6 Benefits of a Body Pillow

What are body pillows? We might only be familiar with pillows for our heads but these type of pillows really do exist! They are essentially longer versions of their regular, shorter counterparts. You can use them however you like!

So, its nice and fluffy but is it a bit excessive to have? Actually, not quite! In fact, there are many benefits to using a body pillow. Here are some of them!

6 Benefits of a Body Pillow

Improving Circulation

For the average human, we are most likely upright for the most part of the day (even when sitting!). Each day, our body is pushing back and fighting against the force known as gravity. This is no problem for the younger folks who are active and taking part in physical activities. However, for those who are on the more passive side, gravity can really take a toll on us. Why is that?

The body needs oxygen which is delivered by our blood cells. The blood runs through our body by “circulation” with the heart as the pumping source. Every part of our body needs oxygen including our legs and feet. For blood to travel to those lower extremities, it is pretty easy. However, after the blood drops off oxygen for the legs and feet, it now has to fight against gravity. This is so that the blood can return to the heart and lungs to refill back up on oxygen for another delivery.

Doing this all day can be tough on the body, and this is where people may develop conditions over time like varicose veins. So, why not help the body out a bit? It would be good to raise up our legs when we sleep. The legs are quite heavy to lift and hold while laying down. This is where the body pillow can come in! Just place the body pillow underneath your legs and rest your legs on top of it!

Even just a slight elevation of the legs can do wonders in improving circulation. As long as you bring your legs above the level of your heart, then that is sufficient.

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Reducing/Preventing Pressure Ulcers

Similar to the above, pressure ulcers are a condition of the body caused by poor circulation. When one remains in the same position for too long, blood flow might not reach that particular area of the body that is being compressed. The most likely affected areas would be the bony prominence of our bodies.

Overtime, when there is no circulation to that spot, oxygen as well as nutrients will be cut off from that spot of the body. Wastes that are damaging to the body will also start to build up. All these events may lead to cells of the body to start dying. It is quite an unpleasant sight to see.

You can prevent that by inserting a body pillow to the areas of the body that has been receiving too much pressure. This could be your left half of the back, the right, one side of the hips, or anywhere else. It would be good to change positions every few hours if you have health conditions that prevent you from moving around much.

Reducing Joint Pain

If you are someone who likes to sleep on the side, a body pillow can come in handy! When one sleeps on their sides, the higher leg often times will be overly stretched at the hip because of the weight of it. Our body is not designed for that type of strain long term.

By placing a body pillow between the legs when you sleep, it helps to realign the legs to be in a more natural position. This would prevent potential hip joint pain on the side of the affected leg.

Improving Quality of Sleep

By placing the body pillow in the areas of the body that needs that extra support, you will be pain free. This will ultimately lead to a better quality of sleep. Wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to start your day!

Stress Relief

Sometimes, we might just have a bad, stressful day. Having an extra pillow to hug can be quite therapeutic. You can also do so not just with your arms, but also your legs!

Reduce Snoring

For those who like to sleep on their backs, snoring can be an issue! This is due to the extra body tissues that compress on the back of the neck and ultimately the throat. When you breathe, the air flow will not be smooth and will create turbulent noises! (Hence the snoring!) By sleeping on the side, some pressure on the throat can be taken off.

What better way than to help sleep on the side than with the assistance of a body pillow! Your partner might appreciate you for that.

Summary of 6 Benefits to a Body Pillow

  1. Improving Circulation
  2. Reducing/Preventing Pressure Ulcers
  3. Reducing Joint Pain
  4. Improving Quality of Sleep
  5. Stress Relief
  6. Reduce Snoring


A body pillow might seem a bit excessive but it really does have many benefits! If you have joint pain, poor circulation, or snoring problems, a body pillow will do wonders for you. You might find yourself sleeping like a baby from now on with a body pillow!

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4 thoughts on “6 Benefits of a Body Pillow”

  1. I have never used a body pillow before but my wife swears by hers. I did not know that it can help improve circulation reduce and prevent pressure ulcers and reduce joint pain. I have been having hip issues lately, I wonder if using a body pillow will improve this issue. Thanks for this review.

    • Hello AL! Well, if you are unsure, you can always borrow your wife’s body pillow for a bit and try it out for a couple hours and see how it is for you. If you like it, maybe you can get one then. But if not, at least you now know. Having a body pillow can help with your hip issues. You might also want to check out my other articles on joint pain.

  2. I agree with you. As you get older, external effects like gravity have more impact on your body. It does not mean that we still cannot perform our everyday activities at our optimal best. Once you set yourself up well for sleep (with the support of a body pillow), you will wake up feeling refreshed like a fully charged smartphone ready to tackle what life throws your way.

    • Hi Steve. You are right, gravity does seem to take a toll on our bodies with time. Sleep is definitely important for the body to recover and be able to endure through the different stressors of life including gravity.


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