Can You Get Sick From Cold Weather?

As a child, you might’ve heard something from your mother about “catching the cold if you don’t dress warm enough.” As young little rebels, we might have thought that we were invincible little beings. Sometimes ignoring our parents’ advice, we probably would just go outside to play. On some days, we feel perfectly normal after our playing session.

Other times, we might actually get sick! So then, were our parents right about getting sick in cold weather this whole time? Or was it just coincidence?

In short, yes and no! Wait, what? Let’s find out what is really happening especially since winter is coming soon.

Does One Actually Get Sick in Cold Weather?

When we think of being “sick”, we would commonly think of catching the flu. With the flu, you typically experience all its associated symptoms like fever, sneezing, coughing, and all that. However, the cold weather and temperatures do not necessarily cause that.

To catch the flu or cold, one would have to be infected with some form of virus (or bacteria in some cases). They are the microscopic things that actually cause disease when they enter one’s body.

It just so happens that they tend to be around during times of colder weather. Especially if one is around others who may have the virus, when one sneezes or coughs, virus can be spread and be inhaled by others! As a result, they can become sick with the virus and experience flu-like symptoms too. No wonder they tell us to cover our sneeze and cough!

So whether one dresses warm or not, it really comes down to whether one is exposed to the virus or not.

Does That Mean I Don’t Need to Dress Warm Anymore?

Now that we know that the cold weather is not necessarily the culprit for catching the cold, that means we just need to keep our social distancing right? We don’t need to dress warm anymore? Not quite!

During cold temperatures, our mucus membranes and skin tend to be more dry. When they get dry, they tend to crack. That is also why we tend to get more itchy around this time!

When they crack, that means that our skin is opened to all sorts of virus and bacteria. If those microbes happen to enter through those cracks (especially in mucus membranes), that would mean illness is highly likely.

Also, our immune system is what helps protect us from illnesses like the flu. When our immunity is strong, it can take out and destroy the virus or bacteria BEFORE it can do any damage. That is why some people do not get sick while others do.

Our bodies are sophisticated enough to be like air conditioning units where it will adjust its own body temperatures depending on the environment. When in colder weathers, our bodies will shiver to generate heat (and sweat when hot to cool itself down).

However, when we are out and about in EXTREMELY cold temperatures, it puts a lot of strain on our bodies. As a result, our immune system can get really weak. This makes us more prone to sickness.


The cold weathers do not necessarily cause disease but at the same time, it can put our bodies in vulnerable positions if the temperature is extreme enough. Therefore, it would be good to dress just warm enough.

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So does one really get sick from cold weather? The answer is still yes and no. Though the colder temperatures do not cause disease directly, virus and bacteria are more around during this time. Also, if cold enough, our immune systems may be weaker. Remember to dress warm enough. There are tools like the Mini Heater if you need additional heat.

If you are someone who gets warm really fast on your own, maybe you might not need as many layers of clothing on you. It can be uncomfortable to be sweating in cold weather. Please stay warm and safe since winter is just around the corner!

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  1. You can get sick in cold weather. I used to get sick a lot when I was younger because my immune system wasn’t that strong. As I got older and my immune system got stronger, I never really got sick. So the answer to this article is yes and no


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