9 Best Ways To Get Rid of Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a huge turn off for others. It is probably the worse thing to have when you are trying to impress someone whether it is your boss or a significant other.

Imagine having a great conversation with someone when all of a sudden, you can’t help but focus only on the scent of his breath! You can try all you want to be nice and actively listen, but it can become increasingly difficult to avoid the smell and to concentrate.

Perhaps it may be the other way around where you are the one with the bad breath odor. So what can one do? Here are the 9 best ways to get rid of bad breath symptoms

9 Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Brush Your Teeth and Flossing

You probably already know this. As we eat foods throughout the day, small particles and residues can stick to the teeth and even in between them. Foods that do not get removed can causing erosion of the enamel or even inflame your gums.

By brushing and flossing, it will get rid of the those particles. Do not only do one and not the other. Be sure to do it at least twice a day!

Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash will stump the growth of various odor causing bacteria. When bacteria are unable to grow, they essentially die off because of their short lifespan. If they die off, then that also means there is nothing to create those bad odors.

If mouthwash becomes too strong for you and burns your tongue, you can dilute it with water. This will reduce the intensity of the mouthwash.

Clean Your Tongue

The tongue acts just like a sponge where bacteria and other microbes can thrive on. Food particles can stick to the tongue as well which become food for the bacteria. Therefore, whenever you brush your teeth, it would be good to either brush or scrape your tongue as well.

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There are tools like the tongue scraper. This will definitely aid with removing a lot of bacteria from your tongue. With fewer bacteria dwelling on your tongue, the less gas they produce which will equate to less bad odors.

Avoid Certain Foods

You are probably aware of avoiding foods like garlic and onions. They are some of the top foods that contribute to bad breath symptoms despite the many health benefits they contain. This is due to the sulfuric compounds that they contain.

Sulfur is the same yellow, smelly compound you might smell when you are near a swamp or certain sewage systems. So all we have to do is avoid garlic and onions right? That is true to some degree, however, they are NOT the only foods that can cause bad breath. Here are some other ones.

  • Acidic foods (oranges, lemons, tomatoes, etc.) – certain odor producing bacteria thrive on these types of foods and produce more gas
  • Coffee – Also acidic, but also has the dehydrating diuretic effect
  • Dairy foods – Contains certain amino acids that allow bacteria to form sulfur products
  • Protein – Contains nitrogen compounds which will lead to bad odors

Perhaps save these foods for dinner when you are done for the day. If you do happen to consume them, follow some of the other steps. Do be careful with some of these foods because they can also wear out your enamel and lead to teeth sensitivity

Eat Certain Foods

Preferably, you want to go for foods that are tougher in texture or higher in water content (or both). Foods like:

  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Carrots
  • Beets

These types of foods are tough. Biting into them will allow it to scrape away certain food particles and bacteria that are stuck to the teeth. In addition, you also produce more saliva which helps with rehydrating your mouth.

You may also want to add:

  • Teas (green or black) – inhibit bacterial growth
  • Seeds/nuts – contain zinc which prevents bacteria from dividing (found also in certain sore throat medications)
  • Certain herbs (basil, mint, etc.) – have basic properties which help neutralize acids

Drink More Fluids

Preferably water over other drinks since they might contain sugar. Fluids will help rehydrate your mouth and also wash away bacteria and any lingering food particles. Fluids will also reduce the acidic environment (what bacteria thrive in).

Stop smoking

Smoking will dry out your mouth. The ingredients often used to create smoking products tend to have strong odors that become enhanced with dry mouth.

Chew on Gum

It would be good to chew on sugarless gum. Sugars are a popular food for bacteria which will help them grow and produce more gas which contributes to bad breath.

Like the foods that are tougher in texture, chewing gum will help scrape away food residues and bacteria from teeth as you chew.

Visit Your Dentist Often

They will provide the dental care you need and give you the best advice for getting rid of bad breath.

Summary of 9 Best Ways to Get Rid of Bad Breath

  1. Brush your teeth and flossing
  2. Use mouthwash
  3. Clean your tongue (tongue scraper)
  4. Avoid certain foods (Acidic, coffee, dairy, protein)
  5. Eat certain foods (apples, cucumber, celery, etc.)
  6. Drink more fluids
  7. Stop smoking
  8. Chew on gum
  9. Visit your dentist often


Having bad breath is definitely not one’s fault but it definitely does have its bad reputation. Fortunately, there are many methods you can take to minimize breath odors. By avoiding certain foods, using products like the tongue scraper, etc. you might find your breath smelling more pleasant!

By taking extra measures to consider how the scent of one’s breath may affect others, it can save you some trouble! Hope these tips will help your breath smell fresher!

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16 thoughts on “9 Best Ways To Get Rid of Bad Breath”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this article. Bad breath is unappealing to many people and we might get into awkward situations if we have it, especially if we meet with people professionally at our job etc. It is important that we are healthy too. I didn’t know that eating certain foods can affect your breath, but now that I read it, it made sense to me. These tips are really useful

  2. These are great tips to have handy. I am reading  a couple of them for the first me. I found particularly helpful your section on avoiding certain foods and encouraging to eat others. I didn’t know tbat drinking abundant water could also be good for our teeth. I will drink more water.

    • Hello there, Ann! Thank you for your comment. I am glad to hear that you heard some of these tips for the first time and found them helpful.

  3. My opinion on your article, 9 Best Ways To Get Rid of Bad Breath. 

    I don’t think anything can diminish your personal worth or your standing among peers other than bad breath. The worst part – rarely can anybody tell you. Instead, those you call your friends will gossip behind you. 

    5 of the nine ways you recommended to get rid of bad breath – Clean your tongue (tongue scraper), Avoid certain foods (Acidic, coffee, dairy, protein), Eat certain foods (apples, cucumber, celery, etc.), Drink more fluids, Stop smoking, are particularly helpful. But it is important to find out what is causing the problem. 

    I had a friend who, all of a sudden, developed bad breath. He tried many things to get rid of it without success. Relief came when he discovered the medication he was on was causing indigestion and backup in his system. It disappeared like a miracle when the doctor prescribed a different medication. I like your post and the suggestions. Thanks for sharing. Cal.

    • Hello there, Cal! Bad breath is an unfortunate thing to have and sometimes out of our control like with your friend and the medication he was taking. I think there are many  out there that can cause dehydration as a side effect which may contribute to the bad breath. The backup of stomach juices which are acidic is definitely another cause for the bad breath. I definitely agree with you there that it is best to find out the root of the problem and a specialist will definitely give the best advice.

  4. I really love this post! Seeing the words “Tea” Catch me off guard’ though, i didn’t know about trying that for bad breath. i always thought that brushing my teeth would be enough for this. I was so wrong, lol. I look forward to reading more from this site, it’s a great site! 

    Have a wonderful day and keep writing for us, we love what your saying. 

    • Hello there, Rebekah! Tea is definitely a great way to treat bad breath but might want to be careful as the darker teas (and even coffee) can stain teeth if that is a concern for some. I will definitely be posting more content in the near future.

  5. wow! I have thought so many times “OMG, does this guy not realize his breath smells like a fricken dragon’s?”  I’ll admit, a few of these i was like yeah yeah okay….we’ve all heard or know a lot about what is supposed to keep our mouth healthy.  BUT, then you brought up the parts regarding the amount of water in the food, ect, and i was actually pretty blown away.  Thank you for doing the research!

    • Hello there, Rene! You are welcome. I was aware that some of the ways were pretty common knowledge but a good mixture of both common and “what may be newer” knowledge will keep things interesting. The common knowledge tips act as a friendly reminder.

  6. It’s always great to have a reminder to watch how our breath smells and it can creep up on anyone. I think bad breath is one of the worst problems and often people don’t want to tell you and just move away. I never knew that coffee could cause bad breath, I only thought that it was garlic and onions. I appreciate all the great tips and will be using them regularly.

    • Hello there, Lily! It is a problem but sadly, it affects people without them realizing. Hope that these tips can reach out to many and significantly help reduce their symptoms.

  7. Thank you for laying emphasizes on brushing the tongue, a lot of folks out there concentrate on brushing the teeth and neglect their tongues. Like you said it acts like a sponge for the mouth, you notice sedements on some tongues in form of white patches. We should take conscious effort in taking care of our entire body

    • Hello there! You are welcome. I also have seen many people focus on the smaller aspect of things instead of taking a look at the overall picture when resolving situations. By looking at the overall picture, it helps one to target one critical area that needs work. By fixing that, it would lead to a more significant amount of improvement. When it comes to bad breath, brushing/scraping the tongue is definitely one of critical changes we can start doing.

  8. Hello, Mike!
    Truth be told bad breath is something that really gets on my nerves!
    The tips you provide are priceless for the ones who are not paying due attention to the topic. Taking care of our oral health is more important than most people think. In a global world with lots of communication focus, one has to be careful indeed.

    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

    • Hello Antonio! Bad breath is quite distracting and I feel bad for those who aren’t able to recognize it. Doesn’t help that after a while, one gets accustomed to their own smell while others around them who haven’t yet will be affected by it. Hopefully this article reaches out to those who may have it to bring awareness.


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