Always Missing That Cursor When Texting?

The technology of text messaging surprises me even until today. It is such an amazing feat that we are able to communicate with one another with just our 2 thumbs (or sometimes even just 1). Two parties can practically have deep complex conversations next to each other via text messaging without others even noticing! However, depending on the phone updates and everything, the system may glitch a little here and there and disrupt usual phone functions. When we text, we might incorrectly aim with or even misplace that cursor sometimes.

What is Meant By Cursor Misplacement?

For example, if I were to type in “wealthy afffiliate“. (You can also click my referral link if you would like to learn how to work from home by blogging and affiliate marketing). You might have noticed that I added an extra “f” in there and would preferably want to remove it.

So what is my next step? Press on that spot where the extra “f’s” are and hit backspace in order to erase it right? Unfortunately when I press that spot, my phone might show my cursor as such:

  • Wealthy |Afffiliate (the “|” is right before the “A”)

The cursor is right before the “A”, looks like I missed and have to tap again where the “f” is.

  • Wealthy Afffili|ate (the “|” is right before the “a”)

Looks like I missed again! Sometimes one might even press and hold to aim the cursor, but even then, there is still some potential in missing the cursor placement!

You have probably experienced this yourself before and this can be quite frustrating sometimes. I mean, I can get by with that extra “f” in Wealthy Afffiliate and people will know what I am talking about still.

BUT, there may be times when auto-correct may kick in. Since you typed too fast and input the wrong letter, it might actually transform your original word into a completely different and undesired one! Might be a bit of an issue if you are texting incorrect information to your boss or that special someone on that first date! (And also why we probably reread the message several times over before sending right?).

You might wonder if there is a better way to aim that cursor. You know what…there actually IS a method!

Trick to Resolve the Issue of Always Missing the Cursor Placement?

You can perform a unique trick on your cell phone. I am not sure if there is a term for it but I will just call it the “hold space” hack for now. In order to trigger this, it is what it sounds like. You would essentially press and hold the space bar. When you hold for about 1 second, you may feel your phone vibrate once which indicates that you have activated the function.

With this function triggered, your phone’s keyboard essentially becomes like the touchpad of a high-tech laptop! The process is VERY smooth and you can aim much more precisely with where you want to place that cursor. You can glide your cursor pass other words easily and you can drop it anywhere. You won’t even have to worry about your phone interfering and incorrectly guessing where you want to place it. Pretty neat function.

Which Phones Have This Capability?

Currently, I have an iPhone so it works for Apple products. I have heard that the trick works for Android also. Definitely can’t hurt to try the hack if you happen to have other types of phone models!

Other Recommendations

Sometimes another reason we might be missing with placing that cursor is that our phone screen is kind of greasy with or without a screen protector (or even after removal of one). Microfiber clothes are excellent tools in helping to remove that grease and smudge on phone. (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).


Cell phone technology has advanced so much over the years and it will continue to do so. Unfortunately, there are times during software updates where it may be buggy and it can actually interfere with your basic cell phone functions like even texting. You might misspell something and have a hard time trying to aim that cursor at that right spot to correct that one letter or punctuation.

Fortunately, there are some tricks out there that can make your lives easier and that “hold space” hack is one that will do just that! Sometimes it could also be that our phone screens are just too greasy from the constant use.  Microfiber towels should do the trick to clean it. Happy texting!

Did you enjoy this life hack on how to aim your cursor better when texting? Please leave a comment below!

18 thoughts on “Always Missing That Cursor When Texting?”

  1. Thanks for this amazing article, it was really educative and also a huge eye opener, I learnt do much on cursor misplacement and I could relate to it so much, I shared this article with my friends and I know that they would love it so much as well because it is really amazing and any one who went through the article would also agree with me as well

    • Hello there, Collinsss! Thank you for your comment and I am glad you found the article useful! Hopefully you will have better accuracy with your phone’s cursor from here on out.

  2. This article shows that good problem solvers don’t need to have crazy infrastructure or a lot of employees. Thank you so much for sharing this.  Countless times I have misplaced my cursor while texting or typing. This hold spacebar advice can solve this problem. Thank you again for this. This is definitely worth posting in a video.

  3. It’s so funny that folks would rather send text to each other than actually pick up the phone and actually talk. I laugh when I picture a family sitting around a large dining room table texting each other. (Someone asking questions through text, the other text back). We’d be a lost society if we didn’t have this form of communication.

    • Hello there! It’s so true that folks would rather text each other, sometimes even while physically next to each other. The art of face to face communication is almost like a lost art! But of course, everything depends on the situation and texting is still a tool that can be beneficial in many ways.

  4. awesome. the article is an amazing one and thanks for letting us know about this life hack. personlly i always give up trying to correct typos hoping the reader will understand what i was trying to say. with this article now i think my life will be made easier texting.

    • Hello there! I am the same, if the word I’m trying to get across is still there, I would be too lazy to correct the typos. It is when auto-correct kicks in that gets me to change it. Glad to hear from you that you think the trick will make texting easier for you.

  5. Thanks for the article and the neat cell phone hack. I’m never texting on my phone, so it’s not much use to me. But, I have a friend who LIVES on her phone. She is always running into the “missing cursor” problem. She gets so frustrated and sometimes yells, curses, and even stomps her feet like she’s nine (she’s really 23!). This information will definitely make her life more tolerable.

    • Hi there, William! Ahh, I think this hack may help out your friend too. Missing and even misplacing that cursor can be frustrating at times.

  6. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this hack. It is so simple to do, and I am surprised I didn’t already know this. I can’t tell you how many times I have just erased an entire word or sentence because it keeps autocorrecting or not putting the cursor where I want it. I know it’s a small thing, but this little hack has really improved the quality of my life, I spend a lot of time on my phone, and it is quite annoying when the cursor doesn’t cooperate. This is awesome, I have favorited your site for more hacks. Keep em coming!

    • Hello there! I am glad to find someone else who can relate! That autocorrect sometimes just makes things a little inconvenient at times. Good thing there are little life hacks like this to help counter it when needed. Thanks for saving my site and I will definitely keep more content coming.

  7. It is indeed very frustrating when you are sending a message on your mobile phone, and suddenly find that you need to go back and you cannot get the cursor at the right spot in your text. And if auto correct then randomly choose a different word, it is even worse. I have a Samsung phone and will certainly try your trick about holding and pressing the space bar to get the cursor in the right place.

  8. Hello Mike,

    I really liked reading this post! You hit the spot on this one!! It’s so stupid that most people don’t even speak about it, but it’s true that it’s very annoying to write and “miss the spot” with the cursor over and over! I have disabled every single auto-correct function in my phone and I do not have that issue now, but if I see someone in trouble, I’ll mention this hack!

    Communication is also about timing, and you might miss a good opportunity when texting due to this stupid glitch.

    Thanks for posting and continue your good work with this blog!


  9. This actually looks like a very neat invention. I didn’t even know there was such thing. I’m glad that I ran into your website because you have provided some very useful information about this program and I am someone who always loses his cursor on his phone. So I have been looking for something like this for quite some time

    • Hi there, Misael! I am glad that my article was able to help you with what you were looking for some time now. Hopefully that cursor placement will no longer be an issue for you.


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