping all my camping, and backpacking supplies in my car, it’s helped me to spend a lot more time out in nature. 

    • Hello there. Thank you for your comment. That’s good and quite handy that you started keeping all your outdoor gear in your vehicle for quick access.


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