Can’t Finish Snacks? How to Keep Them Fresh Longer

We all enjoy a couple snacks every once in a while. They might actually be some of the best tasting foods especially if you are running short on time and cannot grab a full meal. When you are hungry, ANYTHING will taste amazing and good. Whether you crave savory or sweet snacks, there is always something out there for you.

Sometimes, our eyes can be more “hungry” than our stomachs. As a result, we might purchase a snack that may be more than what we can finish in one sitting. So, you pretty much have leftovers. The longer you do not finish an opened bag of snacks, the more likely it becomes stale and loses that fresh flavor.

What We May Do?

In the past, we may crumble the bag opening to create some sort of folded seal to close the snack bag up. But of course, it would reopen if the snack bag is still quite full. (You are lucky if the bag remained nice and rolled up).

As a result, we changed our tactics. After rolling up the bag opening to the best of our ability, we can use either a clip or rubber band. That seems to work wonders. It does a pretty good job in keeping the snack fresh for some time.

But then something else might have happened. We forget about the snack. While we are restocking our snack stash pile, maybe then we would notice the unfinished snack. As you reopen it again (and hopefully not expired), you might have a couple bites. They taste okay, the flavor is there but it might be kind of stale. Your new snacks are more appealing and it is probably not worth finishing your old snack.

By this point, you are probably wondering if snacks need to be finished quickly after opening. But what if you want to preserve them for a longer period of time? Well, if you want to go above and beyond, you can try using this product.

Tool to Preserve Your Unfinished Snacks Longer

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You can purchase something like the mini bag sealer device. What this tool does is it helps recreate that seal using heating technology. You will pretty much be getting a brand new bag of snacks.

The tool is a tiny little machine that fits right in the palm of your hand. The dimensions are about 3 inches x 2 inches x 1.5 inches. It comes with a little blade for you to cut the bag (if you happen to destroy it when opening). You can cut the bag to be more straight for easier sealing.

The tool does use 2 AA batteries.


Squeezing the trigger to start preheating is optional. The manufacturers stated that there is no preheating needed but it seems to help me (psychologically at least). Preheating for 3 seconds or so is sufficient.

When heat sealing, make sure to slide the bag sealer device slowly to ensure that the snack bag is shut. This provides ample time for the bag to close.

The manufacturer also says to NOT use the device on:

  • Cling film
  • Cellophane bags
  • Kraft paper bag
  • Pure aluminum bags

Why Avoid Using the Device on Those Materials?

I haven’t personally tested the tool on those materials to see why not, but I can imagine that:

  • The cling film and cellophane bags might melt and create a really hot sticky glue material (like glue guns). This can potentially burn you and damage the device. The glue-like substance might form some barrier around the heating parts of the device and prevent it from functioning properly.
  • The Kraft paper bag has no glue like substance that could form. Try as you might, a seal might never be formed. If you keep trying, the bag might get hot enough to catch on fire.
  • With the pure aluminum bag, it is a pretty good heat conductor. This means that it will retain A LOT of heat and distribute it across the entire bag. This might cause the bag to heat up enough to burn your hand or overheat the bag sealer.

Might be better to listen to the manufacturers for this one.


Snacks are great anytime EXCEPT when you forget about them and it loses the freshness over time. A clip or rubber band can work well if you plan to eat the snack within a short time after opening. If kept longer, the mini bag sealer may be a better option for you.

Good thing some snack bags have a built in zip-lock function nowadays. But if not, you now know some great ways to preserve the life of your snacks! Other than that, please enjoy your snacks!

Did you enjoy this article? What did you normally do to preserve the freshness of unfinished snacks? Please share them in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Can’t Finish Snacks? How to Keep Them Fresh Longer”

  1. Its amazing whats available nowadays for storage. especially within the plastic and Tupperware section of the market. These bags are great for keeping all sorts of things nice and fresh. However, Good old glass sealed jars are also good sometimes. However theyre not as robust as plastic and Tupperware is. So these are definitely a winner for me

    • Hello Kwidzin! I agree, it is quite amazing what is available for storage these days. Some ideas are so simple yet innovative and really makes life easier for us. Air tight, old glass jars can also do the trick.

  2. Hi Mike, I love learning about various life hacks and this one is very useful. So much food goes to waste at my house because we do not properly store it. No one likes stale chips or cookies but learning about the tools that we can use to keep the freshness in our snacks is very helpful. The mini bag sealer sounds like a great investment for my family. Thank you for showing it to me, I will definitely use it.

    • Hello Anna! I am happy to hear you love learning about life hacks. I was also someone who wasted a lot of food because I didn’t have great ways to keep them fresh. It almost felt like a one time use snack and if I didn’t finish, chances are, it would become stale. Fortunately, products are always coming out that help us out and this mini bag sealer is one of them.

  3. You drive me through memory lane, how I will close my snacks bag in other to keep it and come back to meet it opened and even when I use rubber band, they become weak and I won’t know when they fall off. Thank you for this heating technology, knowing that I can seal my snack bag and make it fresh my self is great. I will check it out

    • Hello there! You are welcome. That has happened to me before too where I thought I closed the snack bag but when I returned to eat it again, it remained opened. It became stale of course. Hope the mini bag sealer meets your expectations as it did for me.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Very intriguing article on snacks! I myself usually finish every snack I open because I don’t like to waste food. My mom on the other hand, LOVES to save snacks for later. The only downside is that she usually forgets that she tucked the snack away somewhere and it goes bad by the time she remembers to eat it. I will definitely bring this tool up to her as I can definitely see her using it!

    • Hello there, Pat! Most of my family are like that too actually where they save the snacks for later but forgets about it. When they do remember, it has already become either stale or expired.

  5. This was a very informative article. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a mini bag sealer. My opinion is that I enjoyed eating snacks every day but usually just roll the bag up for later eating. Your article was an eye-opener for snack lovers like myself using something mini sealer mention in the article seems the be the perfect solution. You have clearly explained what material not to use the machine on which was helpful. This is perfect for anyone looking to preserve freshness with their snacks. Thanks for sharing this article.

    • Hello there! It’s amazing what type of technology are available to the public nowadays. Glad that my hypothetical explanation to what material not to use the machine on was helpful for you.

  6. Wow I never thought of this option until I just read your post! We all do snack a lot and waste a lot too. But now your’ve given me a great idea and this is going to save a lot of food for sure! Not all foodstuff come with saleable bags and so the option highlighted by you in this article is a great food waste avoided and saver of money actually. Thanks a lot!


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