Always Hitting That Snooze Button?

When I was much younger, I used to be able to wake up like a soldier! Upon the first alarm, I was already up and running, getting ready for high school. I was even able to wake up to just the sound of my phone’s vibration. Nowadays, it is much different. As soon as I hear the alarm go off, the first thing I do is hit that snooze button! But it doesn’t just stop at once, rather, I would hit the snooze button 3, 4, or even more times (and of course, provided that I am not already extremely late for work).

Does this sound like you? Do you press the snooze button more often than you want? Do you wish there was something that can just help you wake up upon the first alarm? In fact, there is something that can help with that!

A Tool to Help You Wake Up

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Depending on how trigger-happy you are with the snooze button, you may want to invest in a Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels. It is a unique tool that acts like your usual alarm clock, except that when the alarm goes off, it will start running in random directions!

Details About “Clocky”

  • Durable enough to fall off 3-foot platforms (but better to not abuse it all the time)
  • Has a loud enough alarm tone which is great for heavy sleepers
  • If your room is dark, it can light up so you can still see it
  • Requires 4 AAA lithium batteries (needs replacement in about 3 months or so, depending on use).
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty

How is “Clocky” So Effective?

Since our current alarm clocks are stationary, we do not have to exert a significant amount of effort to snooze it. Therefore, one can still easily go back to sleep. There is just simply not enough stimulation or adrenaline in the body to wake one up and break oneself away from the bed.

On the other hand with “Clocky“, you are literally forced to get up. This gets your blood pumping which will start to wake your body up. You never know where “Clocky” will go so this also wakes you up mentally. This forces you to predict the path it will travel. The longer you take to catch it, the more frustrated you will become which will further wake you up.

By the time you are able to catch “Clocky” to turn its alarm off, you will have already been warmed up enough to start your day! You might be tempted to break it out of frustration. After realizing how “cute” of a clock it is, it will definitely stop you from doing so and cool you down. Pretty efficient I would say.


  • If you constantly find yourself pressing the snooze button too often, try setting the alarm a little later than your usual wake up time. Each time your sleep is disturbed, the recovery process gets interrupted leaving you feeling more exhausted.
  • Of course with your alarm still set (just in case), try to train yourself to sleep just enough and wake up on your own. Try to wake up WITHOUT relying on the alarm. When you wake up on your own, that is your body telling you that it has received enough sleep. You might still feel slightly tired but if you attempt to sleep any more than that, your body will be more sluggish.
  • Perhaps start planning your day and activities to be more efficient so that you don’t cram your work until later at night.
  • Avoid cell phone or electronic usage before you sleep. This could be what is keeping you awake at night and having difficulty falling asleep.
  • Try keeping “Clocky” FARTHER from your bed and place it in a direction where it will run off even farther.
  • If you are self-disciplined enough, you can force yourself to wake upon the first alarm. Right away, do a short warm up exercise to stimulate more blood flow to wake up your mind and body.


We might not be as effective in waking up when compared to our childhood days. A great amount of self-discipline is needed to gain the habit that we once had. Fortunately, if we do not quite have that self-discipline just yet, there are tools to help. “Clocky” is just one of those tools that can help assist you with waking up on time.

There are also some recommendations that can help you feel better rested, be more awake, and not have to keep on snoozing the alarm clock so often (or having to rely so much on “Clocky“). But in the end, whatever method we use, as long as we are able to keep up with the day to day tasks and are content with life, then that is all that matters.

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34 thoughts on “Always Hitting That Snooze Button?”

  1. I found as a kid I would wake up super early and want to watch cartoons, as I hit my teen years, the urge to wake up became more and more difficult. Now that I’m in my 30s, I find it no problem again! It must be the 9 month old that keeps me on alert. 

    When I had trouble getting up in the morning, I had a fitness watch that could tell when I was reaching a light state of REM and if it was close to my getting up time, would wake me up a little earlier so I didn’t feel drowsy. This can happen if you fall back into the deep REM.

    • Hi there, Tamsin! That’s really awesome that you are able to train yourself to do that again! I have heard of apps that wake you up depending on your movements during REM when your sleep is at its lightest and to maximize the sleep that you get. It’s amazing how much technology has evolved over the years.

  2. I have to admit, I’m probably a professional “snoozer” at this point. I can’t help but to hit that button one or two or TEN times for that extra “five” minutes of sleep. This does seem like it would be an interesting change of pace, and if nothing else, I can confidently say it would be a new experience to chase my alarm clock around as I’ve never done this before. Definitely a curious product to try!

  3. Oh this had me in stitches that you can get an alarm clock on wheels and it will start running in random directions when the alarm goes off. I am not normally in the habit of hitting snooze, but can see how “clocky” will help anybody that finds it difficult to get up in the morning, as you will be chasing the clock around. It is an ingenious concept.

  4. This is wonderful! What an invention, I think it would be really awesome to get one of these, as a present or gift to someone! Better yet, I would tell the recipient of the gift that it is just a normal alarm clock and ask that person to test it in front of me! Thank you for introducing me to such an ingenious invention, you’ve really made my day.

  5. What an unique way of making morning hours be more productive rather than continuing sleeping for “10 more minutes” to which turns into 2 hours afterwards. I have never seen a product like this before and I really like the idea of what it portrays and the 3-foot ground-hitting safety protocol. I would’ve liked if it was a rechargeable device but it’s still worth a try. 

    • Hello there, Stephanie! Thank you for your comment. It would be nice if there was a rechargeable device or solar powered version of “clocky”. 

  6. Trying to squeeze in those extra minutes of sleep is on all American’s agenda. We know we got to get up to start our day. Work, breakfast, kids of to school, etc. We all know what we have to do, but for some reason (Mostly during those cold mornings)we just can’t seem to get our asses out of bed. Thank God for that snooze button. LOL! That warm snuggly feeling we experience everyday; we just can’t seem to get our minds adjusted to stepping out of bed unto that cold wooden floor. (I guess carpeting would help.) We get to a point over time that we praise the inventor of the magnificent ‘snooze’. (Thank God for small favors).

  7. Wow, this is an amazing idea and has got to be helpful for all the sleepyheads and night owls out there! I can be guilty of hitting the snooze button too many times, but this would probably fix that issue immediately. What a smart product idea that could actually lead to a huge improvement to weekday mornings when the alarm is set quite early! Thanks!!

  8. Hello Mike, its great to know about clocky. I think clock would prove to be useful, considering that it isn’t a stationary alarm clock like most of the clocks we use. The fact that it runs around in different directions, makes it more advantageous over other types as you will be force to stop the irritating sound of an alarm clock and getting back to sleep after the chase, would be pretty much useless. 

    • Hi there, Volkert! I really like the random directions that clocky travels in. Like you said, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it was too predictable and one can still go back to sleep. The worse thing to happen is when you turn off the snooze button of any alarm clock and actually go back to sleep. 

  9. What a wonderful article! The recommendations are so true especially avoiding electronic usage before you go to sleep as this can make you unable to fall asleep correctly and can disrupt the normal flow of gaining a good night’s sleep.

    Clocky sounds like a reliable little friend that’ll ensure you awaken no matter what and especially on those important days in your diary – many thanks:)

    • Hi there Farah! You are welcome. Clocky was such an innovative invention. It was very surprising for me when I learned about the blue light of cell phones which disrupts peoples internal clock.

  10. This is a super cute clock but I’m not sure it would last with a chronic oversleeper. I reckon they would destroy it the first morning when it ran away from them. It would be fun to watch this person trying to catch it and that would make my day and give me a lift from laughing so I didn’t hit the snooze button too. 

    A wonderful toy to help retrain yourself.

  11. Wow, clocky is really amazing I must say, it had so many amazing features and it is for my type of people cause I’m a heavy sleeper, I would definitely get one for myself. I really need it. I would also share this to my brother as well. I know he would love this. The innovation in out of this world. I really love it. Thanks

    • Hello there! Definitely many features with clocky! I really believe clocky is a helpful tool for heavy sleepers. I definitely wish I found this when I had a roommate who could never wake up to his alarm.

  12. Hi Mike, as always it is another helpful item to improve and organize our daily. I think that this one is a great product for everyone. I don’t have problems waking in the morning, but being a mother, sometimes makes me feel exhausted and the clock alarm is the best one to wake me from every heavy sleep. Thank you also for your great recommendations on how to improve our sleep and waking. 



    • Hi there, Alketa! Alarm clocks are definitely needed in case we need to make it to an important meeting. It would be horrible to miss something like that. Clocky is an alarm clock that can almost guarantee that one will help one to wake up.

  13. What an amusing post.  I have read it with a smile on my face.

    I hate mornings, no matter how much sleep I get I am always tired when I wake.

    I have a friend who hits the snooze 3 or 4 times.  But I think it would make him bad tempered rather than awake lol.

    I think I’ll buy him one just for the laugh.  They would make great presents.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi there, Geoff! I am the same way where I feel tired even after a good night’s sleep. Clocky would definitely make a great and humorous gift!

  14. Hi Mike ,
    I liked your story. It seems the opposite for me I hated school. So now I seem to get up before the alarm goes off. I like Clocky. I need one to help me stop looking at my phone. I am constantly looking at my phone for the time, then it causes other distractions. Clocky would be perfect for me.

    • Hi there, Carrie! Thank you for your comment. It takes real discipline to wake up before the alarm clock goes off. That is actually the best time to get up and not sleep any more. Any more sleep than that will just make one more sluggish and tired when they finally get up. Hope clocky will improve things for you.

  15. I am an expert in pressing the snooze button. Sometimes my alarm rings for an hour. And it irritates me that I can’t get up right away.
    Clocky is a great thing for those of us who don’t have discipline.
    Thank you for sharing such useful information.I think it’s definitely worth a try.

    • Hello there! I am glad you thought clocky is a great tool to try. Hope it helps you wake up and off to a great start in your mornings.

  16. I love this product!!!  I had never heard of it before but it sounds like exactly what I need.  I’m a notorious snooze alarm hitter myself.  The added benefit of this Clocky Alarm is that I’ll get some exercise in just by chasing it around the room.  Haha.  Bonus!  Thanks for introducing me to this!

    • Hello there, Vic! I am glad you liked the idea of this product. It will definitely get you moving first thing in the morning and off to a great start in your day!


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