Batter Dripping Everywhere – How to Have More Control

What a great way to start your day by eating popular breakfast foods like waffles or pancakes! They contain a lot of carbohydrates which gives you that energy to function properly throughout your day. Or perhaps you love eating bakery foods like cupcakes, cakes, muffins, etc. for dessert! In both cases, you will be working with flour and water to make batter!

Working with batter is pretty simple. You mix your ingredients together, pour that solution into a waffle maker or frying pan, give it time, and done! You have a nice, warm waffle or pancake waiting for you to eat! Pour some syrup, add some butter, and enjoy that heavenly goodness!

As you finish your meal, you might look back at the kitchen and be shocked! How can something so simple to make, be so messy at the same time! There are batter drips everywhere! Stove top, kitchen counter, waffle maker, or even the side of the bowl from which you mixed the ingredients together. Despite how careful you might have been, batter manages to find it’s way to drip in places you did not expect!

Just when you thought you would start your day great, you now have to spend time wiping away the batter drips. Hopefully you are not late for work!

What Might Have Happened

When pouring the batter from the bowl where you mix the ingredients in, it can be quite messy. You might not have as much control over how much batter would pour out. Depending on how thick the batter is, it might continue to pour even when you want it to stop which can be frustrating. Even when you set the bowl down, batter might remain on the sides of the bowl. If heavy enough, it might even start to leak from the edge and onto your counter top.

When you are dispensing batter, at least with pancakes, if you end up pouring too much, it’s no big deal. You will just get a bigger pancake. With baking on the other hand (particularly cupcakes and muffins), you can potentially pour too much. This will cause it to spill out of the individual cups and onto the pan. Therefore, it requires more precision and that can be difficult to do if all you have is just the bowl to pour from. A spatula can help.

Waffles also require some precision. When you pour too much batter, some of it might leak out of the sides of the waffle maker when waffle expands. This is probably one of the more terrifying experiences to witness. You feel as if the waffle maker might explode or short circuit or something!

If this horrible experience sounds all too familiar, you are not alone! So how can one create a less messy station when working with batter? There is a tool you can try using!

Tool to Reduce Batter From Dripping Everywhere

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You can purchase a batter dispenser! With this product, you will only need to pour the batter into a container just once (unless you are making a lot). After that, it is smooth sailing from there. To dispense batter into your desired shape or form, all you have to do is squeeze the trigger. What that does is it allows the nozzle at the bottom of the tool to open. When opened, the batter will come streaming out.

When you need the batter to stop flowing out, you just have to let go of the trigger. The nozzle where the batter dispenses will close. Because it is a smaller surface area on the nozzle, there would be fewer drips as well.

As a result, you have way more control over how much batter should be poured out. This equates to a less messy kitchen!

Product Details

  • The batter dispenser holds 4 cups of batter.
  • Has a spring-loaded handle to dispense batter from the nozzle
  • It is 7.5 inches in height
  • The container is 4.25 inches in diameter with about a 2.5 inch handle.
  • Has a wide mouth opening to pour batter into


There may sometimes be a small drip of batter hanging from the nozzle of the batter dispenser. Just give the tool a little shake or downward swinging motion to dispel that last drop of batter off.

Most people might mix the batter in another container and then pour it into the dispenser. The mouth opening is quite wide for one to do this method. Personally, I just mix the batter in this dispenser. I pour water in first before the flour, in case the flour clogs up the nozzle. Then I mix with a spoon. This will be one less thing for me to wash when I finish.

Again, it just depends on your preference.


When making pancakes, waffles, muffins, or cupcakes, it can be a messy experience. Without the right tools, batter can drip everywhere. This will give you a headache and ruin your day when you have to spend time wiping away the batter.

Fortunately, there are tools like the batter dispenser that can significantly reduce batter mess. You will have much more control over how much batter you want to pour out. You will get the right amount of batter each time and without the mess. Hope you can enjoy your carbohydrate meal without the stress!

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Did you enjoy this article and the batter dispenser? If you used it before and had a great experience with it, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi Mike, as always, you suggest practical and helpful products to improve our life quality and make our day easier. This batter dispenser seems a great one. I like very much the idea to use it every time that I cook muffins, pancakes, crepes, omelettes, etc. The price is great and the size, too. It is practical to use with a handle to make the process of using it easy. 

    Thank you fit sharing it


  2. Hi Mike
    Thanks for sharing your views on how to have more control over batter dripping. That is very practical problem while preparing food like waffles and pancakes. Batter Dispenser is a good idea as it is easy to manage all that horrible spots. I think it will better to use stainless steel batter dispenser as it is sturdier.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hello there, Gaurav! Glad to hear you like the practicality of this product. The stainless steel option you suggested is a great idea.

  3. Once again, thank you for the awesome post, this time over a batter dip dispenser!  I love the idea of this, as this is something that I find to be very helpful in the kitchen.  I hate the mess that batter makes all over the place, sot this is a perfect kitchen item that I can use to deal with that issue!

    • Hi there, Jessie. The mess from making pancakes, waffle, etc. can be a hassle to clean especially when you missed a spot and it has dried and crusted. Hopefully with this item, there will be no more batter drip spots for you.

  4. Hi Mike
    I am happy to hear that you thought the products I suggest are practical and helpful.
    That is very practical problem while preparing food like waffles and pancakes. Batter Dispenser is a good idea as it is easy to manage all that horrible spots. I think it will better to use stainless steel batter dispenser as it is sturdier.
    Warm Regards,

  5. Indeed, thank you for the great post, this time over a player plunge distributor! I love the possibility of this, as this is something that I discover to be useful in the kitchen. I disdain the wreck that hitter makes everywhere, lush this is an ideal kitchen thing that I can use to manage that issue!

    • Hello there, Herman! You are welcome. I am glad to hear you loved the concept of this tool and it can definitely come in handy.

  6. I love waffles and pancakes. But I sure need a batter dispenser. I had seen one at Walmart some months ago but when I went recently it had disappeared. I checked the ones you have listed here on Amazon and they are nice. I’ll order two. My younger sister is coming to visit and I would like to prepare some nice pancakes for morning breakfast when she’s here. It reminds us of our grandma.

    • Hello there, Ann! Waffles and pancakes are one of my favorite breakfast foods but it can be a messy job without the right tools. Hopefully you can enjoy them even more now with your family with this dispenser.

  7. Hi Mike, It is true that as we get busy preparing something delicious to eat for breakfast, our kitchen gets messy in no time. It may sound simple but when it’s time to wipe off the mess, you get very annoyed. I like this batter dispenser because it makes work much easier and saves time too. I must get one for my wife.

    Thanks for sharing this helpful piece of writing with us.

    • Hello there! My kitchen easily gets messy especially when I didn’t have the right tools. I am definitely right there with you when having to wipe away the mess. Hope your wife likes this dispenser.

  8. I didn’t even know that batter dispensers existed! It is annoying when the batter runs down the side of the container or jug, pooling at the bottom, or when batter drops across stove tops. Definitely would help to keep a clean kitchen and waste less batter.

    • Hello there, Anthony! It is a fairly new device for pancake/waffle lovers. I am with you there about the batter running down the side of the bowl and onto the counter top. Definitely less experiences of that with this tool.

  9. Hi,

    I find this article very effective and thorough. The batter disappointment describes me every morning. I love eating pancakes and waffles for breakfast. But, as you have mentioned, I am left with a messy kitchen that I mostly leave messy and rush to work. I will now invest in the batter dispenser and look forward to a new start. I never knew such tools existed. Thank you for enlightening me. I will share the article with my friends too.

    Best of luck,


    • Hello there, Sergej! The batter drips can be quite stubborn. It’s almost like paint drops where it seems to spread when you try to wipe it. I always end up using a lot of towels afterwards to clean them. Not so much anymore though with the tool.


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