Ant Infestation Solution – A Trap That Works!

Life in the College Apartments

Life in college is so much more different than the high school life. The most noticeable thing is probably the freedom that one gains. No more curfew. No limitations in what one can eat. Hanging out and having social gatherings WHENEVER and WHEREVER. Family members won’t always be on our backs nagging us to do those house chores like dishes and trash. JUSTPUREFREEDOM.

However, that freedom…it does come with a bit of a price. We may start to encounter problems that we never noticed before when we were back at home living with family. For example, the dishes and trash no longer take care of themselves (how did that happened?). Dishes in the sink start to pile up and the smell of the trash is just indescribable! Something else may start to happen when leftover food is left out just like that. This starts to attract some outside unwanted visitors into the home which leads to a potential problem: an ant infestation!

Initial Reaction

By now, you are probably in shock and in denial, thinking how can something like this happen? This rarely happened before when you were at home with family! You are already stressed enough from school with exams just around the corner, assignment deadlines approaching, and then now this? As you are panicking, you are probably watching the horrendous scene of ant trails forming towards the food source in your kitchen. There are probably several queen ants coming around too. I mean, if it was just a couple ants, it probably could have been cool to collect them in an ant farm (something I always wanted as a kid). But in a situation like this? Definitely NOT cool.

The Next Steps Taken

After taking a few breaths and some time to process all that has happened, you have probably built enough willpower to establish one goal: I need to get rid of the ants one way or another! You have probably asked your roommate (for that moral support) to go with you to the nearest store to pick up a few exterminating items like ant sprays. Problem is that, there are just so many kinds along with traps to choose from. Which one is really worth your time and money?

My Experience with Ant Infestations

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When I had an ant infestation problem, my first plan of action was to go buy some ant sprays and perhaps a few ant bait traps like Raid. The Raid ant killer sprays worked like magic, pretty much instantly killing the ants that come into contact. The Raid bait traps did almost nothing to get rid of the ants.

A couple weeks went by and despite all the traps set in place and chemicals sprayed, the ants just kept coming back as if it my apartment has become their new home. Fortunately, after a few more weeks, the amount of incoming ants finally did decrease until it ceased. It did not happen ONLY just that year however…

Each year whenever I have ant problems, I always experiment around with different ant products but I always get the spray at the very least since I had experience with it and was quite effective. Over the years, I did come across one bait trap that worked VERY well: Terro Liquid Ant Bait. The liquid bait in these traps are highly attractive to ants and within a short time frame (10 to 20 minutes maybe?), you can already see ants swarming around the substance.

The process can be sped up by dropping some of the liquid next to the trail of ants. The substance can be sticky like glue so I recommend dropping some on a surface of something you will be discarding (paper, newspaper, napkin, etc.) rather than directly on the counter. Once the ants recognize the “taste”, they will then swarm to the source (the bait station). You just need to lay the bait station near the ant trail with the label facing up.

Videos of Terro Liquid Ant Bait Efficiency

Here are some videos I recorded that showed just how effective these traps are in attracting ants.

Within 10 to 20 minutes: Video 1

In an hour or so: Video 2

Within a couple hours to a day: Video 3

This trap works by supplying the ants with a “liquid bait“. The bait has the consistency of something that is “sweet” and it is thick and toxic to the ants. Because it is “tasty” to the ants, they essentially bring some back to their colony to feed other ants and their young. Before you know it, a large portion of the ant colony is exposed to this powerful liquid bait. The ant colony size can be seen decreasing significantly day by day. Within a couple days, I already saw the ant population shrinking by 60 to 80%.


When fending your home off from an army of ants, you don’t want to focus only on those that you see within your proximity. Those are like the “pawns” in chess and there are MANY of them. It is much more effective to target the source of the ant population which can be equivalent to taking out the “queen” or “king” piece in chess. This leads to a more effective method to rid your home of ants and you can do that with the bait traps.

By far, the best method, even BEFORE any of this ant infestation even happens, is to take the time do those daily chores daily even if you do NOT want to with your newly gained freedom. Not regularly doing dishes or taking out the trash will lead to these types of problems building up in your home. Remember to also take care of the clothes and sponges used for clean as that can attract another “pest”.

Perhaps this was why it was enforced so heavily back at home with family. Ants are creatures that are just doing what they need to do to survive. Let’s not allow our home to be an option for them. Plus, it is kind of nice to have a squeaky, clean kitchen every once in a while.

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22 thoughts on “Ant Infestation Solution – A Trap That Works!”

  1. Those are some good tips for getting rid of ants and other insects too. In fact, I had no idea that ant bait solutions were available. We have huge problems with termites at our place as also rats and cockroaches. God help us. 

    I hope you write about tips and tricks for getting rid of the pests I have written about above.

    Thanks and regards,


    • Hi there Aparna! Thank you for your comment. When I used the Terro Ant baits, it did not just attract ants, but little beetles as well. I believe the Terro brand also has traps for other pests too (maybe not rats) but I do recall seeing one for roaches. I haven’t encountered a huge roach problem yet but that would be something I would like to try if I get the chance. Hope that helps!

  2. Now, this is a thumbs up from me. I have been having the issue with ants since I moved to this new apartment and though I never get to know their source not have I been able to curb them. It can really be embarrassing sometimes when I see ants around with visitors around. Hence this is a good one for me. Thanks for sharing

    • Ahh that’s great to hear that this article was fitting for you (not so great with the infestation though). I am familiar with that feeling with the ant infestation when visitors are around, it also puts a lot of anxiety and pressure on the host. Hopefully these ant bait traps will work for you.

    • If you have several monds of ants around your apartment easy way to kill them. Let them kill each other. To make this work get a shoval move the ants from one mond to the other till you mix them all up. See ants our teratory they will kill those that do not belong with them that is nature at work

      • Hello Herbert! I have not yet had a chance to try that yet. So far my encounters with ant infestations have been only one type of species and not multiple. They also come from multiple entrances through cracks in the home so it is a bit difficult to locate the source of them. Hence, I recommended the bait traps because the ants will bring the substance to their home source and feed to their colony.

    • Hello Herbert! I agree, all creatures have feelings. I think using just enough bait traps to stop the ants from invading the home is enough. Not necessarily to make them go extinct. They are creatures that help get rid of other dead creatures and are beneficial to society and life. But there is always a proper place at a proper time.

  3. So much useful information here! I remember moving into the dorms at school and this was a HUGE problem.  Even when I had my room clean and picked up there was always somebody who didn’t.  And that many people in that small of a space, it adds up and there are ants everywhere!!  I had to be extra aware of the ants when we lived in Florida since they were red ants and HURT not to mention I was apparently allergic to them.  Definitely good advice and I’ll be trying these products.

    • Hello Lindsay Rachel! I had that experience as well where there tends to be someone who didn’t pick up (especially after a social gathering) which then becomes a food source for ants. Red ants are no fun either…they are the species that tend to cause severe reactions within people when they bite. Hope these products will help if you ever encounter an ant infestation again (and hopefully that doesn’t happen so that you won’t need to use it).

  4. Wow! This is great because I have my house has an ant infestation. I have not been able to get rid of them. They hide in the winter and this is very good for me because it gives me time to plan haha. This is awesome because this gives me the opportunity to find alternative ways to get rid of these ants in my house

    • Hello there, Misael! I am glad to hear that you ran into this article right on time! Hopefully with these traps, the ants will no longer come back to your home.

  5. Hey Mike,

    I have had to deal with ants before also. I was wondering at first where you were going with this because you talked about the queen and the colony then showed the spray. That stuff is great for your immediate need but usually doesn’t kill the colony thus removing the issue. 

    You did get to that though. I would say your information is right on target and if someone comes across this information it will help them to actually solve the problem and not just be a temporary fix. 

    Good stuff bud!


    • Hello there, Chad! Thank you for your comment. The temporary fix was truly temporary as the ants kept coming back. They stopped completely after using the ant bait traps. Hopefully others can find this item useful as well.

  6. Thank you for sharing this interesting and very resourceful article, it is of great help to me and I know it’ll be to many others. It can be really annoyed to be in a house with any infestation, this hack will be very helpful and I’m grateful you shared it. I’ll share this article to some of my friends and it’s gonna be helpful to them.

    • Hello there UncleBolt! Thank you for your comment and also for sharing this article with your friends who could use it. Hopefully they can control their ant infestation better now (or at least be more prepared to prevent one).

  7. HP baru tau ya allah ini mah sama aja sih kalo cewek itu cengeng tapi karena mereka akan menjadi lebih suka banget ya gue mau tidur tapi tanggung iya dong harus itu kan gue mau pergi aja deh biar aman kok tau apa  Fjf gila nih di twitter ada apa sih yang enggak sih 

  8. Hello Mike! Well this is beautiful!. Such information. Although ants are very much a nuisance and not something most people likely want inside their homes or kitchens, they do play an important role in the environment, Your article really have something that could really help in that effect, would definitely give it a try. I would share this also

    • Hello there, Rorodote! Thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you that although ants can be a nuisance when they invade one’s home, they still play an important role in the environment. I think using just enough traps to prevent the ants from invading the home but not too much that it puts them into extinction. Thanks for sharing this article!

  9. Hey Mike! Oh wow, what a great article! I happened to have an ant infestation just a few days ago. I also happened to purchase some Terro ant bait traps just to try it out. Just have to say….this trap is AMAZING!!! Within one day, the ants disappeared. I just spread some of the solution in small drops on paper around the house to gather the ants. When those spots dried up, the ants started gathering at the source of the bait trap. It’s good to see an explanation for how this trap works.
    I’m going to check out your other articles too since I really enjoyed reading your approach in explaining how the products you highlight work. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Kevin! I am glad to hear that you had a great experience with the Terro ant bait traps. That is a really good tactic to spread some of the bait everywhere. This creates multiple smaller traps which allows more ants to gather around the bait. Hope that you can find other articles on my site and learn something beneficial from them! Glad to hear that this article is straight forward.


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